Censorship Is Metastasizing

Censorship Is Metastasizing

Junious Ricardo Stanton



The First Amendment to the US Constitution prohibits Congress from establishing a state religion, prevents abridging the exercise of free speech, provides for the freedom of the press, guarantees the right of peaceable assembly and the petition of the government for redress of grievances. This and the other early nine amendments are part of what are refereed to as The Bill of Rights.

It’s ironic because when these words were written and ratified the new nation vigorously supported the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, profited handsomely from enslavement although the word slavery is not in the original wording and authorized a tax on “such persons” meaning Africans imported into the this country. Generations have been indoctrinated to believe this was the foundation of a society based upon laws, freedom, opportunity and respect for human life and dignity, alas nothing could be further from the truth.

I will not belabor the hypocrisy of the Bill of Rights regarding the genocide against indigenous people, the profitability of the economic engine of slavery which drove the US economy or the numerous times the First Amendment has been violated, set aside and suppressed since day one. We are seeing this ongoing suppression play out in real time before our eyes on a daily basis with the shut downs of college encampments, the squelching of protests and the ignoring of petitions for redress put forth by college students.

On another level we have been experiencing increasingly virulent censorship for over four years now, ever since the roll out of the COVID-19 Psyop. Interestingly on October 18, 2019 in New York City a group of globalist movers and shakers, individuals and corporate entities like: the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, NBC Universal, UPS, Johnson and Johnson and several others sponsored a mock simulation role playing exercise simulating a global pandemic caused a new virus deadlier and more lethal than any experienced ever before, a fictional global extinction level plague!

Event 201 was one of numerous exercises held by the globalist cabal and Deep State since 9-11; each and every one of them focused on pandemics purportedly trying to determine which mitigation responses would be best. Event 201 I believe was the globalists’ final preparation before the global COVID Psyop was unleashed on the world.

I urge you to research this event because it was more than just a training exercise. When you read the policy recommendations and action items you see it was a blueprint for what we are currently experiencing: universal censorship, governmental overreach, escalating curtailment of our rights and a reconfiguring of society to conform to an agenda we the people have no hand or input formulating; all under the guise of public health, safety and pandemic mitigation!

COVID was the exact crisis these unelected billionaires and their underlings were awaiting, the excuse they needed to implement their nefarious agenda for a restructured world order just like 9-11 was their needed “Pearl Harbor event” to jump start US hegemonic resources wars. To pull this off they had to uniformly and directly control the flow of information, using fear to deliberately alter our perceptions and beliefs in order to manipulate us into succumbing and acquiescing to their agenda. They foisted so called experts on us who pressed for radical and dangerous remediation: global lock downs, untested inoculations and the creation of a “new normal”. They had to stifle what they called misinformation, meaning cognitive resistance and rational objection to their lies, propaganda and disinformation to suppress our natural hesitancy to their tyrannical policies and treatments.

They needed to suppress all dissent, hesitancy and alternative narratives about COVD and how to treat it. They not only had to lock us down physically and keep us isolated but also flood our minds with lies to block out any ideas and treatments that did not conform to their agenda! They did what my friend Catherine Austin Fitts calls, “treating us like mushrooms, they keep us in the dark and feed us cow manure.”

All of us one level or other have experienced some form of censorship, suppression, intimidation and marginalization during these past four years. Anyone who disagreed with questioned or rejected the “experts” narrative was censored, demonized, ostracized, demonetized, or de-platformed on social media. Fact checkers in the employ of the government and corporations demonized anyone who made public statements that disagreed with the accepted narratives. I have experienced censorship with my blogs via shadow banning where the algorithms filter my blog postingss so people using the major search engines can’t find them unless they are specifically looking for them. Big tech social media entities like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google all censored and suppressed material on behalf of the government, Big Pharma, Bill Gates and Fauci; they even de-platformed the President of the United States! If they can censor and de-platform a sitting president, what chance do the little guys have of fully exercising their First Amendment rights?!

We are being censored, denied information, propagandized and programmed not just about COVID and the disastrous “mitigation responses” to a supposedly novel virus that in actuality had a 98.9% recovery rate for healthy people; that has inflected far more damage on us than the so called virus itself. We are also lied to constantly about the economy, inflation and the various conflicts and proxy wars the US is waging and supporting around the world.

The US government’s Censorship Industrial Complex attack on Tik-Tok is really about suppression. Tik-Tok is a global phenomenon. When people started posting videos opposing the Israeli genocide in Gaza and their posts generated additional sympathetic posts, the powers that shouldn’t be said this must stop!

The real issue about the opposition to student campus protests is not about public safety, access to campus or disrupting the education process, it is about censorship and suppression. The Zionist lobby is determined to shut down all public opposition to and condemnation of their campaigns of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.

This is why they used their influence and pulled the strings of Congressional representatives to get them to vilify the presidents of MIT, Harvard, Penn and Columbia and pass a bill essentially defining criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic. The bill could lead to loss of these schools’ federal funding! This is intimidation. We are on a steep downward slop, this is in our face censorship and intimidation. This is a complete abnegation of the First Amendment for all the world to see.



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