A CALL FOR A GENERAL STRIKE 8/28/09Tuesday, August 25, 2009 4:48 PMFrom: "kris king" To:, "Aaron Lassiter" ,,, "Mark Belling" ,,,, "CLG news" , "Dave Conway" , "Bill Cunningham" ,,,,, "fleetwood" , "Aunt Fran" ,,,,, "Brian Kelly" , "Kim King" , "Mike King" , "Kathy King" ,, "Lee Larsen" ,,,,, "Mark Levin" , "G Gordon Liddy" , "Hafeezah M" , "john magrudere" ,,,, "posey mobley" , "Brian Morton" , "geoweb newsletter" , "abeeku ohene" , "michael olesker" ,,, "Tony Redd" , "Dan Rodricks" , "Brandon Rogers" ,,,,,, "tavon anderson" , "the afro news" ,, "yo momma" Bcc: "Kim King"Only the masses will be able to stem the tide of madness coming out of Washington. The US taxpayers now owe over 9 TRILLION !!! dollars of back taxes to the crooked international banksters, and they're counting on your apathy and negligence to be able to continue to suck the blood out out of you.rense.comCalling A National General StrikeBy Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri & Jim Kirwan8-24-9A few weeks ago, Jeff Rense's on-line 'clock of doom' on his home page was set at almost midnight. It is a stark reminder of where we are right now.Then, a few days ago, Larry Flint wrote in the Huffington Post, calling for a one-day General Strike throughout the US to let those in Washington and New York know we are all fed up with the lies, and deceit, and the out-of-control white-collar crime that passes for government. He is right! However, only one day is not enough for the massive troubles we are in right now. It would be ignored. We want to call for a week-long NATIONWIDE GENERAL STRIKE.The French have a history of doing this, and they get results. Get enough food to last for a week or more. Shop at your local organic Farmers Market. Fill up your tank, if you have a vehicle. Go home, be with your family and friends. Make this a time of love and connection. Make this a time of true peace in our collective hearts! Bury any superficial differences, because we all belong to the human family. If all we humans can do is harm each other and be angry (and we have every right to be!), then we have learned nothing about the higher, collective COMMON GOOD! We must rise to the occasion that these trying times require! Love! Caring! Justice! Peace! These must be our priorities!1. PLEASE NOTE - We are URGING THAT THIS BE A PEACEFUL STRIKE!This is to put on notice those who are supposedly "in charge." They are deliberately wrecking our country for some insane global police state, in violation of ALL our own sovereign national laws: 1. The system is broken! No checks and balances remain. Our redress of grievances has been continuously IGNORED BY CONGRESS AND OTHER PUBLIC OFFICIALS.2. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATIONDon't spend inflated money on anything that requires paying local, state, or federal taxes. They have stolen far too much of our money already. Why should our trillions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars continue to be stolen and be going to CEOs to buy them mansions and other perks, when there are almost 7-million Americans out of work? Millions of our dollars also have disappeared into some deep, black hole. Not one official has yet to be held accountable. The off-the-scale financial debacle, that is on going, has been deliberately created to destroy our national sovereignty for a global NWO police state. This violates all our own national laws.3. CONGRESS MUST HOLD THE FEDERAL RESERVE ACCOUNTABLEAre there any Congress persons left who are not working for the corporations? Who haven't been bought off or blackmailed? Is everyone in the beltway corrupt? However, there is a far bigger picture: We need another kind of honest, transparent, national banking system that does not steal our money. The current system is totally flawed. The US is de facto bankrupt. It only enriches an elite private banking cabal, while millions of us are losing our homes and jobs. We need a real national, NOT A PRIVATE, banking systemwhere our money isn't stolen and going to banksters and fraudsters. There are enough real economists (for example, Nouriel Roubini, Ellen Brown, and Bob Chapman) who can really help fix this deliberately broken financial system.4. WE WANT A COMPLETE CESSATION OF THE US GOVERNMENT'S ILLEGAL THREAT TO CITIZENS BEING FORCED TO TAKE POISONOUS, UNTESTED FLU VACCINES...that will bring harm to millions of us [and others around the world]; or, if we refuse these poisons, to be abducted by force to FEMA prison camps and our homes and belongings confiscated. This is all unconstitutional and is heinous in the extreme. Pharmaceutical corporations will make millions of dollars at our expense. They are to all be indemnified by the government. So, if anyone is disabled or dies from these poisoned vaccines, there is no accountability! This is another theme-and-variation on the toxic swine flu vaccine of 