Chicago Mayor Latest Symoblic PR Campaign, While Shootings and Violence Will Continue

Today some of our political and religious leaders will participate in Mayor Emanuel's latest symbolic PR Campaign as if the Mayor is REALLY doing something to stamp out the causes of crime in our neighborhoods when actually doing nothing to provide resources to deal with the economic violence. Same PR campaign - Same rise in violence despite the PR Campaign. Really is sad, but if more people ain't demanding more, then these same PR campaigns will be the norm while our people continue to suffer and die, and nothing to stop the tensions and life threatening battles to economically survive over illegal street economies.  Why do so many people have to suffer and die when one just has to know that these PR campaigns does nothing to deal with the severe lack of social consciousness and legitimate job and economic opportunities?


Mark S. Allen
Chairman/Acting Executive Director
Black Wall Street Chicago Organization
Chief of Staff To National Chairman Rev. Michael Carter
National Black Wall Street USA
4655 South King Drive, Suite 203
Chicago, Illinois 60653


Mark S. Allen recently included in the 2012 Edition of Who's Who In Black Chicago as "one of Chicago's Most Influential Voices In The Black Community


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