Rising tension in East Asia between the U.S. and China, and continuing war in Ukraine between the U.S./NATO (using Ukrainian people and troops as cannon fodder) and Russia, puts into sharp focus the fact that all life on this planet is in peril. Major imperialist powers—the globally dominant U.S., the increasingly assertive China, and heavily-nuked Russia — are facing off around the world like big gangsters.

As its said on the web site revcom.us: "These people (the US ruling class) are willing ot risk nuclear war, and the possible end to human civilization, in order to maintain the bloody U.S. empire and its position as number one oppressor in the world. Are YOU willing to go along and risk the future of humanity—for that?"

If your answer to that question is NO, then you have to join us in taking to the streets in protest on Sunday, April 2nd at 2 PM in Times Square in NYC to say: NO TO WORLD WAR 3, and to refuse to accept the future that they have in store for humanity.

The flyer for the April 2 protests is below, and you can go to the web site revcom.us for information on where protests are being organized. (Or you can organize your own protest and let us know about it, and we'll spread the word on it. Go here.

See you in the streets,



The link is HERE.11007299254?profile=RESIZE_584x

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