1976 that had to be removed because people died from it. The vaccines being used this summer (basically, untested until now) are not even the same ones planned for this coming Fall. Many doctors both here and in Europe are sending out numerous media warnings about these dangerous vaccine ingredients. We do not have any informed consent! We are all experimental lab rats, or worse, for this massive criminality that will endangerall of us! We are all expendable for their corporate profits.5. WE DEMAND A RETURN TO OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND THE BILL OF RIGHTSNo military build-up on US soil for lies and deceit. No more threats and illegal plans of militarization of "health" for more lies and deceit. No more scare tactics and threatening Martial Law for more NWO lies and deceit. No unfounded, false-flag threats of an unsubstantiated flu "pandemic." The seasonal flu is mild [unless more secret bio-weaponization is planned to do us more harm]; H1N1 [a strain of 5 different kinds of influenza that was created in some secret lab] is not natural. Shut down bio-weapons labs that pose a dramatic threat to our well-being and safety. Repeal Patriots 1 and 2 Acts and all other related-and-unconstitutional "laws" that have taken away our rights to privacy and freedom over the last nine years.6. THE DOD, MILITARY, AND COMMERCIAL PLANES MUST CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY USING ALL CLANDESTINE, OVERHEAD WEATHER MODIFICATION AND HIGHLY TOXIC CHEMTRAIL AEROSOL AND HAARP PROGRAMS THAT ARE WRECKING OUR HEALTH AND THE ENTIRE WEB OF LIFE ON OUR PLANET.THESE ARE ALL ILLEGAL AND HAVE BROUGHT GREAT HARM TO BILLIONS OF PEOPLE. WE DEMAND A CESSATION OF ALL SECRET PROJECTS THAT HAVE BROUGHT HARM TO ALL LIVING BEINGS AND THE NATURAL CYCLES OF NATURE ­ about which we know very little. The military does not value any human life [not even the lives of our own soldiers who are on-going, expendable vaccine guinea pigs] or any other kind of living creatures, otherwise they could not plan to "take" (read: KILL) millions of sea mammals and other sea creatures over the next few years! NO, to the planned military bombing of the moon! For WHAT?7. OBAMA MUST SHOW US HIS REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND GRADESWhy are they sealed now? Any other US citizen has to show these things for a job. Tell the truth. Transparency and accountability also include the highest office in the United States.8. INCORPORATE THE PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLEFirst, do NO HARM in all areas of government and corporate plans where there is any uncertainty. We must no longer allow harm to come to us or our planet for governmental collusion and corporate greed. Precautionary, ethical conduct must prevail. Life is sacred; and we have an ethical responsibility to be good planetary stewards. We have a responsibility to leave things in better condition that they way we found them! We have a responsibility to our children. They are our dearest, most special family members. They rely on us! They need our love and carenot forced, poisonous shots! I want my own children, my precious grandchildren, and all those whom I love, and all those other members of our larger family of humanity, WE WANT EVERYONE TO BE SAFE AND FREE from any deliberately planned Military, or Corporate, or Governmental harm! Theirs is based on violence, war, and destruction. No more illegal wars! No more invading other countries illegally. We need torestore our beneficial social programs as the highest priority for our country. We do not need (we cannotafford) to have the military budget take 2/3 of fiscal spending to do grave harm around the planet. This picture in which we are living out our daily lives IS ALL WRONG!Freedom is not free. Freedom requires our citizen vigilance and attentiveness. Citizenship requires education.THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2009, WE ARE CALLING FOR A NATIONWIDE GENERAL STRIKE THAT IS PEACEFUL. IT IS IN THE HISTORIC AND PEACEFUL PATH OF MAHATMA GANDHI AND MARTIN LUTHER KING.WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH! WE ARE WITHIN OUR RIGHTS FROM OUR OWN CONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS TO HAVE THESE GRIEVANCES ADDRESSED! ALL THESE ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL OPERATIONS THAT ARE HARMING ALL OF US MUST CEASE IMMEDIATELY!The Internet is a great way to get this news out ASAP! It is far easier than what Paul Revere had to do on horseback. PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY AND PASS IT ON!We can do this! We can come together in Peace and Harmony! Otherwise, there is no future for anyone. We, the people, must restore Truth, Accountability, Liberty, and Justice for All.Disclaimer--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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