From The Ramparts Junious Ricardo StantonCelebrating Labor Day While Jobs Disappear“The capitalist cabal that's seized control of the political and economic systems in the United States suffers under the totally insane delusion that it can loot as much money from worker-taxpayers as it wants--and still come out with a viable society. The cabal delusively believes that while millions of workers are being laid off, denied welfare, their tax money stolen by wealthy looters, their homes foreclosed because of criminal subprime mortgages, and their very lives threatened with extinction they will continue to tolerate such abuse indefinitely. American workers will--and must--rise up against their genocidal oppressors, not just to enact minor revisions in their capitalist society but to build a completely new commonwealth culture for the benefit of all citizens.” Capitalist Genocide capitalist_ genocide. htmAs we celebrate Labor Day 2009 it is imperative we realize that a concerted plan and program of economic and social destabilization, wealth transfer and peonage is being executed by the ruling oligarchs against working folks. Just as the international bankers deliberately caused the depressions of 1907 and 1930 to further their nefarious agendas and steal the farms, businesses and savings of the people the same players (now their heirs) are working assiduously to destroy the US industrial base, ship high paying jobs overseas and destroy the current standard of living of the average working person. Like much in US culture today, the Labor Day holiday has devolved into a meaningless charade to cover the looting, pillage and theft that is really going on: “35.9 million Americans now live below the poverty line, including 12.9 million children at least 25% of American workers are unemployed, though the rigged government figures report it to be only 9.4 %., over 2 million Americans have lost their homes to foreclosure since January, 2007; 12,000 homes a day continuing to go into foreclosure, American workers have lost $10 to $15 trillion in the value of their homes, 4 million Americans are now homeless, subsisting on the streets or in tent cities, American retirees have lost $2 trillion in retirement funds (of the total of $9 trillion in late 2007) due to the fall in the stock market and the United States has the third worst level of income inequality and poverty among the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 30 member states (only Mexico and Turkey ranked worse in those categories)” Capitalist Genocide capitalist_ genocide. htmWhile Joe and Jane Sixpack and Shananay and Pookie are out bar-b-queing, swilling beer, smoking dope and partying this Labor Day; the ruling elites are plotting to steal what’s left of their wealth, dignity and sanity. Most people know things aren’t getting better and things haven’t really changed, that’s why Obama’s approval ratings are dropping like a dead body weighed down with rocks. Most people know their situation is worse than it was five years ago but they don’t fully grasp the fact the US is devolving into a fascist police state with a clear demarcation between the haves and the have not’s.The ruling elites who control both political parties have bought and paid off candidates and elected officials on the national, state and local levels. On the national level our elected officials do not work for us. Nor do they look out for our best interests because they are bribed daily by “lobbyists” and “special interest” groups who use money, intimidation and any other means to get what they want. “Corporate domination of the democratic process by means of campaign contributions blocks the emergence of independent voices willing to defend the public interest. Lobbyists subvert the integrity of the Congress and of state legislatures throughout the land by buying influences and votes. Big oil, media, pharmaceutical, tobacco, gambling, insurance, and financial companies thus dominate the legislative process. For example, the banks and credit card companies charge usurious rates and use deceptive marketing practices, fleecing millions of unwary consumers and forcing them into bankruptcy, yet effective legislation to protect consumers was blocked in Congress by the banking industry. Surreptitiously, large companies are now reducing retirement benefits with nary any political opposition.” The New American Plutocracy by Paul KurtzHonest work that pays good wages is dissipating like fog on a hot sunny day because of the anti working class policies of our so called elected officials. The Labor Day holiday was originally created to honor organized labor and working class men and women. It’s ironic that as we celebrate Labor Day 2009 organized labor is virtually impotent in the US and working class men and women working jobs that pay a living wage are disappearing faster than cold beer at a hot Summer bar-b-que.-30-

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