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By The Newport Newservice

FEBRUARY 7, 2010

SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VA. - Herman Ferguson has not only endorsed the Black Elders Conference, scheduled for March 19 &
20, 2010 in Southampton
County, Virginia. He also
agreed to work on the Planning Committee for the meeting.

            Herman Ferguson is a former member of RAM, Revolutionary Action Movement, a political exile because of his work in the Black Liberation Struggle during the 1960’s,
including Education Chairman for El-Hajj Malik Shabazz’s Organization for
Afro-American Unity. He brings a wealth of direct experience in forming organizations
that serve The Greater National Black Community in North America.
That is what the OAAU was about:  it was
patterned after the OAU [The Organization of African Unity). And that is what
NCOBNE is being formed to be about.

            “Malcolm set up the OAAU differently than how he Led in the Nation of Islam,” he said in remarks at a briefing about the work being done to prepare for the first
Elders’ conference of it’s kind. “women were included in all parts of the

            “This was different from the way the leadership was in the Nation of Islam back then. Women led a part separate from the men. Men led parts separation from the
women.”  Of course, Minister Farrakhan
has since changed that policy. But the point was well taken.

            Mr. Ferguson had been told that the greatest stickling point in the plans for the Elders Conference was how to deal with the fact that the Planning Committee was
all male at the time, “but we certainly do not have any ambitions to build an
all Male, or Male led Coalition,” stated the Briefer to Brother Herman.

            The main objective of NCOBNE is to establish Systems that “secure, preserve and distribute the Legacy of Wisdom that was bequeathed to Black people by
Ancestors who lived in Resistance to White Supremacy.” There is non-other in
Black America, at this time that have epitomized this profile more and longer
than 89-year’s old Herman Ferguson.

            When told the reason why they included Nationalist in the name of NCOBRE, Herman Ferguson said: “I think it is a good ideal.”

            Nationalism is and essential aspect of every Human. We were all borne in one nationality or the other, or others. Humans who try to distance themselves from this fact have
been impacted negatively by another nationality. But the strains of this
essential makeup is so pervasive, it is subject to being tapped at any time –
it is only a matter of what the circumstances and objectives are for “tapping”

            Meanwhile besides striving to hold a meaningful, needed conference, The Planning Committee aims to be a good example that, at least “one segment of the National
Black Community” are coming together to take care of at least one of the needs
that have long been neglected: “Securing, Presenting & disseminating the
essential ways and means by which we survived the most devastating crime against
humanity in the annuals of history. 

            For more information about the Black Elders Conference, go to – call  or e-mail 434-378-2140


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