Greetings Afrakan Family Village Nation:

Afrakan Queen Mother Warriors (AQMW) in attendance as "credentialed observers" of the International Reparations Summit hosted by the Institute of the Black World 21st Century shared a video commentary in love, respect and harmony following the abrupt closing and final plenary of this gathering.  We request that you share it widely within your broadcast networks.

Attached is the AQMW May25.2015 ALD International Statement with the AQMW Video of April 11.2015 YouTube link included. 4distrib.AfrakanQueenMotherWarriors%20ALD%20May25.2015%20InternationalStatement.2Vid.pdf
To insure your access and distribution, here is a downloadable link for inclusion in social media of the AQMW International Statement:
Here is the YouTube link for inclusion in social media:

3828837777?profile=originalPlease confirm receipt.  Distribute widely.
Shared in Respect, Harmony & Love in Ma'at from Afrakan Queen Mother Warriors (AQMW)
Per Ankh Khamniversity Institute, Per Ankh M Smai Tawi and Per Ankh, Inc. endorses and maatikally supports the statements and actions of AQMW #AfrakanQueenMotherWarriors.

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