Dubai in brief

Dubai located at united arab Emirates and hub for all the world, who need to travel to far east, Asia, Africa, Europe have to make stopover in Dubai. The dream come true to visit the most modern city in the world

Where is Dubai ?

Consists of seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates capital of Abu Dhabi , which is the second largest emirate of Dubai, the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula is located in the east of the Persian Gulf . Is a distance of approximately 4 hours by plane from Turkey , Emirates , Turkish Airlines and Flydubai flights to Istanbul are available every day . ( Visa must be taken )

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Who Lives in Dubai excursions ?

Dubai's population is 1.7 million population, ie 17% of the Emirate of local residents are Asians , mainly from the rest of the population (51% Indian , 16% Pakistani, Bangladeshi 9% , 3% Filipino) is composed of people . If international companies in America, Germany , South Africa, Belgium, Jordan, Lebanon, UK, France almost all countries of the world including weight is one of the run . There are only an estimated 5000 Turkish vicinity .

Business in Dubai How?

All Middle East and Africa region in Dubai is the most stable region , so all foreign investments are made here , is the country with the most liberal foreign trade regime . Currency in Dubai Dirham (AED ) and is fixed to the U.S. dollar in the country are always worth $ 1 = 3.65 AED . English and Arabic is the official language , but because it is more often the foreign population English is spoken everywhere . The first trade agreement between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates signed on 9 August 1984 and the two countries have trade relations has been very hot . In 2000 the spring, especially experienced many Turkish construction company in Dubai has taken the project , still in many fields including IT is working the Turks . Dubai Internet City , Dubai Media City , Dubai Academic City, Dubai Sports City in as many different areas created many great opportunities to entrepreneurs through free zones are provided. Opened from outside the free zones in the company of a local person is expected to be common . As a result, Dubai, due to political and commercial stance in doing business in the Middle East and Africa region has become the hub for many international companies .


Dubai and Oil ?

Oil stands out mainly in the capital Abu Dhabi , gross national product constitutes 40% of the oil and natural gas . 10% of all the world's oil reserves are located here. Moreover, Russia , Iran and Qatar, after the world's 4th is the largest natural gas producers . A liter of petrol is around $ 0.5 , depending on the brand of water you will get most of the time we can say is dirt cheap .


Dubai and Climate ?

Dubai constantly sunny weather are in winter, 30 degrees below the falling air in the summer (where three summer months are , we in the spring, summer II , we in the summer Summer II, the fall in the Summer III is referred to as ); consistently hot and humid . Between June and September , especially due to rising temperatures , it is difficult living conditions in the outside world , so it needs air conditioning is a must in this season for Dubai . The best time to arrive for the holidays for those who are the months of October-November and March-April .


Dubai and Rules?

Dubai is quite modern , a city where diversity is tolerated . We were walking along a white dress in a local person , suit round with a businessman , in black robes browsing a person , glistening holidaymaker , the local outfit with a circulating Indians and more anywhere in the world can not see the face of the country in citizens respect each other in can see . Clothing and apparel birds but not interfere . Unlike known about drink alcoholic beverages at the bar and there are many hotels but is not sold liquor at public places . But it should be noted that these rules are valid in Dubai , for example if you change the emirate of Sharjah will not be valid if you go I'd mention this .

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