Hotep.As a GNP/NBLC member, the response I often get while seeking out like-minded conscious African/Black people is that they are aproached by "so many organizations" requesting that they "join this or join that", or "donate this or donate that".Hey, I understand. it happens to all of us! However, since we (the NBLC and GNP respectively) are in a war with our enemies and running out of time, we give eveyone the benefit of the doubt that they will do as follows:1. action-oriented (aka PRACTICAL nationalists, Pan-Africanists, self-determanists, etc.)2. Can read ALL the summary information....NOT skim over the summary information... we give them so they can have a WELL INFORMED SUMMARY of who we are, what we stand for, and what may appeal to them from our organizations (GNP & NBLC).3. can prioritize their involvement with individuals, organizations, and/or task4 has the ability to stay focused & CONSISTENT on what they agree/promiss to commit to.Unforunately, few conscious folk fit category number 1. I hate to say this, but I think the majority may fall into this category, which I also nick-named "academic nationalism only". Those who do fit number 1 (action-oriented), but are bombared with the many individuals and organizations hitting them often fail to understand concepts 2-4. Especially concepts 2 and 4! We African/Black folk have had our hopes up and down for so long, that when approached by members of the African/Black family who say they are making a difference....they are automatically placed in the "run-of-the-mill" category, while we make INACURATE assumptions about some organizations/individuals who ARE beneficial to our/your cause!While this is undserstandable, given our history, we can no longer use this as an excuse. Especially when we consider that this discourages us from partaking in ANY worth-while group action. For example, I have often seen arguments errupt amongst conscious people who actually AGREED on the same thing...all because they did not COMPLETELY read each others posts and/or LISTEN COMPLETELY to what the other said!This fault-finding mentality has KILLED a lot of good group efforts (both mentally and physically). this mentality is often manifest in searching for the thing that "I don't like" about someones wording and/or opinion, instead of getting the ENTIRE words and/or opinions. As a result, solutions to problems are often overlooked and drowned out in a sea of confusion, pointless debates, and speaking for the sake of speaking. Again, the result is confusion and a lack of critical mass for group efforts.As for those who don't understand concept number 4, I know we all have to multi-task. After all, it's so few action-oriented sisters and brothers out their, that we often over-work and over-extend ourselves. However, some of these burndens we place upon our selves. the result is that we are TOO BUSY to be CONSISTENT in group efforts. And since our enemy uses a SYSTEM...which is created and maintain by GROUPS of anti-African/Black racists, we can not hope to defeat such a giant by our indidviual efforts.So in conclusion, only you can determine if the GNP & NBLC are good fits for you. Only you know what responsibilities rest on your plate. However, we urge all to take heed to the 4 categories above, so that the enemy can not easily destroy us with his warfare.The NBLC Quarterly Leadership Meeting will take place in Detroit at the Black-owned Hotel St. Regis on Saturday, July 26, 2008 starting promptly at 9:00 AM. AFTER the PRIVATE, members-only buisness meeting, a "public" meeting of the same type will take place for those interested in supporting our cause collectively! For moreinformation, contact the following people:Anthony Kojo DardenMobile Office:(313) 850-3793Hotel St. RegisSales & Marketing313-481-8407mperkins@hotelstregisdetroit.comRespectfully,Samuel Burnham Chair: NBLC Science & Technology Task force; