Here is the Declaration of the Global African Diaspora Summit, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa 25 May 2012. This is an important document that WE need to have a global discussion together. As the New York Facilitator for SRDC/PADU (Sixth Region Diaspora Caucus)/(Pan Afrikan Diaspora Union) I'm proud and glad that in South Africa WE had representation of both SRDC and PADU in the form of: Sister Barryl A. Biekman from the Netherlands of AUADS-Europe (African Union-African Descendants) & PADU-Europe; Brother Sidney Francis from Nicaragua of CABO (Central American Black Organization); Brother Oscar Braithwaite from who is a SRDC representative from Canada; Brother Dr. David Horne from the U.S.A. who is the International Facilitator of SRDC. Here are versions of the document for your review so that WE can begin discussion.



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  • NYMetro

    SRDC practices and believes in the concept of Unity without Uniformity. Which means WE can collaborate and work together while maintaining OUR autonomy as separate organizations. SRDC has been successfully collaborating with local grassroots community and their organizations around the world to assist them in ORGANIZING THEMSELVES via the Town Hall method. This method allows the local grassroots community to determine on their own terms what issues are their priorities and who will represent them in the Sixth Region of the African Diaspora. This links talks about the process and the successful Town Halls that have taken place around the world.

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