The 45th Season of Kwanzaa is upon us, a wonderful time to reflect and be thankful.
Black Agriculture is poised for amazing good progress in 2012... and challenges remain.
Out of chaos comes a blessing ~ #1 Black Agriculture Organic Farm in Northern California suffers major fire loss... nationwide support will bring attention to the amazing work and self-determination the Tarlesson Family continues to overcome...
The best of African traditions with the best of modern appropriate technology...
Tarlesson Farm overcoming tradegy and demonstrating the "Faith to Farm" will be featured the first day of Kwanzaa and throughout the Central Valley of California.
The story broader story is simply amazing...
Rev. Roosevelt Tarlesson
(530) 796-2300

Kwanzaa Unity Celebration, December 26, 2011
2:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., 2251 Florin Road, Suite 20 @ 24th Street
Meadowview District
Sacramento, CA 95822
Michael Harris, Director
California Black Farmers and Agriculturalists Association
(916) 997-2451

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