By H. Khalif Khalifah

AUGUST 22, 2011

DREWRYVILLE, VA - Boycott Koch, Vote for the re-election of the President of the United States of America, agree with Dhoruba BinWahad, or any other of the rabid anti Barack Obama Black Men and Women; that is ok with me IF YOU ARE USING YOUR POWER PROPERLY at the same time.

        But ask yourself, “Is voting with Tea Party types a proper use of the hard fought, bloody, won victory to vote?”

        In a protracted war, you win battles to place yourself in strategic positions to win.  Now unless you are a Revolutionary (i.e. Nat Turner or Assata Shakur, Herman Ferguson, etc.) you acquire and utilize your power in methods less than revolutionary acts against the slave owner, or Overseer (President Obama's position in the Slavery System). There are no exceptions to methodologies that Revolutionaries use to acquire (expropriate) and utilize power.

          When we know we are in a war, and also know we are NOT REVOLUTIONARIES (we know, if we are intelligent and committed) because we don't have the skills required of a Revolutionary); if we know it is not our work at any particular time in our evolvement, we must be careful to not present ourselves in "Word,s Acts or Deeds" as revolutionaries. Doing so only invites the enemy to smash you, hurt you up real bad or force you to use up precious resources.


    The climate created by the election of Barack Obama is an opportune time to acquire power. But many are so vested in condemning Obama that it raises the question in my mind as to HOW is their commentary, questions, hatred, and other emotion driven arguments empowering them or Black people. I don't know everyone of the Obama haters so i don't know the nature of how they are taking advantage of this opportune in America.

        But it appears to me that many of the sincere ones need some help. Help is available!

         I personally would like for us all to look at the election of Barack Obama strategically.

         The work of reformers like Thrugood Marshall, Martin Luther King, jr., Fannie Lou Hamer, Daisy Bates and other sincere proponents and others broke down segregation and Voting Right Laws that severely handicapped  Black people. In Reform struggle, this represents the use of your power (putting yourself, your family, your congregation and others who follow you into danger is using your power) to win a "territory."

      The problem here is we didn't put in things to protect what they had acquired; so the enemy took back some of the territory” (rollbacks by Reagan and Bush, etc.).

          All acts since the time that the heroic acts of Martin Luthing King, jr. and others have been to advance Black People: these acts include the work of The Black Panther Party, CORE & SNCC.  Some other formations are not included, like NOI, RNA, RAM & N’COBRA, because they either represent alternatives to “the system” or victory over the system.

        Personally, I’d surely like to see the language that helps the Tea Party achieve their objectives stopped; I would also like to see anti-Barack Obama folk stop voting for Republicans by default. When a Black people don’t vote he or she is supporting one or the other party by default.

          In fact those who are not comfortable speaking in harmony with Tea Party types can take instruction from Minister Malcolm: “Don’t air your dirty laundry out in public.”

           Malcolm also said: “A Freedom Fighter is not singing because he is too busy swinging!” Swinging in this case is availing yourself of the opportunity to act to empower yourself; an opportunity that was caused by the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States of America.

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  • DMV

    I want to thank The Blacklist for reposting my blog of August 22. Even in the aftermath of seeing that Barack Obama is performing the job description of "President of the United States of America," with gusto! I reaffirm the article. As i said (or elsewhere), even back during chattel slavery there was a job description that both slaves and white men filed. That job was Overseer: 

         The emotion of many readers caused them to miss my points: 1) Use the fact that Barack Obama is President of the United States. We should have no compunction about "using" him because that is WHY white people elected him  for their own use, not Black people. The best thing his election did for Black people was divide our enemies...

          I also stated that the ones who DO NOT know how to use the fact that he is President of the United States should call me. or someone else who are too busy working to concern themselves with opposing Barack Obama and the policies of the United States: I said, "ask yourself, what can you do about the fact that United States Presidents order the killing of friends of black people, Black people, and invade other countries, including Black neo-colonized Black countries...surely we can do MORE than futant cry out and scream because The President of the U. S. is doing what they have always done: so should we, but PLEASE properly use your power and change tactics...

