Revisit to the Nat Turner Trail August 2010

JULY 21, 2010

SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA - Nat Turner Day is the celebration of the Revolt of Nat Turner and the Black Liberation Army of 1831. It is one of several days, in several cities that will commemorate the effort of Nat Turner and his men and women in Southampton County, Virginia, August 21, 1831.

          Whereas most, including Philadelphia, Maryland, Newark and San Francisco are observing the holiday in their own cities, the one at the land of his birth in Southampton County, Virginia may be the most important. This is because the day, which has actually been observed locally over the past 16 years, will culminate with a morning and afternoon Tour of The Nat Turner Trail (


          The Nat Turner Trail was coined by the Khalifah’s during preparation for the first formal tour in 1990. It is a retrace of the route that Nat Turner, a Chattel Slave whose persona was so dynamic, he caused his fellow captives to overcome their fears of a cruel, demonic Slave master, to rise up and kill him, free fellow slaves, and Expropriate stolen property.

          This was one grand, gallant attempt to free every Black man, woman and child from chattel slavery, second-class citizenship and other forms of oppression. Fortunately for the true telling and recording of Afrikan history, savvy, committed individuals are determined to see that the Story of Nat Turner is preserved.

           “Beginning in the fall of 1990 when my wife and I bought 123 acres of  land that was part of the plantation of  Benjamin Turner, the owner and many think, was the father or Nat Turner.

          “I built a home and moved both my family and my business on to the land. We began immediately to ‘brand’ the phase “the Nat Turner Trail.”

          Using the technology in communications, which was exploding at the time, The Nat Turner Trail has been visited by upwards of 2500 people. The Nat Turner Trail is a visit to the battle sites where he fought with slave owners, while making his way to Jerusalem. After Nat Turner the name Jerusalem was changed to Courtland. Courtland today, as was Jerusalem was the County Seat.

          In Jerusalem Nat Turner intended to arm the Black Liberation Army that he formed with the chattel slaves he’d freed from the defeated slave  owners. Anyone who would like more information about Nat Turner, and some of the other celebrations on August 21, should call (434) 378-2140.

          The celebration at his place of birth will be hosted by Senior Tour Guide H. Khalif Khalifah. It will be in a day long commemoration at Khalifah’s Estate, which among other estates is a “camp ground” suitable for both cookouts and camping.

          The location is 26070 Barhams Hills Road, Drewryville, VA 23844. (434) 378-2140.

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