African Divination, Complimentary Ways of Knowing

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“Spirituality centered wisdom stands for both justice and dignity and it cannot be trivialized. It emphasizes philosophies of connectedness, coexistence, belongingness, love, and compassion in education. In the light of this understanding of spirituality, the African renaissance and pedagogy should be grounded in spirituality centered wisdom, cultural identity and consciousness.. As asserted by Palmer (1999), involving spirituality in pedagogy is ‘reclaiming the vitality of life’” African Ways of Knowing and Pedagogy, Constantine Ngara


            For the past several weeks we have been examining African cosmology in a general observation and overview. At its core African cosmology, regardless of the tribal or ethnic origin, is based upon the belief the universe is both SPIRITUAL and physical in nature. Africans’ perception of reality posits our physical reality is interpenetrated by an omnipresent spiritual reality that impacts and influences our lives and environment all the time.

            For Africans and indigenous people who see themselves as an integral part of a vast spiritual universe, SPIRIT provides additional means of knowing as well as providing insight, information and guidance to help address life’s vicissitudes. When one’s reality is a spiritually dynamic universe, one employs spiritual means to discern the invisible causes behind life’s happenings and also to glean insight and direction for important decisions and courses of action.

Indigenous people routinely call on the spirits, ancestors, healers and diviners to help them unravel life’s challenges and to provide wisdom and information. Divination, contrary to popular misconception, is a universal tool used by most of humanity in some form or another.  

            In Africa, divination is a universal method of learning and discerning. “In Africa, divination sessions are instances of consulting the Gods or the ancestors. These                                                                         are not metaphysical constructs, but real living beings that interact with the living. As a means of communication with the village of the ancestors, divination reinforces the belief in the reality of the world of the spirits and the ancestors. Indeed, in African worldview, ‘the Dead are not dead.’” Encyclopedia of African Religion page 206

            Divination is an essential source of knowledge and makes absolute sense in cultures who believe energies, spirits; forces and intelligences are omnipresent and play a vital role in community and personal life.

 But because most of what we know about Africa was given to us by non-Africans who disparaged Africa and Africans, we too denigrate and disparage our cosmological heritage and roots. We were conditioned to be ashamed of our African heritage and we were taught to hate everything African! As Malcolm X said “We didn’t want anyone to tell us anything about Africa, much less call us an African and in hating the African and hating Africa we ended up hating ourselves without even realizing it because you can’t hate the roots of a tree and not hate the tree. You can’t hate your origin and not end up hating yourself.” Malcolm X, The Roots of Black self-hatred.  But that is changing now.

            Many different forms of divination exist and we are familiar with them such as: crystal ball gazing, tarot cards, the I Ching, fortune telling as well as occult (hidden or secret) practices like palmistry, numerology and astrology.

Africans have been using rituals and varying forms of divination for eons. In his book Of Water and the Spirit Malidoma Patrice Some’ shares the details of a ritual that takes place a few months prior to the birth of a child to determine why this particular child is incarnating at this time.

“The pregnant mother, her brothers, the grandfather and the officiating priest are the participants. The child’s father is not present for the ritual but merely prepares the space. Afterward he is informed about what happened. During the ritual, the incoming soul takes the voice of the mother (some say the soul takes the whole body of the mother, which is why the mother falls into trance and does not remember anything afterward) and answers every question the priest asks. The living must know who is being reborn, where the soul is from, why it chose to come here and what gender it has chosen. Sometime, based on the mission of the incoming soul, the living object to the choice of gender and suggest that the opposite will better accommodate the role the unborn child has chosen for him or herself. Some souls ask that specific things be made ready before their arrival-talismanic power objects, medicine bags, metal objects in the form of rings for the ankle or the wrist…” ibid page 20

Some’ is sharing Dagara ideas about reincarnation, destiny, life mission, spiritual protection, spiritual power and the purpose of being. All of this is consistent with African cosmology, philosophy and the idea that knowledge about the unseen and unknown can and must be obtained from SPIRIT since SPIRIT is the parent reality.

A vast reservoir of information is available to us via SPIRIT. We can access it through prayer, meditation, divination and ritual. This is the African/indigenous way. It is part of aboriginal people’s genius now  called Indigenous Knowledge Systems (IKS) by the West. The more we learn about African cosmology the more profound, powerful and practical it becomes.




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  • Caricom

    Open Letter to Those Who Love YAH

       This article is attempting to convince you that African Divination can beneficial, providing insight and ‘direction when pondering decisions and courses of action’.

