Reggio's Pizza Under Attack By Jewel, Discontinuing Products May Force Loss Of Black/Hispanic Jobs



Black Wall Street Chicago, United American Progress Association, Father Pfleger of St. Sabina, and a host  of community leaders in the Black community are galvanizing some direct action around their ardent support of Reggio’s Pizza items being discontinued at Jewel. First it was the blatant disrespect by Target stores coming into the Black community and with the community facing double digit unemployment refuse to stock the products of this legendary Black business where the sales could put hundreds of our community residents to work -- now comes this attack by Jewels that is discontinuing some of the largest selling products that will force more Black community residents out of desperately needed jobs and the community must be prepared to stand up and fight back and challenge Jewels to immediately RESTORE Reggios products back on their shelves and keep our community residents working!!

Specifically, The four Dinner Size items that are being discontinued at Jewel are some of Reggio's best items and represent 40% of their  sales at Jewel.  As a result of this adverse action by Jewel, Reggio’s will have to lay off some of its Black and Hispanic employees. Further, this seems to be discrimination and reprisal against Reggio’s Pizza, a black vendor because Supervalu perceives that Black consumers have reduced their purchasing at Jewel to find lower prices at Walmart, Food 4 Less, Save-a-Lot and ALDI.


YES, we need to be prepared to publicly demonstrate at Jewels to save the jobs that would be lost but we must be prepared to start the dialogue with Jewels directly to see if they will restore Reggio's and its products to avoid us having to conduct public direct action against Jewels who have been historically supported by the Black community.




Brian Huff (President, Jewel) - (630) 948-6044

Doug Cygan (Vice-President, Jewel) - (630) 948-6327



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  • Chicago-Midwest

    Friends let me crystal clear about the economic protests that I am involved in. First, our job bank are NOT filled with people who meet the stereotypes of uneducated or illiterate and unemployable, but they are filled with hundreds of people who have completed their education, passed job training programs, laid off workers, but fully functional to work. Second, the contractors and service providers we are working with have been fully vetted and have all of their proper licenses, bonding and certifications and their only problem is that because they are smaller they have been repeatedly underbid under the "minority" guidelines which is why we protested on their being hired based upon their proven skill levels. Its the right on moral grounds for the current "minority" employment and contracting standards allow for majority contractors to hire greeks, polish, italians, lithuanians, white women and other "minorities' BEFORE they get to Black even in majority Black neighborhoods. Do not let anyone miseducate you that our coalition does not have enough workers and contractors to fulfill the demands we have made.

    • Thank you for being out there, IN ACTION, making a difference.

  • Chicago-Midwest

    You are correct. I am a black man playing on team black America and you guys are making me look bad with all of this give me, lend me can you spare, take us here, carry us there strategy and what is this "If people are not following you it could be that your are not leading." egotistical crap.

    You don't see me because if you did then you would know that I write the way I do for a cause and not because.....

    My design is not to overthrow, undermine or cause trouble. I want your attention. I write the way I write for a cause and not because. I have a biblical mission to accomplish.

    If the watchman sees the enemy coming and does not sound the alarm, I will hold the watchman responsible for their deaths Ezekiel 33:6

    My motive is not to join African American forums for the sole purpose of talking, agreeing and disagreeing. I am looking for the owners of the 21st century and African American forums is where you will find them. The 21st century belongs to readers, writers and producers and, I want their attention.

    I am over a half a century old and everyday I watch my life ebbing with every sunset. I feel my mortality with each passing day. I have grand-babies coming up behind me in a world that can be much better, more promising and more secure if it not for the current neglect, irresponsibility, hedonistic mannerism and lifestyle of today's black readers, writers and producers.

    We have great African American minds available to solve our dilemma but these great African American minds are killing the future for my grandchildren by feeding out the same feed bucket of subject matters and by not accepting their responsibility as African American readers, writers and producers to secure the 21st century for the least of us.

    My original thoughts only read hostile and aggressive because there are no surrounding original thoughts to compliment or accompany mine. A lot of the causes bloggers and activist are pursuing at this moment is directly related to the absence of fresh ideas and original thinking.

    How is it possible that our like black kinds can gather in this type of forum to discuss African American issues but nothing ever changes for African Americans and only get worse day after day ?

    No love is greater than for one friend to lay down his life for another and in this case if it takes my last breath I will use it writing trying to get your attention to save the future for my grandchildren and to tell others that there's no reason your children can't live a better life.

    The 21st century belongs to readers, writers and producers. We have the power, numbers and the intelligence to think our way to a better life for ourselves and a secure existence for the children we leave behind.

    • Chicago-Midwest

      We should have the same sense that elders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcom X and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad did when they finally get together in a form of operational unity in that despite their different religious beliefs they still agreed that they would teach the community the same message of using its own consumer spending power within the Black community for its own development. And there is nothing wrong with the challenge to major corporation in not supporting them economically when they do not agree to hire workers from the community as well as using the products and services from small Black businesses in those communities.  We need to practice turning "to" each other versus "on" each other.

      • Chicago-Midwest

        Black people want something for nothing and are entirely to sensitive about it.....


        1.) In Chicago a coalition of black men converge upon a construction site to protest no black men on the job. When the contractor attempts to comply with their demands the contractor discovers as do every one watching that the black men don't own their own tools, can/t read the blueprints nor have union affiliations or representation.

        Black people must be prepared for the demands they make. Why ask for what you are not educationally or physically prepared to take or endure?

        Is the following the fault of major corporations that want the best employees by way of education, intelligence, know-how and initiative and is it President Obamas fault that they can't find them?

