Change the World: Every major technology giant from Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Linkedin, Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, etc, have all claimed that their platforms have changed the world. Not only have they changed the world, but they’ve expanded the job market and they’ve made more millionaires and billionaires over the last twenty years than any other time in history. The ‘Technology Revolution’ has been created and blacks need to insert themselves into the conversation for wealth and community building and how to build and grow successful technology companies. 
The Rise of Technology & Innovation Symposium, which is the 3rd Annual Tech Symposium, is a day that will feature 7 speakers, 300+ attendees, and a tech expo showcasing the latest gadgets from emerging youth innovators. Also introducing the 1st Tech & Innovator Awards. For more information, call 312.980.2681 or The Tech Symposium is FREE.
National Black Wall Street Chicago, The "Black Wall Street Reports" Talk Show on are pleased to provide promotional support.
(Mark Allen, Chairman of National Black Wall Street Chicago and host of The Black Wall Street Reports Talk Show, heard weekdays from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST on

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