Barak Obama is no ordinary African-American and the calling of Barak Obama, 'The Messiah,' by the false conservative media, sent some minds scurrying in Kenya and parts of Africa, by people who know WHICH ETHNIC GROUP THAT OBAMA'S FATHER CAME FROM.Obama's father was a Luo, one of the most important branches of a group of Africans who actually began the idea of world civilization. According to Sudan sources, ( http://www.sudanforum.com ), Obama's father's lineage is from one of the Cush people of Sudan. They once settled in the region near Dongola, then later moved southward to the region near Khartoum. Over the centuries, the Luo and other tall, majestic, Cush people spread into Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad, Nigeria, Southern Africa and the Americas.The history of the ethnic group that Obama's father came from begins over 15,000 years ago in the Sahara when a 'God-King' called Tyru Afrik established an empire that stretched from Senegal to India - -in what was a wet, fertile, thriving Sahara with forests, bustling cities and towns and waterways. ( See 'Susu Economics," http://www.authorhouse.com also see 'A History of the African-Olmecs," http://www.authorhouse.com and 'Susu and Susunomics," http://www.iuniverse.com )The Luo and other Nile Region/Cush and ancient Black Egyptian groups that now live in various parts of Africa from South Ethiopia to Senegal and Nigeria -- was made extremely bad during the first series of wars against the Cushi by Sahure (who was also Black African, but of Khemet/Egyptian nationality).These wars and the subsequent conflicts, droughts, invasions (including those by Bedouin slave traders and 'traders' in Sudan after the defeat of the Arab armies by Emperor Kalydosos ( see 'The Destruction of Black Civilization," by Chancellor Williams, http://www.thirdworldpressinc.com ).Emperor Kalidosos was a Nubian Emperor during the period of Christian Nubia. After the Arab armies invaded during the 600's AD, the Nubians defeated them many times. However, the Nubians were engaged in a treaty where 'bakt' (tribute) was paid by the Nubians to the invaders, so the invaders would not try to invade Nubian soil again.This led to various problems over the many centuries since the 700's AD, ALTHOUGH THE NUBIAN ARMY KEPT THE FOREIGN ELEMENT OUT OF NUBIA WHEN THEY TRIED TO INVADE.Still, many Africans began to migrate to various parts of Africa from Sudan (Nubia-Cush) which was the CORE OF BLACK AFRICAN CIVILIZATIONI - JUST AS CHINA IS TO SOME CULTURES IN EAST ASIA.And so, Obama's form of 'inclusive politics,' and getting his opponents on his side is a TYPICAL NUBIAN-CUSH manner of getting people to work together. This idea is in fact part of the AFRICAN CONSTITUTION ( see 'Susu Economics," also see 'African Constitution"http://nubianem.tripod.com/blackamericasandblackafriworldunitedOne of the ADVANTAGES OF LEARNING AFRICAN HISTORY AND READING BOOKS ON AFRICAN HISTORY is one gets an insight and foresight into why people, nations and conditions connected to Africa occur or are occurring.For example, the present divide in Sudan and parts of Africa, in which Semitic people of particular religions are trying to force Africans off their lands and have waged wars on Africans to convert, is a continuation of the old imperialistic sweep into African territory since the 600's AD, and since Roman times.Yet, Barak Obama's very method of presenting his argument to the American public and the World concerning why he would be a good Pres, is deeply rooted in a great culture. After all, the Nubian-Cushites invented democracy and 'fair play' in politics. The Nubians elected thier Pharaohs and pharaohs were chosen to rule for an average of seven years ( see 'Susu Economics," and 'A History of the African-Olmecs," http://www.authorhouse.comas well as 'A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," http://www.xlibris.comNow many are hoping that Obama will help to uplift the American people, and remove these unjust and genocidal obsticles that are throwing young men in camps, distroying families and making it difficult for young people to work in thier own nation due to draconian laws and racist policies.Let's hope the one of Nubian-Cush origins recognize that genocidal policies inspired by racism is being carried out against African people in Latin America, Sudan, West Papua and even among our 'allies' who mistreat Black/African people in places like Europe.

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  • West

    America's YOUTH PARTICULARLY BLACK AMERICAN YOUNG MALES ARE SEEN BY THE REST OF THE WORLD AS VICTIMS OF GENOCIDE brought about by many racist policies that were initiated since the early 1970's, where Blacks were targeted with chemicals, and after the targeting, the victims were made victims again by being targeted for confinement and 'camps.'

    This evil scheme happened before in China, during the Opium Wars, where China was forced to accept drugs that was meant to distroy the Chinese population. In like manner, the introduction of drugs in the Black community -- and a liquor store on every block IS AN ACT OF GENOCIDE AGAINST THE BLACK COMMUNITY THAT HAS TO BE DEALT WITH AND STOPPED.

    Why? Because the scheme is the biggest producer of fodder for America's camps, where Black males are the targets, Black familes are distroyed, and Black male and female children are raised without fathers.


    Laws like 'three strikes,' 'manditory minimums,' and processes that keep throwing Black men in 'camps' contribute to the distruction of the Black family in America.

    Hence, steps should be taken to stop this blatent and racist agenda that has done more to distroy the African-American family since slavery.

    Obama should also see 'abortion' and 'infanticide' for what it really is. Such schemes were introduced as a means to stop Black competition with the then 'eugenics-feminist' movement of the early 1900's that wanted to eliminate Black competition by eliminating blacks through abortion. ( See 'Magaret Sanger," also see "A History of Racism and Terrorism, Rebellion and Overcoming," http://www2.xlibris.com/bookstore/author.asp?bookid=19466
    See also


    "Susu Economics," and "A History of the African-Olmecs,"

    "Susu and Susunomics," http://www.iuniverse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?isbn=0-595-18246-1

    also http://www.myspace.com/sexyaabooksculture
    • Chicago-Midwest
      Our cosmos knows a great purge is needed,
      This state of constipation, is about to break.
      Let us tap into our Divinity, by going within.
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