A number of people had their eyes open wide enough to recognize that Jason Aldean's hit song "Try That in a Small Town" was racist, through and through. Some even went so far as to recognize and express contempt for the fact that it amounted to little more than a call to restore an earlier era of lynch mob justice.

The Revcoms saw the scope of the danger that such a call represented and the need to ensure that it wasn't allowed to stand out there unopposed. If you haven't seen how the Revcoms took this call for resurrecting this ugly period of Amerikkkan history, check out the coverage of this in the British paper, The Daily Mail. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12505055/Jason-Aldens-concert-revolution-club.html

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Especially listen to the video of Rafael Kadaris speaking on the weekly YouTube show of the Revcoms -- the RNL -- Revolution Nothing Less Show, about what Aldean's song represents, and you can get why the revcoms took this action. They followed it up a few days later by burning the Amerikkkan flag in front of the courthouse where Aldean recorded the video to his hit song -- a coutrhouse in Tennessee where a Black man had been lynched nearly a century ago.

And let me know what you think of this action. Was it something that was sorely needed as the growing fascist movement in this country has the initiative and is calling for a civil war and as it prepares to put fascism back into the white house by hook or by crook? And as the regular imperialists in the democrat party have no answer except to promise more of the same -- which means more police terror, more criminalizing and demonizing of our immigrant sisters and brothers, more attacks on the rights and very humanity of women and LGBTQ people?

Also let me know what you think of this article from the website, revcom.us: https://revcom.us/en/revcoms-stomp-and-burn-flags-jason-aldean-show-tinley-park-il

If what the Revcoms did resonated with you, if it lit a fire in your heart, get ready cause there's more to come. And you need to get with the real revolution that's going to be bringing that "more."

Revolutionary greetings,



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