        Pray tell what job is available in this society and culture for black people with the following black on black resume?

        1. One in four U.S. public high school students drop out before graduating.

        2. About 15 percent of the nation's public high schools produce more than half of its dropouts and 75 percent of its minority dropouts, according to the Everyone Graduates Center.

        3. The nation's 2,026 "dropout factories," where 40 percent of the freshman class fail to graduate three years later, are found in every state but are concentrated in 17 Midwestern, Northern-industrial, Southern, and Southwestern states, as well as in California.

        4. In 2006, America's 15-year-olds scored just ahead of the Slovak Republic and Lithuania in science literacy and on par with Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation in math literacy.

        5. More than half of the 81,499 U.S. high school students participating in the 2006 High School Survey of Student Engagement said they spend one hour or less each week reading and studying outside of class.

        6. At least 95 percent of students entering high school from the wealthiest communities are proficient in their eighth-grade state exams; in high-poverty, inner-city schools, less than 20 percent of students are proficient, usually possessing fifth- or sixth-grade math and reading skills.

        7. Of the class of 2008, 15.2 percent took an Advanced Placement exam and scored a 3 or above-the scores typically required by a college for credit-up from 12.2 percent in 2003. Low-income students made up 13.4 percent of successful examinees, up from 9.8 percent, in five years.

        8. Eighty-seven percent of high-school seniors surveyed by the U.S. Department of Education said they expected to go to college. Three-quarters of graduates enroll in college within two years.

        9. Approximately 40 percent of college students take remedial courses.

        10. The college graduation rate for low-income students is less than 10 percent.

        Of course there are pockets of success. Referring to the U.S. education system broadly, The Secretary of Education told his audience of educators and reporters that......

        Adult dysfunction has been at the heart" of the nation's educational ills.

        2.) African Americans become emotional and sensitive because they put the word Negro on the census count or because some white person says, "those folks".


        Peraica, who is white and represents the western suburbs, was talking about how cutting the county's share of the sales tax could help the unemployed -- mentioning specifically how the African American community has been hit especially hard by joblessness and how "those folks" could benefit from slashing the tax.

        The two words "those folks" set off Commissioner Deborah Sims, an African American whose district covers Chicago's South Side and the south suburbs. "I'm offended. 'Those folks?' If that isn't the most racist statement that's ever been made in this board," Sims fired back.

        Black people substitute reading, critcal thinking, logic and reasoning with impulsive actions and emotional responses and since black people are so emotional and sensitive once you hurt a black persons feelings they want to boycott you, march on you and call as many people as they can to tell them not to do business with you.

        This type of childish behavour, arrested development and primitive response coupled with the fact that black people won’t read is what keeps black people from achieving the business savvy of being recognized as business professionals and educated consumers.

        No matter how many reports or graphs come out detailing our buying habits and the need for black people to support black business it is because black people won’t read that they pay no notice to the reports, graphs or calls to support one another.

        Even though a company may have the product you need or the need for you to support your own when asked why you don’t buy from this black person or that black business the answer is not as complicated as reports, graphs or black consumer buying habits.

        Their reason is very simplistic, straight forward and to the point... “I just don’t like you.”

        Dear Black America 2013

        The flood gates of jobs, wealth, opportunity and prosperity are already beginning to open
        As the flood gates of jobs, wealth, opportunity and prosperity opens it is every race, nationality and group for itself and it is God for us all.

        If we get locked behind the closing gate of opportunities and fail to compete with other races, nationalities and groups for these incoming jobs African Americans are finished.

        Don't look for nor expect other races, nationalities and groups to look out for us with crumbs, jobs and construction set-asides .

        1) Read and Implement UNDERCOVER SMART strike while the iron is hot.
        2) Go to: and download any given job title. Perfect the "How To Job" into a job for you.

        Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face simply because…“I just don’t like you.”

        Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
        President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

  • Chicago-Midwest

    Instead of sucking up to Jesse Jackson Jr. or fighting to eat pizza try doing something meaningful, beneficial and worthwhile for blacks everywhere.......

    • Chicago-Midwest

      I thought it was meaningful to respond and help save over 100 Black people's jobs. I do not understand how having an opinion on Jesse Jr is "sucking up" but you are welcome to your opinion. And again, I guess you are not aware that I have been on local and national voter education campaigns fighting the Voter I.D. suppression.

  • Chicago-Midwest

    Black people are embarrassing the way we always want to boycott, march and complain because no one wants to support our interest or endeavors. Open up a store and sell the black products no one else wants to sell, buy or stock.

    Black people start doing for self and stop wanting every other race, nationality, ethnic group or company to carry, advance and promote us.

    Sincerely, Enoch Mubarak
    President/CEO Mubarak Inter-prizes

    • Why are you that way "Black people are embarrassing the way we always want to boycott..."
      You are Black.
      Are you?
      Then you are one of those "Black people are embarrassing the way we always want to boycott..."

      Let's stop tearing down our selves and each other.

      If people are not following you it could be that your are not leading.

    • Chicago-Midwest

      If a major corporation comes into your community, there is nothing wrong with demanding that they have an economic benefits agreement with local businesses and professional services from that community. And that does not stop the ongoing efforts to help Blacks develop and support their own institutions, businesses and jobs which is what we do everyday at Black Wall Street Chicago where we have ongoing programs and services doing just that, or maybe you miss those posts. But for now, I am pleased that we have saved millions of dollars in Black products and saved over 100 Black community jobs. And we have worked with The Southside Community federal Credit Union with over $200,000 in small business loans to existing and new Black community businsess and working with others for another $250,000 in $5,000 to $30,000 in new small Black business development loans. So we are doing both.

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