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Alton H. Maddox, Jr's letter to Stephen A. Smith and ESPN in defence of Mrs. Kylia Carter equating NCAA Basketball with Slavery and the Prison Industrial Complex

Dear Mr. Smith:


            I was watching "First Take" on ESPN 2 this week.  The mother of Wendell Carter, Jr., a basketball player for Duke University, was equating college basketball with slavery and the prison-industrial complex.  You took exception to her description of  NCAA basketball. You should forward this letter to her and send my e-mail address to King James (“Black Messiah”).  You went to Winston-Salem College and under Coach “Big House” Gaines.


            I agree with Mrs. Carter's description because of this country's educational system and the “Miseducation of the Negro.” I chose Howard University because it was not only the "Capstone of Negro education" but the Library of Congress was located in the District of Columbia. This is a teaching moment from me to you. 


I taught Cong. “Bobby” Scott (Virginia) at Boston College Law School.  He is now on “Education & the Workforce Committee” in Congress. This will become a powerful Committee.  He could become an accomplished, future Speaker of the House of the U.S. Congress.


            In 1962, I needed to secure employment at the Library of Congress in the nation's capital, to have unfettered access to its publication stacks.  I was seeking to answer a question that my history teacher, Virginia Hill, had posed at Central High School in Newnan, GA.  "How did Africans leave Africa as “Africans” and arrive on the shores of North America as “Negroes?"


            Enslaved Africans remained in slavery until the 1963 Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln freed no one.  It was a war measure. He divided families.  It is definitely arguable that we remained chattel slaves until 1865 and the Thirteenth Amendment under the U.S. Constitution.


In 1865, we became “slaves” under Roman law. We could become bankers and lawyers and remain in slavery. There was no orientation.  Today, we are witnessing a "Divided White House."  This is a crisis.  President Abraham Lincoln said, in 1857: “A Divided [White] House Must Fall.” Therefore, no peace talk with Kim Jung Un anywhere on the planet soon.  The “First Family” Needs Prayer on Mother’s Day 2018.


            It is incumbent on all athletes to understand the institution of slavery and its myriad forms including “chattel slavery.”  Ideally, this must start before the first grade.  I attended a Rosenwald School in Turin, Coweta County, GA.  It was a preparatory school for Tuskegee Institute.  I was reading about the Korean Conflict at five years of age. It is time for Asia to score first.


            My parents were devout Christians.  They had faith in the Lord. I was born in Inkster, MI.  My parents engaged in “reverse migration” for me to understand Jim Crow.  They recognized that "Junior" was controversial.  They raised me to destroy "Jim Crow."  LeBron James must protect King James.  My parents would have loved King James.


            Laura Ingraham of FOX News is seeking to convert King James “Slave James.”  I need to contact King James forthwith.  This is a class action under Scott v. Sanford, 19 How. (60 U.S.) 393 (1857).  It affects all persons of African ancestry. Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.: “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”


 I was labeled “Mr. Civil Rights in the Courtroom” by the Washington Post on Mother's Day 1987. I could walk on water in any courtroom.  King James needs to know that there is a business life after basketball and not simply “Dancing with the Stars.” He can open the door to business opportunities for retired professional ballplayers.


            President Ronald Reagan read the article in the Washington Post and ordered U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani to end my legal career.  On Mother's Day 2018, my lips are still unsealed.  A “slave” is a person who has voluntarily sealed his lips.  I have been a thorn in the side of President Donald J. Trump since 1974.  Attorney Rudolph Giuliani is now in the custody of the Creator and revered ancestors.  "The devil made [me] do it."


            I became a thorn in the side of Donald J. Trump in January 1974 at Harlem Assertion of Rights, Inc.  After my brief attendance at the University of Georgia Law School, the Vatican assigned me to Harlem to be a legal advocate for the poor.  Blacks are with you, according to a “Sister” in D.C., when you are not bankrupt.  Blacks will leave when the gas tank is empty.


This is the way we will arrive before the Creator on Judgment Day.  The Emolument Clause will separate the weeds from the grass.  This is why I penned “Make Newnan Great Again” in the Newnan Times Herald on August 13, 2017. It is in the U.S. Constitution


            Every Black person should have purchased a red, green and black basketball cap. “Blacks Made America Great.”  EVERYBODY:  Please Contact King James for the Creator.  Sunday is Day 7. All NBA Players should be with their families on Mother’s Day 2018.  This also applies to President Trump, Tom Brokaw and Matt Lauer. Men and Boys Should Go to Church and Pray.


            Call Hilton re Alton Maddox (1-410-684-6100) to make a reservation to protest a summary eviction on May 14, 2018.  I have been very effective in Maryland.  The tell-tale sign is the immediate collapse of NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.  This was no accident.  I still have “Black magic.” See my correspondence to President Trump.


We will be in Maryland to anoint Fortune 500 as the “Fourth Estate.”  This will be a historic teaching moment.  Starbucks should witness history on Mother’s Day 2018.  See “Holy Bible and the Law” and Slaughter Cases, 16 Wall. (83 U.S.) 36 (1873).  Fortune 500 Must Replace the “Fourth Estate.”


                                                                                    Very truly yours


                                                                                    Alton H. Maddox, Jr.



Mr. Stephen A. Smith

“First Take”

c/o ESPN Headquarters
ESPN Plaza
Bristol, CT 06010

May 9, 2018

cc:        Hon. Donald J. Trump

              President of the United States

            Hon. Andrew M. Cuomo

              Governor of the State of New York

            Hon. Maxine Waters (CA)

            Hon. Robert Scott (VA)

            Hon. Luis Gutierrez (IL)

            Hon. Ted Liu (CA)

            Commissioner Adam Silver

              National Basketball Association

                        King LeBron James

                        Sean Hannity

Thomas Mesereau, Jr.

National Organization for Women

National Education Association

Rent the Runway

New York Times

Washington Post

Newnan Times Herald


P.S.  The address for Homewood Suites is 1181 Winterson Rd., Linthicum, MD, 21090 (BALHW) (1-800-CALL-HOME).  I will be at HOME on Sunday at 11:00 a.m.  I will invite guests.

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