        If you clearly answer the question as to what you can do, you'll understand clearly what your capabilities are; most of our capabilities happen to be quite powerful when the power we have is properly used. Using it properly is using it in our own best interest. Oh, you can expend the power you have by trying to organize Black people to demonstrate and speak out against Barack Obama, but i don't think that is using our power properly at a time when it is extremely difficult to get Black people to act against aliens, i.e., selling poison in our own communities. 

        When used properly there is certainly things that we can do about what the Obama Administration is doing, and will continue to do, for that is his job: to do what presidents of the United States do. And have always done... 

         For guidance as to what we can do about a White Supremacist Policy, within a White Supremacist based government, consult history, but don't make the mistake of trying to win a battle in oppression that has already been won.

         In other words, we mustn't use the same methodologies that Dr. King and etc. used to breakdown segregation and other blatant laws that are established to reinforce White Supremacy Doctrine: that fight/battle has been won ("battle" not "war," so don't be confused) is 2011 so it is a time when we CAN use the gains from the victory to devised another strategy to continue to advance...

          Black nationalist thought and practice can & must be the basis, or in the least a major part of the work that we employ to advance: it should be very clear to everyone that mixing black requisites into, i.e. white supremacist based systems will not win the next fight/battle: as a minimum, it is possible to build some zero (0) tolerant inclusion of incorrect Black history, in the text that are used to educate our children...there is absolutely no doubt that white supremacist schools will still be there and used by most Black people, BUT FOR THOSE WHO KNOW AND ARE WILLING TO EMPLOY PROPER WORK IN 2011 "during the Obama Era" understand this is possible for us to do NOW: we are acting accordingly. So IF YOU VOTE, VOTE FOR OBAMA...


  • DMV

    I have never heard so much crap-trap in my whole life, this brother (if that is what he is) did not give not one single "good reason" for black people or any intelligent justice loving person to once again drink the koon-aid, which he is clearly full of and very drunk on. This is not about "Obama" hating, not for black people, it is about whether we are going to continue believing that engaging in Tom-foolery as this person suggests has ever been to our benefit. A vote for the democratic party is a vote for the republican and its bastard offspring tea party, it is a vote for the perpetuation of our subjugation to supporting the white-settler state. The question for black people is: how is our participation in, as if truly part of the white settler state, legitimate? 


    Evidently the person who wrote the crap-trap above is not only not a revolutionary, but is a counter-revolutionary and urges every body else to engage in counter-revolutionary thinking and action. As for the Obama thing, he must be seen by black people for what he is, which is a gimmick to save White power and Amerikkka. Obama is clearly the house knee-grow that Malcolm talked about in his analogy of the "House Negro and the Field Negro," and sure enough, at first it appeared that the majority of black folk had drunk the koon-aid and did exactly as massa had hoped they would, which was to identify more with the plantation and commit to its salvation. However, many black folk have now sobered up and are sobering up, and speaking out, which is most disturbing to Toms and massa.


    Before Obomba it was W and the republicrats leading the charge of international Jim Crow, invading and waging war on black and brown people around the globe, but of course, Tom does not see Jim Crow, he believes that massa killed him because massa told him so (it never dawning on Tom that massa is Jim himself). It never dawns on Tom that "WMD" is American and European, it stands for White Manifest Destiney, White Man's Deceptions, White Male Domination, White Military Domination, and for counter revolutionary people like the one who wrote the clap-trap above it is their mantra Why Make a Difference. So, for Tom it makes sense to support imperialism as long as it has a black face on it and claims that it is "democratic" oppression.


    It really is not in the best interest of black people to side, support, or participate in the democratic, republican, or tea party; they are nothing more than one of three heads on a Hydra. Black folk ought to welcome those like W and Bachman who show the true face of Amerikkka and help to break this plantation down like a $2.00 hoe, bankrupted it, ruined the cotton crops, and set da' big house on fire. So why should black folk not want people like that in charge of the plantation system? The only reason they would not is because they are happy being slaves and need people like Obombya to make them feel comfortable about it. Enough said on this knee-grow Tom-foolishness, I don't hate Obama, I simply do not care for him or anything he stands for. 


