Black Xpression Buttons (wholesale)

As We Build our own Nation, Provisional Government - Republic of New Afrika, We must declare ourselves free and self reliant, which means feeding ourselves, educating ourselves, clothing and housing ourselves. Freedom Ain't Free y'all, so please let's start producing and distributing (trading) what We need and acting like a free people. Please, share with us any Black Products you are aware of and let's start supporting Black Community Economic Development, which one of the means necessary for us to gain respect as human beings in this society.

Part 2 - My example of Black Products is 3828870831?profile=original - BUY BLACK Y'ALL - Turning our dollars over in our community means Buying from Black-owned businesses every possible opportunity. These buttons are made By Us, For Us in the RNA National Territory. Buying from us turns our dollars over in our community, with the residual benefit of boosting Black Pride in our communities.
REAL Learning Institute presents Black Xpression Buttons. Our Black Heroes & Sheroes and Black Pride Expression button project puts Our Freedom Soldiers out front and makes them invisible to our entire community. And they make a Blacktastic (Super Black & Fantastic) fundraising project for Afrikan-centered Educational Institutions, Black Museums, Afrikan Interest Youth Groups, and New Afrikan Institutions.

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