       WARNING: Nothing could be further from the truth. African Divination is a satanic deception that causes those who love YAH to turn their backs on His commandments to his people – Israel. Of course, since Israelites are not Africans, and do not share their view of this and other subjects, has been a source of tension between us for millennia. The Africans worship what they do not know. We worship what we know -YAH.

       Divination is the effort to supernaturally explore and discover spiritually hidden things. It includes fortune-telling, soothsaying, sorcery, reading tarot cards and tea leaves, consulting astrology, and other ‘dark arts’.

       People in nearly all cultures have created or learned ways to access the spirit world, or pretend to, for power and wealth. Some divination appears to be real access to the spirit world; all is dangerous and Yah tells us to avoid it completely. 

    This is what YAH says at Deut 18:10-14:

    "There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the YAH.

    And because of these abominations the YAH your Eloheem is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the YAH your Eloheem, for these nations, which you are about to dispossess, listen to fortune-tellers and to diviners. But as for you, the YAH your Eloheem has not allowed you to do this.”

       These prohibitions against divination, etc. are repeated at 1 Sam 15:23; 2 Ki 17:17; Jer 14:14; Gal 5:20; 1 John 4:1-6; 1 Pet 5:8, 9; James 4:7; Eph 6:10-18.

       As worshippers of YAH, we need not fear the demons, but we do not enter into relationship with them either. Divination is a violation of YAH’s commandments, and is not harmless, but very dangerous.

        When Israel ponders a decision or is determining a course of action, we go directly to Yah through His Son, Yahshua HaMaschiach via the Holy Spirit. We are always given wise and sage advice and our spiritual prosperity is a testimony to that fact. Never should we consider divination, an abomination to our YAH.

        On the other hand, the miserable, dependent and subservient condition of Africa and the African people is testimony against African Divination. How could a nation of over 1 Billion allow a handful of white colonialists to come, take over their land, extract valuable natural resources in exchange of pieces of paper (IOU's), promote endless civil wars among themselves, infect them with numerous diseases under the guise of 'helping them', force them to grow crops for export while failing to grow food for themselves, etc, etc, etc?

        From where I sit, African Divination is a colossal failure.

       Israel, you have been warned. Avoid African Divination.

    • According to his own book the Israelites used prophets and seers. There is no tension between Africans and Israel. The fact is, Israel was never a major factor in world history so there was no reason whatsoever for Africans to have tension or beef with them. Most of what people "know" about Israel is based upon myths, lies and distortions of history, geography and "religion" put forth by impostors and converts both Black and white!

      Most of Israel's existence was as a vassal state totally dependent upon neighboring peoples: Africans (KMT), Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians etc. for protection.  For Wes Barnard to denigrate Africans when the Israelites admit in their mythology they got pummeled, kidnapped and scattered all over the region makes him look foolish. How can he say anything about Africans being ravaged by European colonialism when the Assyrians totally destroyed Israel? What about the Kemties who plundered Israel in the 9th century BCE, does he know about that?

      Europeans love war pillage and plunder, it is in their DNA, check their history. This is more a testament to their psychopathic nature than it is about indigenous people. Our mistake was accepting them and thinking Neanderthal/Caucasoids were civilized when their history clearly proves they are not. 

      Israel's current incarnation is based upon the British Empire using its influence to help the fake and bogus Ashkenazim set it up; to add insult to injury, these fake Jews don't even respect the Ethiopian Jews who are true believers! It is a racist apartheid nation.

      So many of our people are ignorant about Africa and its genius, they embrace foreign ideologies and traditions rather than be who they are. 

      • Chicago-Midwest

        Well said, King.

        I'm so very thankful for your commentary on African Divination as I embrace and relate to the truths of African Divination, and rituals concerning who I am, who my ancestors are, and my story. It's been a long painful journey to rid myself of the many lies, manipulation, and untruths that are still being forced upon me disguised as Christianity. Yet, I shed one skin as the wise snake does and transition into my newness to continue to evolve.

        On November 17, 2019, I turned 60 years old, I often think back to when at age seven I asked for the truth to reveal itself to me no matter what name, form, shape, etc. it comes in. I received an awesome gift among many, necromancy if that's what it's called. Naturally, I've come to innerstand it's in my blood, it's who I am, and I make no apologies for it.

        African divination is a journey that I've awakened to and trust in the transitioning process. No matter how lonely the journey can feel at times I am observing myself ascend and everyday it is remarkable to be in spirit, call on ancestors, and learn my customs and rituals that sustain who I am.

        In closing, I've always felt deep inside my mind's eye that my purpose/Nia was more than what I was taught to believe. My entire world is unseen, an inner sanctuary. Amun.

         Thank You,  Aweprazes to you King.

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