    • DMV

      As stated in my opening paragraph, do as you like, just be sure to use our power properly: further discussion will take me from my actual work: which would be an improper thing to do: thank you for taking the time to respond. part of my work is on exhibit at ............Khalifah

  • Caricom

    “Can’t See, Won’t See”: The Politics of Anton`s Blindness* in the Age of Obama


    "Little of what Obama actually said in a combination of blandishments, special pleading and specious arguments justified much optimism, but the manner of his speaking, the color of his skin and the constant invocation of the word `change' helped create a new spirit in the country--Obamania--that propelled him to the White House."  Tariq Ali


    I think I get it now, Tariq.


    African Americans will continue to give the Black, Peace-Prize winning, White House warlord a pass, no matter how far right of center he wanders.

    How can they not?

    They want in.

    They desperately want to believe the carefully-crafted fiction of American bourgeois democracy – a myth that has been forced into their consciousness since the moment that the shackled feet of their enslaved African ancestors first touched the soil of that stolen land.

    They desperately want to believe that there, indeed, is a place for Black folks in a fundamentally structurally unchanged, morally bankrupt, unapologetically imperialist, white supremacist, capitalist nation.

    Couple this with the fact that Black Americans have been told, in ways too numerous to list here, that the pursuit of radical alternatives that fall beyond the pale of that which is deemed acceptable by the state is essentially an exercise in futility that always results in vicious recriminations (Paul Robeson) and/ or death (Malcolm X) and you can begin to see why the ascendancy of this particular state-sanctioned 'leader' was met with such a visceral outpouring of adoration from Black folks.

    Unlike the two men whose names I mentioned, brother Barack – Harvard educated, handsome, articulate and, perhaps most importantly, biracial - is safe.

    When this Black man finally claimed his cushioned seat in the Oval Office, it was as if the very gates of (white man) heaven were flung open and God Himself were there to finally welcome His Black and benighted children home.

    Obamania had taken firm hold of the public imagination, as both Black and white Americans took his presidency to mean that maybe, just maybe, change could be achieved without addressing the blood-spattered history of genocidal savagery that forms the never-mentioned crimson backdrop of the American creation fable.

    And maybe, just maybe, we'd be able to move forward into a post-racial future pregnant with the possibility of peace, justice and equality without actually having to uproot entrenched systems of unjust authority built around race, class, sexual orientation, religion and gender.

    "Well, we're movin on up (movin on up)...we've finally got a piece of the pie..."

    No-one...and nothing (no clear-eyed assessment of Obama's domestic and foreign policy trajectory; no challenging of his continued support of the Zionist butchers in Israel; no questioning of his refusal to specifically address the very real needs of Black people) would be allowed to spoil the syrupy-sweet superficiality that has been a hallmark of the Era of Obama since day one.

    As such, any efforts (among Black people) at offering an intelligent critique of the dubious machinations of the Obama administration almost always fell on deaf ears. Black America had made a conscious decision to uncritically embrace the symbol without questioning the substance.


    Ironically, any criticism of the very oppressive structure that is presently enthusiastically fronted by brother Obama was invariably interpreted by Black Americans as an irrational and unjustified attack on a Black man who has made good and was summarily dismissed as the ranting of criminally out-of-touch, Black-Power era dinosaurs.

    Never mind that this very structure ensures the continued disadvantaged status of Black Americans vis a vis their white American counterparts. They simply ain't tryna hear it.

    “Go ‘head with all that talk; he`s doing the best he can! And if we don’t support him in 2012, you’re siding with the Republicans/ Tea Party! Might as well just vote for Bachman....”

