DC People's Petition for Racial Justice

The Institute for Tsunamic Justice is sponsoring a petition to the DC City Council demanding hearings into police misconduct that is also coupled with routine malicious prosecution by the U.S. Attorney and outrageous abuses by many of the judges of the DC "Superior" court.


Although crime across the country, including here in DC, has been on a constant decline for over a decade, the DC police have been operating under the cry of "All hands on deck," which is a distress call for immediate and drastic action to defend or save a ship. Now, being that this call was made by the first white chief of police that the city has had in over 36-years or more, this metaphor is a bit troubling in a town with an unwanted and constantly dwindling black majority due to intense racial gentrification. (white folk shipping in + black folk being shipped out = "slavery!!!").


So, we have the return of more white officers to the DC police force from the surrounding redneck states, riding around policing black residents, resulting in more illegal stops, searches, and seizures (of the person). Now, we are not saying that every black person is innocent, that is not the point, the issue is that routinely the police are acting arbitrarily and not within the law. For example, it is not uncommon for police to approach young black men without any cause demanding identification, searching their pockets, running checks on them. This is illegal and has nothing to do with ferreting out crime.


In many instances the police will tell a person that they are "banned" from a certain neighborhood, when there is no law authorizing them to do so. Then, when they see that person again in the neighborhood they "arrest" them, now I place quotations around the word "arrest," because that is not really what the officer has done since an "arrest" is an action based on lawful authority and probable cause. What these police are doing is "seizing" no different from a "slave catcher" would go out looking for black people to seize for the slave trade. The person is then charged in a nebulous way with trespassing, that is, police will track the language of the trespass law, but charge the person with something else. I kid you not. This aspect of the criminal process is called "coon hunting." ( a violation of Terry v. Ohio, etc)


Once the police have captured a coon they take the game to the prosecutor, which in the case of DC is the U.S. Attorneys office, for skinning - "nigger skinnin." In most instance they are assisted by a court appointed pretender to hold the coon down and still while the skinnin takes place. The court appointed pretender tells the coon things to convince them to "cooperate," to be submissive and unquestioning, to be docile and convinced that their only hope is to throw themselves at the mercy of the state of oppression and pray that it just doesn't stick it in too deep. (a violation of Powell v. Alabama; Strickland v. Washington, etc).


The coon is then taken before a judge who drapes them over the coals of the system, where they are slow roasted under the basting of illegal "court orders" to return, report weekly to submit urine and report to a handler - even though the judge has not found "probable cause." A judicial determination of "probable cause" at the very outset of every criminal action is a Fourth Amendment due procedural right, judges are mandated to perform the determination and submit their findings in writing on the record before they can assume any "authority" over the person. However. coons are not "persons." so this is routinely not done by judges.( a violation of Gerstein v. Pugh, Miranda v. Arizona, etc.}


Once the coon is placed on the rack the prosecutor, court appointed pretender, and judge then begin turning the coon, stringing out the matter as long as it takes to crisp the coon and make him crack with a guilty plea. The judge places the coon on a form of summary punishment under the guise of "pretrial release" with conditions such as drug testing (even in cases not involving any drugs) and reporting to a handler or overseer. A "dirty urine" or failing to report to the overseer can mean being locked up, but keep in mind that no one has yet even certified that in fact there is a legitimate case or "probable cause." The roasting can last months on end, in some cases more than a year, and this is on some minor misdemeanor charge.


In the meantime, the police and prosecutors, with the cooperation of the court appointed pretender, may also be destroying or excluding exculpatory evidence ( a violation of Brady v. Maryland, etc.) The court acting without "probable cause" has subjected the coon to the invasion of their privacy (can't get any more private that a person's urine), and placed severe restrictions on their liberty by having them to not only report to an overseer, but to "keep coming back" to court as if they are in AA or NA. Failure to do so will result in pigs being "authorized" to seize or even shoot you as a "fugitive" or "runaway" slave on sight.


All of this is done because black folk in Amerikkka, including here in DC, remain under the rule set out in the cases of Dred Scott v. John Sanford and Homer Plessy v. John Ferguson, where in the Dred Scott case their "Supreme" court made it clear that in America it was never intended for black or Native people to have a single right that the white settler state or any white settler was bound to respect. And that court placed a proviso that "whether emancipated or not," the black and Native people would "remain subject to the authority" of the white settler state and white settler people. This was merely re-affirmed in the Plessy case upholding the creation and establishment of the system of apartheid, which was copied by the subsequent white settler states of Rhodesia, the Union of South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel.


That being said, we call on all readers to go to and sign the people's petition, especially if you are a subject("resident") of colonial DC. And even if you are not, check out the other calls for action posted from around the country.  Now for the benefit of those who would argue that petitioning is not action, or that it is about begging the system to give us justice, that would be true if that is all that this was about, but it is not.


First, it is not a "goal," it is merely a tactic and a strategy, it is meant to solidify our collective understanding of the problem in its broadest context (historical and systemic).


Second, it is about generating discussion, education, and mobilization because regardless as to what the system does, we intend to take this and run with it at community forums.


Third, it provides a basis for political mobilization at a local level, allowing for our community to empower itself by realizing its power during elections, by holding tribunals, conducting its own investigations, and operating its own understanding of reality.




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