Chemtrails are fatal.

Hello everyone,

Normally I only contact the people who want to receive

the announcement of my blog posts. But this is not a

normal situation, because you all are affected no matter

where in the world you live.

So please log onto

and please do what it says at the end of the post or we

will never alleviate this situation.


The African American community has a unique advantage over

Caucasian people because it is my understanding that you

are welcomed to come live in Liberia as opposed to Caucasian people

who don´t have that invitation.

A man named Jeff Berwick who has the site that is says for everyone who is in the United States to leave by the end of 2015. I say to leave by the middle of September or you may not be able to leave because Martial Law will likely be declared then which would prevent anyone from leaving the United States because the borders will be sealed.


Arlene Johnson


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