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“Radio frequency (RF) is a measurement representing the oscillation rate of electromagnetic radiation spectrum, or electromagnetic radio waves, from frequencies ranging from 300 GHz to as low as 9 kHz. With the use of antennas and transmitters, an RF field can be used for various types of wireless broadcasting and communications.”

 “Electrosmog:  invisible, harmful electromagnetic radiation pollution Sources: utility smart meters, cell towers & antennae, cell phones, cordless phones, wireless Internet routers, microwaves, high voltage transmission lines, baby monitors and other wireless devices, including WIFI, computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, reading devices, computer monitors, wired and wireless cell phone headsets, and educational interactive whiteboards, all things wireless, and more…”


For the past several weeks I have been writing and sharing the dangerous impact and potentially adverse health effects of modern technology such as 5G radio wave radiation, invasive Optogentic brain neuron operations and DNA gene editing etc.

We live in an era of rapid technological advancement and phenomenal change where technology is altering our lifestyles, economy and the very future of humanity. I am certainly not opposed to technology but I know all technology is an outgrowth and motivation of the consciousness and values of the persons, group and culture of those who create it.  If one has a heart for humanity their technology will be beneficial to humanity. If one has a mindset and worldview for domination, war and predation their technology will reflect those values and be used for those purposes.

For example the Wright brothers were the first to construct a heavier than air flying machine and conduct several successful attempts to get it aloft and into the air in 1903. But by 1911 Europeans were using airplanes as weapons. The Italians used airplanes in their war against the Turks primarily for reconnaissance. By 1914 (WWI) planes were armed, used to drop bombs and shoot using mounted machines guns.  Europeans are war loving people so quite naturally they would employ the new aerial technology for warfare!    

Often technologies have unintended consequences for example industrialization wrought massive environmental pollution: poisoning of creeks, rivers, streams and the oceans with industrial waste, filling the air with toxic gases, carcinogens and pathogens that are making humans ill and wrecking havoc on the ecosystem.

If a people who do not view the universe as a unified living whole, but as merely something to be controlled, manipulated and exploited, their technology will be reckless and have serious unintended results. And we are seeing this today; Western notions of perpetual progress and unlimited development are having a deadly impact on the environment, plant and animal life.

Just as industrialization created smog and pollution, the digital age is producing electrosmog. Electrosmog is not something you hear about in the corporate media. Electrosmog is the bombardment of the environment with electromagnetic energy, frequencies and waves as well as radio waves into the atmosphere and ecosystem. The debate about the harmful effects and impact of electrosmog is being deliberately suppressed. The ruling class, the corporate elite and their shills and lapdogs in government, academia and the media do not want us to know how we are being negatively impacted by man made (artificial) electromagnetic energy and radio wave fluctuation. For an eye opening peek into what independent researchers, scientists, concerned government officials and health advocates are saying about electrosmog go to

I shared that 5G radio waves and 5G WiFi will need many more antennas and towers in extremely close proximity to each other on and in buildings and poles. Reports are coming out about first responders and firemen in California who are experiencing headaches, cognitive impairment, extreme fatigue, immune system suppression to name a few of their symptoms. It is so bad there is a bill in the California legislature to make fire stations exempt from 5G cell tower placement. 

The really scary part is theses towers are emanating only one to two thousandths of the FCC allowable limit of non-ionizing radiation. The commercial towers will emit a thousand times more radiation than the firefighters were exposed to. Radio waves, microwaves, electromagnetic pulses are all part of electrosmog.

The other alarming aspect of all this is, man made electromagnetic radiation is interfering with the natural electromagnetic frequencies of the earth itself as well as all plant and animal life called Shumann’s Resonance. And this interference is having disastrous effects on the planet and our health .

I am not trying to frighten you. My goal is to inform you about things the ruling class doesn’t want you to know. Next week I will share some inexpensive, basic and practical methods to minimize the negative effects of man made electromagnetic radiation (electrosmog).



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