Why Defunding the Police and Abolishing Prisons Are Delusions and Dangerous Illusions … Especially At a Time When a Real Revolution to Abolish the Whole System Has Become More Possible!

February 4, 2023 Saturday 5 PM | Revolution Books NYC | 437 Malcom X Blvd at 132nd in Harlem

Takar Smith... Oscar Leon Sanchez... Keenan Anderson.. 3 young men murdered by LAPD pigs in the 1st week of 2023...


In 2022, just 2 years after the nationwide uprisings against the murder of George Floyd, at least 1,176 people were killed by pigs, making it the deadliest year in recent memory for police violence.

After promise after promise, after exposure after exposure and protest after protest to shut down the hell hole of Rikers, 2022 saw the most deaths of inmates, while the numbers of people imprisoned there, including youth, grows, and wanton brutality and growing desperation continues.

It is way past time to confront what it will really take to end these horrors. Look at the history and present day reality of the toxic combination of capitalism and racism that is America. Can defunding the police and abolishing prisons under this system end these horrors or are they serious and harmful illusions. Is a revolution that overthrows this system a liberating solution to all its horrors? Here I’m talking about a real revolution that overthrows this system.

A revolution that has become more possible in this rare time when the system’s rulers are divided up and fighting amongst themselves. A revolution aimed at replacing this system with a socialist one and continuing to the final goal of communism. This revolution can bring about a society, and world, that will actually do away with and move beyond racial oppression, in every form, as well as all other relations of oppression and exploitation.

If YOU really want to abolish prisons and police that embody and enforce terrible, murderous injustice, if YOU really want to abolish systematic, systemic and institutionalized white supremacy, join me next Saturday, Feb 4th. Bring your critical thinking, bring your best arguments, bring your friends and family.

Carl Dix @Carl_Dix

February 4, 2023 Saturday 5 PM | Revolution Books NYC | 437 Malcom X Blvd at 132nd in Harlem


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