Hello Family and Associates,

During our past Juneteenth 2014 I held a meeting with a group of Blacks in forum called: 
Juneteenth? Freedom? Where are we Now?

We spoke of many issues plaguing Black people and we were challenge to do something.  Often we in the Black community talk a lot and do nothing, so we stay stuck. 

During our meeting a gentleman read text from another man describing how he did not know anything about Juneteenth until he was fifty years old. Sad to say that there were many people who expressed that same thought.  Black People we have got to do better and Do For Ourselves.

The question:
What are we going to do after we talk?

My answer as a result of a Juneteenth discussion entitled: 
Juneteenth?  Freedom?  Where are we Now?

This is what I (MINISTER GILL) am calling for Black people to do now:
PLEASE READ THIS AND SEND IT OUT on email, Facebook, twitter, text and any other means of communication you have.
I will be sending this out across the nation.

1.  I am asking every one to round up their family (Grand Mother and Father, Father and Mother, Sister and Brother Aunt and Uncle, Cousins) and sit down and talk about our Black History and your personal family history.

2.  Start doing this now and when the 4th of July 2014 comes around make a point to share your Black History.  Whether you plan to celebrate that day or not,  set aside some time to talk about our History such as how Blacks contributed to the building of this nation, and fought for this country.

3.  I am calling for Black Men to stand in prayer vowing a commitment to our MOST HIGH HEAVENLY FATHER and HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.  If you follow his son you are worthy to be "THE HEAD OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD".
  • Contact Minister Gill if you need help in understanding what it takes to be worthy.

4.  Black men recommit yourselves to your wives and family.  Black women recommit yourselves to the worthy HEAD OF YOUR HOUSEHOLD.

5.  LOVE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER with all your heart soul and might-Deuteronomy 6:5.
  • Learn to identify with how he created you.  He didn't make a mistake.
  • Our identity crisis is one of our major stumbling blocks.

6.  We want over 30 million black people praying simultaneously.  Starting June 27th until July 5th 2014 I'm asking that we stop what we're doing and take the time to pray each night at 8pm eastern time.  This prayer can be a short or long prayer.  If possible unite the family at this time and pray together that we:
  • come into obedience
  • that we break the cycle of oppression
  • stop the killing that we do to ourselves and that others are inflicting upon us
  • that we come into salvation
People we cannot do this without our HEAVENLY FATHER!

Next year for Juneteenth make it a family tradition to gather the family and teach about who we are and where we came from.  We are to focus on knowledge and our spirituality.
Blessings in the name of  (YAHSHUA) Son of the MOST HIGH 
Yahshua as it is found in the ancient scriptures)

If you have questions or comments on any of the above please contact Minister Gill at (303)-450-1245 or gillthedrummerman@hotmail.com

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  • DMV

    Ridiculous! Instead of asking 30 million Black men to stand up and pray to white jesus, why not ask 30 million Black men to contribute one dollar towards some form of cooperative economics to help our people. When will we learn? Still praying to the god of our oppresors and still enslaved!!!


  • I declare that anyone who claim to have been or is oppressed and then prays to the oppressors god for deliverance or relief is complicit in their oppression.

    The god(s) that built Egyptian Dynasties, Zimbabwe, Ancient Ghana and other western African Empires, the god of Shaka Zulu and Queen Nzinga, etc., did not abandon their people - their people abandoned them for the god of Israel ,and Abraham and derivatives. 

    Will the god of Israel forsake his chosen people for you who demean yourself as a "WRETCH..." seeking salvation from an "OLD RAGGED CROSS" and TWO BOOKS steep in mythology and narcissism and self-righteousness?

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