Children in Highbridge are afraid to go to school and many say they feel scared to go outside and play. They will have an opportunity to tell the community how they are dealing with a Men's Transitional Shelter in close proximity to PS 126 & PS 11. Children see men urinating on trees around their school or yelling at passerbys and cars.


Home owners are afraid because they hear the men in their backyards as the men hang out late at night, until their curfew.
On Thursday, April 21st at 11 AM, the Community of parents, teachers, residents, businesses and children will Stand for Safety on the corner of PS 126 at 167th Street and University Avenue in the Bronx. We will show that this vulnerable area is less than 1,000 feet from the Men's Transitional Shelter. Sexual predators and seriously ill men are housed at this shelter and this was done without the community notice. The Shelter with 200 men came after the removal of the mothers and babies. The Community said this was ill advised, back in December and now these predictions are coming true. Men are being arrested around the school and people are afraid in their homes. (There are now 12 Sexual predators in the Shelter now.)

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