    Whenever the topic turns to Obama, Black Americans show a disturbing similarity in their response, which has as its main characteristics:


    1) the crude over-simplification of the debate; 2) the ‘race-ing’ of Black support; and 3) the disturbing absence of nuanced analysis.


    This was - and is - the crucial contribution of (too) many in the Black American community to the maintenance of the savage illusion that is ‘America, the Beautiful’.


    *Anton’ s Blindness is a peculiar symptom of an occipital stroke, or other forms of brain damage in that area. It causes complete blindness. After the injury to the occipital lobe, the person acts as though he/she is not actually blind. If you were to place a spoon in front of their eyes and ask them to choose whether what you are holding is a spoon, a pen, or a watch, they would answer confidently with a guess and act as though that was the correct answer, even if they are wrong. If you ask them to describe what they are seeing, they will make up a whole visual scenario for you.


    • DMV

      At the least you are THINKING: that is good. Hopefully you are also working: this is a great time to do Proper work. part of what i am working at is at ..............Khalifah

  • Caricom

    arrant nonsense.


    if we understand that the interests of america run counter to the interests of BILLIONS of poor people, people of colour, women and children within the borders of the united states and worldwide, the pigment of the person acting as the figurehead of this regime is essentially a non-issue. when one examines white house decision-making from the vantage point of its environmental, economic or military 'concerns', it quickly becomes clear that the policy initiatives of the administration that the current president enthusiastically represents are at odds with the needs of the vast majority of the world's population.


    that makes the obama administration - and, by extension, brother barack - an enemy of the people.


    it is with this view in mind that many Black folks, in the u.s. and beyond, seek to aggressively challenge what they (rightly) interpret as a war on the people of the world...which may be more accurately described as a war on the citizens of the Global South.

    • DMV

      I haven't the time to debate "system" politics. Otherwise i'd do what i vainly tried to get others to do: Work properly in this opportune time we live in: our enemies are split, which is what you want your enemies to do, unless you are vested in reform politics which i am not. part of my work can be viewed at

