Eugenics and You Part 2

Eugenics and You Part 2Junious Ricardo Stanton“pgEd’s mission is to increase awareness and conversation about the benefits and ethical, legal, and social implications of personal genetics. We believe that far-reaching public engagement about genetic advances is key for a safe and equitable path forward, and we strive every day to be inclusive of all people – regardless of socioeconomic or educational background, cultural or religious affiliation, and ethnic or personal identity.” pgEd’s mission statement Last week I shared information about the eugenics movement a nineteenth century racist, elitist ideology that propagates the notion society has an obligation to prevent “undesirable traits” from being passed from one generation to another. It started in England and spread to the United States backed by powerfully influential and wealthy people like Teddy Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller and his heirs and was subsequently embraced in many other countries including Germany’s Adolf Hitler who took the idea of population control to a whole new level. In the early twentieth century US eugenics advocates pushed for and were successful in passing laws to involuntarily sterilize the poor, deformed, the mentally retarded and people of color. These laws were even upheld by the US Supreme Court! “In 1927, the U.S. Supreme Court decided, by a vote of 8 to 1, to uphold a state's right to forcibly sterilize a person considered unfit to procreate. The case, known as Buck v. Bell, centered on a young woman named Carrie Buck, whom the state of Virginia had deemed to be ‘feebleminded.’… All told, as many as 70,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized during the 20th century. The victims of state-mandated sterilization included people like Buck who had been labeled ‘mentally deficient,’ as well as those who were deaf, blind and diseased. Minorities, poor people and ‘promiscuous’ women were often targeted.” The Supreme Court Ruling That Led to 70,000 Forced Sterilizations Following WWII the US eugenics movement changed tactics. Using the softer language of “birth control” and with the legalization of abortions, eugenics took off like a rocket. Today they use technology and deception to promote their agenda. Here is what a Harvard based pgEd eugenics organization says, “Technological developments are making it possible to read a person’s entire genetic code, or genome, more rapidly and at a lower cost than ever before. Personal genome sequencing is allowing scientists and doctors to better understand the connections between genes and human health, improve medical care and help extend people’s lives. As the cost of genetic analysis decreases and research advances, it is becoming increasingly possible to include a person’s genetic make-up in the repertoire of tools that inform his or her healthcare. The growing field of personal genetics is at the intersection of science and society; it is both an exploration into the complex interactions through which our genes and our environment influence our physical, mental and behavioral states as well as an on-going conversation on the meaning for individuals and society.” The old ideas of racial elitism, sterilization and depopulation are still in effect they just use newer means to accomplish them and are being rebranded and repackaged as humanitarian and scientific. For example Bill Gates is a second generation die hard eugenicist, his father worked with the Rockefellers and was an influential early supporter of the Planned Parenthood organization. Black people have been and still are the main targets of the population control/depopulation agenda both in the U.S. and around the world. The National Security Study Memorandum or NSSM-200 also called The Kissinger Report is the ruling class’ blueprint for global depopulation. “According to The Kissinger Report, elements of the implementation of government population control programs could include: the legalization of abortion, financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates; indoctrination of children, and mandatory population control and coercion of other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless an LDC implements population control programs. The Kissinger Report also specifically declared that the United States was to cover up government population control activities and avoid charges of imperialism by inducing the United Nations and various non-governmental organizations—specifically the Pathfinder Fund, the International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF) and the Population Council—to do its dirty work.” U.S. Government Population Control by Brian Clowes Currently the front man behind the push for global depopulation via vaccination is billionaire Bill Gates. He is not the nerdy looking philanthropist he is painted to be by the corporate and digital tech media! I urge you to read these:,, then watch these: Maafa 21 We need to know the eugenics movement is alive and well and we are their prime targets!-30-.

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