A Shared Compliment Note To: Shamako Noble About The Injustices Done To JoelBenard Perry

Dear Shamako Noble:

My wife Heather showed me your "Open Letter to the Seattle Times andLevi Pulkkien: Joel Bernard Perry is not a Gang Member." The motherSandra Kellar is a good friend of both my wife and myself.

I spoke at his sentencing hearing and promised the immediate release ofJoel as a result of my soon to be published research findings. TheHonorable Judge Robert whom I am no stranger to was bound by stiffsentencing guidelines handed down and written in to law without thepresence nor competent representation of the Black Communities inAmerica. However, this did not culminate as planned due to the fact thatI was unaware that Joel Benard Perry had waived his right to an appeal.In my experience these cases have to go through at minimum three (3)appeals before such harsh sentencing can be granted an override. Sandrasays after the hearing that Joel was tricked and coerced into waivinghis right to appeal. This is not uncommon but it would have helped me inhis case to have known prior hand.

It's quite obvious that the laws are written void of our Black culturalrepresentation which my studies have revealed to account for a lot ofthe problems we have as a people. Especially the disparities insentencing and the disproportionate incarceration ratios for Blackmales. I am working national with a group of devout Black Intellectualsand dedicated brothas to change this. We could use your help.Understanding these systems and how they work against us that are inplace in stealth mode until it's to late is the key to make adifference. This is no coincidence but rather by design.

I see you've launched the only viable remaining campaign to gain thefreedom and justice for Joel Benard Perry. Only public outcry andmerited behavior inside the prison can lessen his maximum sentence nowonce its handed down by the court. I commend you and your boldbrave-hearted efforts

Please consider being my guest-host on the Radio Show soon?www.blogtalkradio.com/minwdpatterson
email rehab_counsel@hotmail.com with questions and concerns.

I would like a three episode minimum if possible and preferably
in succession. Thanks in advance and God Bless!


Min. W.D. Patterson

Wardell D. Patterson, [UW SR. CLASS 2001 GIFT COUNCIL]
"As a young man, my fondest dream was to become a geographer..."
-Albert Einstein

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Open Letter to the Seattle PI Re: Joel Bernard Perry
Fri at 12:56pm
Open Letter to the Seattle Times and Levi Pulkkien: Joel Bernard Perryis not a Gang Member.


Seattle Times

Levi Pulkkinen

Jenny A. Durkan

I am supporter of Joel Bernard Perry and his mother, and I was presentthe day of the sentencing.

While I appreciate the effort, Levi Pulkkinen’s article, “Seattle gangmember sentenced on drug charges” is incomplete at best, irresponsiblejournalism at its worst. The article presented information that isn’ttrue, left out crucial parts to the story, and dehumanizes all partiesinvolved. It also put lives in danger apparently without checking thefacts. The article came across as pr statement for the AttorneyGeneral’s office instead of either a representation of the truth or astory about human beings. Then I read the press release put out by theUS Attorney’s office and started to speculate that it was. You can take alook at the release here and decide for yourself. ("90a9a13be65d1c5a70efadcd9b247feb", event)''>http://www.justice.gov/usao/waw/press/2010/feb/perry.html).

First things first: Joel Bernard Perry is not a member of Duece-8. JoelBernard Perry is not a gang member period. Judge Robart would not allowLombardi (the prosecuting attorney) to even mention his association togangs in the courtroom because it could not be substantiated and it hadnothing to do with the case. Because he is not a gang member, andbecause your article simply re-iterates the accusations of the USAttorney’s office a new problem emerges. Now Bernard and his family havesafety concerns that did not exist before this printing and it becauseof this article. How did this publication come to the conclusion that hewas a gang member? What evidence does it possess?

On top of this, if the reporter was present at the trial he would havenoticed that the courtroom was packed with family, friends and membersof the community there to support Perry and his mother who was also inattendance. People spoke on his behalf, and more were prepared to do so.The judge declared that such attendance in support of a defendant israre. This was something Judge Robart might have taken into account whenPerry received six months less than what the prosecution was askingfor. Not to mention that Mr. Perry’s speech was simply incredible. Thequote chosen does a great disservice in its brevity and negligence forwhat was a very important and salient message. We are working onpublishing it now.

The sum total presentation of the story seems to be something to theeffect of, ‘another gang member notch on the belt.’ This grosslymisrepresents the reality of the situation. People make mistakes. JoelBernard Perry isn’t a gang member or a murderer. He’s a young man, afather, a son and a brilliant writer and speaker who made some mistakesnone of which include being a member of a gang. What is clear was thathe is part of a community that cares for his well being, his safety andhis humanity. While just locking everyone up may seem like a greatapproach for some, for many all it leaves is a hole in the home and theheart.

Every day in America, a case of mistaken identity or just plain oldstereotyping and racism can end up costing the life or freedom of aninnocent person. This article has proven why we need independent press.Without independent press we may never know the whole or the real story.With it, you end up with tales like Ramon Vasquez of San Jose, falselyimprisoned and detained, falsely accused of murder and gangbanging. Youcan read his story here. "90a9a13be65d1c5a70efadcd9b247feb", event)''>http://siliconvalleydebug.com/story/THEYEAR2010/020110/story/ramonstory.html . The San Jose Mercury News recently profiled Ramon’s innocence ("90a9a13be65d1c5a70efadcd9b247feb", event)''>http://www.mercurynews.com/top-stories/ci_14466674?nclick_check=1) documenting a rare situation. The justice system having to admit that it was mistaken.

If the US Attorney’s office (Lombardi) cannot prove that he is a gangmember in court, and neither Mr. Pulkkinen nor anyone else can back theassertion that was made in the article, then you must retract it andapologize. This is an unjustified trial in the court of public opinion.The US Attorney’s office and the SPD’s goal is reducing violence I’msure, but this kind of dishonesty and poor reporting does more toaggravate the situation than resolve it. We understand that it’simportant that the US Attorney look like they are doing their job, butit shouldn’t come at the cost of someone else’s safety.
Anyone else viewing this article if you have been unjustly stereotypedor classified by law enforcement, or know someone who has, please writeor call the Seattle PI and the US Attorney’s office and demand aretraction. They can’t continue to call us whatever they want and thinkit’s ok. It’s not.


Shamako Noble
A Shared Compliment Note To: Shamako Noble About The Injustices Done ToJoel Benard Perry

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