Are False Beliefs Setting US Up For Destruction?

Junious Ricardo Stanton


As we look around the world today we discover challenges to our reality, our belief systems and the values we profess to hold dear. America says it stands for freedom, justice, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but as a global hegemon the US is directly responsible for massive human exploitation, suffering, privation, misery and death! These are the direct consequences of the American Empire’s greed, callousness and immorality. This hubris is pervasive yet because of ubiquitous mind control and brainwashing most Americans are not even aware this country is an imperialist giant. Most are oblivious to the fact America has a global network of military bases and spends more than several nations combined to maintain them. Somnambulant Americans think the almost eight hundred known foreign military and drone bases and many more top secret installations in seventy plus nations exist to protect freedom and democracy!

In addition to their military overreach the US is actively engaged in numerous proxy wars using intermediaries and entities like NATO they fund and equip to do their dirty work in places like Ukraine and Yemen. Ukraine is becoming a humongous sinkhole for US war profiteering and kickbacks in support of a corrupt Ukrainian government that is a boon for the US military industrial technology hydra. Their goal aside from making huge profits is to undermine Russia and bring that nation to heel. Recent decisions to allow Ukraine to escalate direct attacks on Russian soil using Western weaponry are not only idiotic they will have horrific consequences.

On the other hand the US misleadership finds itself in a conundrum due to its total support of an obvious ethnic cleansing campaign by Israel against the Palestinians, the real Semites of the region. The optics of this carnage belie Israel’s claim they are fighting a defensive war in an effort to secure release of Israeli hostages taken in the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack; an attack which appears was allowed to happen by Israeli security forces so Israel could commence ethnic cleansing against the people of Gaza.

The US claims Israel is our only ally in the region, an ally who shares this nation’s democratic values. But is this really true? The reality is the United States is an oligarchy ruled by an elite group not ordinary citizens who represent and exercise the will of the people. A Princeton and Northwestern Universities study by Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page concluded the US is ruled by influential elites and special interest groups who set the agenda and policies for the government.

Election campaigns whose costs prohibit the average person from running for state, national and even some local public offices makes a mockery of the claim this is a government of the people by the people or for the people. Special interests, big money and the oligarchs actually control this country and set its policies. The executive, legislative and even judicial branches and their regulatory agencies have been captured, are beholden to and taken hostage by big money interests. Elections and voting merely provide the illusion we have a say in the governance process.

For example most rational people would opt to spend their hard earned tax dollars here at home rather than pouring trillions to prop up corrupt and genocidal governments that provide no benefit to us whatsoever while enriching defense contractors and warmongers to the detriment of humanity!

Israel is an apartheid state, none of the Ashkenazim who occupy the territory and rule the country are Semites. They are converts to Judaism who have marginalized other Jews who have a longer claim to the religion than they do. They are not the true descendants of the ancient Hebrew Israelites and Judeans.

Historically ancient Israel was never a powerful or significant entity in the region, it was always in the shadows of larger more powerful nations and empires like the Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians and Babylonians.

Evangelical Christians support Israel even though the Jews reject their Messiah because they believe the Ashkenazim are the Israelites of the Bible and they are Yahweh’s chosen people; who in some convoluted way through war, tribulation and upheaval will usher the return to earth of Christ! So they uncritically support the modern genocide in Palestine just like they go along with the Biblical stories of the Hebrew’s genocide and ethnic cleansing to expropriate the “Promised Land” from the indigenous peoples. They never question the narrative or ask why a supposedly all knowing, just god would order “his people” to do such a thing?

Meanwhile simultaneously the US is provoking China over Taiwan and the South China Sea island disputes among China, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. This is insane, nevertheless the misanthropes who run this nation seem hellbent on provoking a major war somewhere on this planet. Their hubris and psychopathy will be their ruin.

Our false beliefs are taking us down a slippery slope which could lead to a real Armageddon “end times” scenario. Unless saner heads prevail and this appears unlikely, the US and its acolytes will find themselves eyeball deep in multiple wars they cannot possibly win. Why is it no one sees this coming?





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