Empowering the Woman in Us

Rita-Krocha_35635.jpg[By Rita Krocha  |   Women's role in the society has always been so diverse. Beginning from the kitchen where they brew sumptuous meals to raising children and keeping them on track to living their dream careers, it is a lot for women to take in. This multiple role they play everywhere around the world however often goes unnoticed, for the simple fact that the world has gotten used to their services that seem to come naturally.

Whether they are placed in some remote corner of the globe or the easier, accessible urban hubs, similar stories of women who efficiently play the role of a home maker, a cook, a mother, and a professional, irrespective of what they do, shape the world. More so, in this age of advancement, the challenge for women has only grown bigger and larger. While we have women who have scaled incredible heights through sheer hard work and proving their worth, we know for a fact that women have always been capable of doing great things. But even with some of the most notable achievements that the female species can take pride in, nothing is going to change the fact that women will continue to play multiple roles.

The challenge today lies in the fact that we live in a modern world, highly equipped with technology. It holds true for every citizen of the world that if we do not adapt ourselves to new developments everyday, we will be left behind. It is direly essential for our women to embrace the new world of advancement. It is true, most of us live in the rural villages, often occupied with the not-so-modern activities, but whatever development that takes places in our urban cities are bound to come our way sooner or later.

As citizens and women of the 21st century, it is of great importance that we march ahead with the world. And by marching ahead or becoming global citizens, I do not mean living lives beyond our capacity. I do not mean we should get the latest equipment that our fast paced technology provides in the market, or buy the latest car, build a modern house and the like. But by being citizens of the world, it means raising our standard of living, not necessarily by the materials of this world but mostly by changing our mindsets.

Anything that has ever progressed in the society comes from a broad mind. One could have all the wealth in the world but without an idea, a concept or a vision, that money would be of no use at all. Just because we live in the villages does not mean we cannot have better lives. Being part of a social transformation involves each one of us to play our parts wherever we are placed, whether it is in a remote village that we live in or somewhere out there in the towns and cities.

Who says farmers cannot change the world? It takes every kind to make the world go round. We may be living in the villages, our lives mostly revolving around agriculture of one kind or the other. Give dignity to that particular job! I have often noticed that rural women are often too shy, and think too little of themselves. I say they belong to the most powerful group. They are the guardians of our roots, the shining examples of our culture that we all boast about. They bring to life the lives of our forefathers because they literally live where they are born and raised up, and more importantly follow in the footsteps of the rich heritage that the rest of us have, in a way abandoned for the so called modern lives.

Having said that, it is my wish that women in the rural villages know just how important they are because we all come together to make it work. It is about time, we all take pride in what we do. Whether we are professionals, office goers, entrepreneurs or farmers, we must give dignity to our job. We must shine where we are. That is the first step to empowering our own selves, and our potentials. To hold respect for our own selves first and foremost, to do things diligently, and also to be proud of being a woman. I always say that women, especially mothers are super human beings! Many of them say that God gives extra grace to a mother because mothers themselves confess that without the extra strength and grace they would not be able to look after a child 24/7.

Being part of the same species is something that connects us regardless of where we live or what we do. And we know for certain that this is the same spirit that will continue to draw us as one wherever we are. As a matter of fact, empowering women is a subject the society has often debated about. Yet, it is also true that unless the empowerment comes from within ourselves, it isn't going to work.

At this point of time, it is truly important that we recognize the special gifts inherent in us, and even more importantly, to use them for our own welfare and for the welfare of the society. I really think there is power in what women do! And we must raise and lift our own places simply by giving dignity to all the little things we do. It does not matter what that particular job involves, but it truly matters that the touch of a woman has changed the whole outlook of anything we are involved with.

Maybe we live in the villages, maybe some of us have settled in towns, but let us bloom wherever we are planted. Let us be proud of ourselves, of our female species... let us be the change we want to see, and be role models of the society. Let us empower ourselves with whatever resources is available, with the little we find around us, and in all the ways we can... for if we don't, there is nobody else; and in the process of empowering ourselves, may women in turn be powerful assets to the society.

Vishü Rita Krocha is a former newspaper correspondent and author of "A Bucket of Rain". She loves poetry, travelling, photography, and reading.

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