Business, emotions, health and pyramids.

Many of us work and daily communicate with other people. Not always this dialogue causes only good emotional experiences. We can meet envy, anger, insult, aggression. The behavior of other people can sometimes revolt us. Some people have fears or the phobias which reasons not always can be defined at once. All is emotions. Time has come and I began to feel, how energy of negative emotions of my employees not only destroys business, but also worsens my health and health of my family. I had to choose - to continue business or to be engaged in health. But what is to choose? Methods of traditional medicine in these cases are limited. The alternative medicine in these cases can offer some methods.It is known, that emotions very much influence health. There are many ways of management of energy of emotions and a conclusion of destructive energy of emotions. For this purpose apply physical exercise, meditations, prays, exercises with breath, method EFT. Some such effects of removal of emotional pressure by means of technical devices are found out W. Reich in 30 years of the last century.The design of pyramids has appeared the most effective device for removal of emotional pressure. In what there is the reason of efficiency of pyramids?I believe, that many could observe as energy of our negative emotions are easily transferred to people surrounding us or near relations. Every week we hasten on rest, on the nature where it is easier to restore forces. In ancient philosophies of the East there are recommendations where to spend meditation, physical exercises and respiratory gymnastics. It is pure places of the nature with pure air, with water, wood or in mountains. Such places ever less, and people more and more. As it is to find or create a pure place for emotional unloading. Some rules can be found in system feng - shui.From the point of view of physics there is a law of subtle energy conservation. Therefore it is necessary not only to deduce negative energy of emotions from an organism but also where that to place it or to transform. For example, in the Gospel one of methods of placing of negative energy in a body of animals is described. It is known, that some cats possess ability to treat. Probably they delete what that kinds of negative emotions. Also healers in a similar way operate.Thus it is necessary to deduce energy of negative emotion from an organism and to place it in what that a place, and then to transform, probably, to spread out to components.New researches of alternative medicine ( Karma & chakras diagnostics) have shown that pyramids can carry out all these functions. Thus it becomes clear why ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, America, Atlantis gave such great value to pyramids.Complex of the energy healing pyramids are constructed of glass, metal, stone, ceramics, tree, amber, different crystal, and other materials. New data are received by a method radiesthesia. Pyramids, which have crystal shape give life energy and do healing chakras, aura, subtle bodies and karma correction (clearing past lives – reincarnations) without contact, only on your photo on any distance.

It's the designs, which height - 2,5 - 2,7 metres or 7 - 8.8 feetComplex of the energy healing pyramids are constructed of color glass, metal, stone, ceramics, tree, amber, different crystal, turquoise, corals, amethyst, azurite, nephrite, porcelain, ceramics, and other materials. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc and cupronickel.Fire is established in one of pyramids. Other pyramid contains a glass vessel in which water circulates. There is a pyramid in which the medical tree is established - a cedar and a pyramid in which the earth in the form of quartz and salt crystals is established.Are you aware of the fact that your personal subtle energy field determines the nature of your relationships and health?If you see that there is new method for improvement and you are ready to invest in your self development for the betterment of your self, family, and company, you may send an email to receive consultation and answers to your questions.

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8

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