  • South

    I'm not sure if I understood this article correctly the way that it was written, but if it says what I think it is saying, it appears to me that the writer is playing a mind game with the intended audience.  It is not about 'airing dirty linen', but about speaking 'truth to power!'  The truth is the truth, regardless of who it is about.   A lighted lamp cannot be placed under a bushel, remember?  To say that--or to indicate that a vote for the re-election of Barak Obama is a smart move, as the lesser of two evils, is a mind trick to deprive a conscious-thinking person of their right to their own opinion.  If someone votes to re-elect Obama based on this article, then that person is voting YOUR conscience, and not their own.  We cannot change the rules simply because a BLACK man is involved here.  This is to overlook his record in office, his inability or non-attempt to include ALL the people in his decisions, and base one's vote solely on the fact that he has black skin.  This is the height of ignorance and borders on blind stupidity.  To indicate that a selection of Obama is a strike against the Tea Partiers, and that to refrain from voting is a plug for the Tea Partiers is also playing a mind game with the intended public.  Mr. Obama has blatantly made a CONSCIOUS choice to leave the affairs and problems of the black community out of his agenda at every turn.  He went into office surrounding himself with people who also had no interest in the "Black Agenda".  He has spoken out for the rights of gays, animals, women's movements, you name it, but strategically and  purposely avoided any ground covering predominant black agendas.  NO, this is not to say that I think he should have concerned himself primarily with the Black Agenda. But we DO count in there somewhere, especially since we, too helped to elect him into office, and since we TOO, are citizens of this country.  Yet this is a fact that he has consistently forgotten, or acquired selective amnesia in regards to.  NO,  this is not BASHING OBAMA.  This is speaking truth to power.  And if you cannot tell the difference, then you need some serious counseling.  To say or indicate that if one does not vote to re-elect Mr. Obama--who has CONSISTENTLY allowed himself to be used as a PUPPET LEADER by people who despise people of color, namely Blacks--and even himself; to indicate that this is a direct plug for the Tea Partiers is a really cheap shot!  Thus, if a person exercises his/her right to NOT re-elect him, or his/her right to REFRAIN from voting since the whole  process is a fraud anyhow, (when in reality we all know that the system is FIXED), is suggesting, in your opinion, that one is voting for Republicans BY DEFAULT.  This is the oldest mind trick in the world: put the guilt trip on one that he/she is an 'enemy of the race', a 'sellout', or a 'non-conscious black' or whatever phrase you would use--and they will automatically opt to re-elect this man DESPITE THE FACT that he  has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the black race.  And to speak of it in public over the internet or otherwise, is to "air our dirty linen" in public.  This is a phrase that would not even be used if he were white, and did nothing over the mass unemployment, housing, education, health--and all the other problems afflicting blacks more than any other group.  But because he is black, the implication is that we must all put our  heads in the sand and ignore the obvious, and re-elect this man SIMPLY BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, otherwise be branded as a traitor to the race.  Well, I for one, don't buy it.  I don't fall for it, and I WILL exercise my RIGHT to NOT INDULGE or engage in the voting process--PERIOD!  The other trick of the mind is to put the guilt on others by stating that our ancestors fought long and hard, and shed much blood for the right to vote, and we should not take it lightly.  CHOOSING to exercise one's RIGHT to NOT vote, is not taking the matter lightly, nor is it turning one's back on what the ancestors did. Yes, they voted for that right; fought, bled, and died for it.  And we obtained it.  But they were not fighting or bleeding or dying simply for a right that has been obscured by smoke tricks and mirrors.  They were also doing so for the RIGHT TO EXERCISE ONE'S CONSCIENCE without restraint, HOWEVER they elected to do so, and not be hindered by people who do not look like us, but desire to make all of the rules for  us. However, if the ancestors were ALIVE today, and saw what has been done to the voting system, and all the hypocrisy tied into it, the propaganda, lies, and misuse of voting machines, votes cast, black votes lost or deliberately obliterated, etc, THEY THEMSELVES would no longer avail THEMSELVES of this brand of evil.  And let the chips fall where they may.  Either way, until we come together as BLACK PEOPLE and start RESPECTING one another and working together in unity, it doesn't matter WHO we put into office or who GETS PUT into office DESPITE OUR VOTE, nothing will change for black people in this country.  You are under a serious delusion if you, for one second, believe that another four years or so of Obama's total ignorance of the plight of blacks in this country is the RIGHT THING TO DO.  If you choose to be blinded by this ignorant sort of reasoning, then that is your choice.   But don't elect to put guilt on those of us who likewise CHOOSE to TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF and VOTE OUR CONSCIENCE, or make the EDUCATED DECISION to NOT VOTE AT ALL.  We may become no better, but we certainly are NO WORSE.  And when you allow yourself to be used as a PUPPET by an evil regime, to the extent of becoming an enemy of your own people, and a member of satanic rituals and demon-inspired back-room tricks with the 'shadow government' that everyone knows exists behind the scenes--and you, as a citizen, are accepting of this, then you are the one to be most pitied!  To go into the election booth and cast another vote for someone who has just proven in the past three or four years that he CARES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for your interests, but to do so ONLY BECAUSE HE IS BLACK, or because it is the LESSER OF TWO EVILS, is not an act of EMPOWERMENT, but an act of STUPIDITY.  And in fact, since the above is the case, this is not the LESSER of two evils, but the ultimate WORST of the two evils, for when you allow someone, ANYONE, to cause you to turn your back on your own--then you are far worst than the puppeteers who are controlling you!

    • DMV

      I have thanked you previously for taking the time to respond to my article: i assume you have re-read it: it is ok if you haven't because I am not debating it any longer, less i'll not be doing what i try to get others to do doing a great time to be working to build alternatives to Americanism. Part of what i do is on exhibit at ...........Khalifah

    • DMV

      I know i have answer you a couple times: if i contine to debate "system" politics i'll be doing what i try to get others to do in my article: do proper work in this opportune time. Part of what i do is on exhibit at .............Khalifah

This reply was deleted.