African Americans accepting change has always been a major obstacle in the path of African American evolution. Even I am afflicted by the resistance to change especially when it comes to trying to get the same parking spot in front of my door.One day I had to park down the street and though it bugged me the entire night knowing that I could not see my truck from my window I accepted change by resisting my strong urge to go out and get the parking spot that had opened up in front of my door later that evening.It virtually killed me when I began imaging and contemplating all the horrible things that someone could do to my truck because I could not see it however I made a deep concentrating conscious effort to make me accept change by leaving my truck where it was parked until well into the evening of the following day.For African Americans accepting change is very difficult. I know what I am up against when trying to get African Americans to accept something different. As I am a African American I understand and don't ask why.In order for me to accept change I made myself understand that it is a ill wind that never changes direction and unless I learn to condition my mind to accept change I am a silent participant in my own vegetation.If African Americans don't hear me and continue to live and resist change as if what's going on globally has nothing to do with them, then truly no person is blinder than the person that can see but refuses to.For many years I have been telling African Americans to embrace global change, and do for self but they feel they can resist global change by simply praying on it and it will go away.The strategy of putting your head in the sand and praying for change to go away reminds me of the story where a preacher and a deacon was standing one day when along came a vicious black bear up the way the deacon turned and told the preacher to say a prayer, the preacher told the deacon no prayer is going to stop this bear, we have to run for it.Enoch MubarakPresident & CEO Mubarak

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