Big Pharma vs Natural health


Big Pharma vs Natural Health

Junious Ricardo Stanton


“In other words, vaccines were not the great saviours of society but incidental to the true causes i.e. good public health and individual longevity: greatly improved public water supply quality and sanitation combined with better quality dwellings, less crowded living conditions, better nutrition and increasingly higher standards of living. These factors were responsible for the spectacular turnaround in demographic trends not vaccines. In other words: Since 1900, there has been a 74% decline in mortality rates in developed countries, largely due to a marked decrease in deaths from infectious diseases, a decline not due to vaccines as history and data clear shows.” Global Economic Meltdown, Pandemics and Mass Vaccination


            As the world braces for the COVID vaccine we need to rethink the underlying philosophy and propaganda of the multinational pharmaceutical industry and their shills in “public health” the media and government. Saying this will seem like heresy given the hundreds of millions of dollars Big Pharma pays the media to promote and market their drugs and therapies and will run counter to the education curricula that promotes the germ theory of illness. The giant pharmaceutical companies spend billions on advertising to get us to buy their products and just as much to lobby (bribe) politicians to get what they want, even if it means bringing defective or unsafe products to market. One of the best kept secrets is the fact in the United States deaths due to medical error and pharmaceutical reactions are a major cause of death in the US.

            Several months ago I wrote an article that revealed that a Gallup public opinion poll released late in 2019 found that Americans rated Big Pharma/the drug companies last as far as trust, even lower than the media and politicians!  The negative impact of the opioid addiction crisis and the record fines several companies were forced to pay to compensate their victims was a major reason for the public’s mistrust and loathing for Big Pharma.  The major pharmaceutical companies are working assiduously to alter the perception that they are money grubbing heartless sociopaths.

            When the World Health Organization declared COVID/SARS-CoV-2 was a global public health emergency and 190 countries reacted by imposing draconian measures that totally locked down their societies, shuttered and ruined businesses, mandated universal medical house arrest and social isolation of healthy people despite the fact the original outbreak in Wuhan China a city with a population of eleven million only 80,304 cases almost all non-fatal were reported in the whole country!

These same experts in Chicken Little fashion told us millions would die and life would never return to normal short of finding a vaccine. All we heard was shelter at home, stay isolated, learn remotely, work from home, suck it up, and wash your hand hundreds of times a day, cross your fingers hope and wait for the vaccine. We heard this round the clock twenty-four seven.

The Big Pharma shills, many politicians and the media have mesmerized us about vaccines being our only hope and anyone who dared question this or is skeptical about the safety or efficacy of the coming COVID vaccine is demonized, ostracized or ridiculed.

The pharmaceutical companies employ PR firms, universities and their media allies to create perception management and inducement campaigns to ensure us against common sense and history that we should trust them, that these fast tracked vaccines will be safe and effective. They are saying anyone who refuses to take the vaccines is putting others at risk and possibly breaking the law.  Lawyers are currently working on ways to make it illegal not to take the vaccine!

We need to pause, take this all in and think about our options. Vaccines are a fact of life but they are not the end all to promote optimum health. Our immune system protects us from billions of pathogens, bacteria, parasites and foreign microbes every second of every day whether we are asleep or awake. Why aren’t “the experts” promoting ways to enhance our overall well being and our immune systems? Because that is a natural process and there is no money in that!

Contrary to popular myth, vaccines do not prevent disease. At best a vaccine triggers a response from our immune system to create antibodies that will attack the dead or weakened injected material and neutralize it thus preparing our body for the live version of the pathogen, bacteria or microbe should it infect our body!

The best solutions for promoting optimal health are: practicing good hygiene, moderate exercise, getting plenty of natural sunshine, eating nutritious foods, proper hydrations and rest. There are vitamins, herbs and minerals you can take to boost your immune system. I am not a physician or a naturopath but you can do the research or consult a wellness practitioner to find out more about the pros and cons of vaccines.






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