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The dictionary defines the word commence as: a verb meaning to start, begin. Recently my wife and I attended two commencement ceremonies: my cousin graduated from medical school and her cousin graduated from high school. Graduation is not an end it is a new beginning which is why these ceremonies are called commencements.

Commence is a verb, verbs are action words, they describe action, doing or a state of being. Life in its essence is about change, growth, evolution and expansion. Change is inevitable and it is a crucial aspect of living and life. Change is action often is is subtle, but it is a universal process. Life is change. We began on the physical level as a sperm uniting with an egg both of which contain energy/intelligence/design/purpose and instantly change commences, the process to create a magnificent being such as you, me and all creation. Within this fertilized egg resides the divine blueprint and design for you/us/all creation. From this egg springs life, within this egg lies the genius, latent potential and energy to make a difference in the world. This is the design and purpose of creation and we are an integral part of this design.

This is what our African ancestors called Ubuntu “I am because we are, we are because I am.” It is a universal concept it applies to all things. We meaning all of creation, the whole universe exists because the CREATOR exists and the CREATOR exists in us. It is THE CREATOR within us that unfolds the physical and spiritual design, the divine blueprint for our lives. This design is nothing dreary, mean spirited, boring or stifling, on the contrary; it is expansive with untold potential and wonder! We just have to tap into it get in its divine flow and go with it and enjoy the ride.

Our African ancestors postulated THE CREATOR created with purpose, they believed the universe is the result of a divine plan and this plan constantly evolves and changes resulting in the various occurrences we see around us like: the seasons, plant, animal and human growth, even climate change like the previous ice ages, current desertification around the world and the so called “global warming” the ruling class con artists and fools want us to believe is caused by humans!

The life process is unfolding within us all, it is THE CREATOR in us that keeps our hearts beating, cells dividing, digests the food, supplies abundant energy and health if we don’t sabotage it with unwise and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Yet within this divine design we also have the power to make choices that impact our lives.

All the religious creation stories tell of a CREATOR who is aware of itself and purposely creates by thinking or speaking the universe into existence. “Let there be light”, for example. The universe we see is the result of unseen forces and action. THE CREATOR commenced meaning it took action and the universe we inhabit is the result of it taking action to begin the creative process.

THE CREATOR exists in us, it is dynamic and spiritual energy driven by purposeful intelligence. What we see is us being alive, being and doing. There is a major difference between a living person and a dead body! Like THE CREATOR we have the ability to create, we create images in our mind’s eye, we create (formulate) action plans to accomplish those goals and objectives we create in our minds. We have agency, mobility power and the ability to craft an environment first in our minds then in the material realm. (Notice the root real in the word realm). We have the ability to make things real, “to call forth those things that be not, as if they do in fact exist” because they do exist in our minds. From our minds, our thinking and our actions we manifest our goals and objectives. My cousin Kaila always wanted to be a physician and she worked hard to make that happen.

Everything that exists begins with thinking, planning and action. This is the fundamental law of the universe and a lesson we should all take to heart. You are the embodiment of THE CREATOR and untapped potential resides in you that is part of a divine plan formulated for you to do great things and make awesome contributions to the collective! You are far greater than you realize, you have been blessed with talents,, genius and the wherewithal to accomplish great things. You have a divine purpose and reason for being alive. THE CREATOR has been prompting you through dreams, your aspirations, physical and mental gifts and intuition to pursue your greatness and your purpose for being here. THE CREATOR is guiding you, prompting you to take action. You just have to begin, you have to commence.

Commence means to start, to begin. You have to begin to actualize your potential, display and demonstrate your genius, your gifts and talents to benefit the world. Start now, now is the time to start, to show up and show out. You owe it to THE CREATOR, your ancestors, your family the world and to yourself to be all THE CREATOR intends and created you to be. Commence!





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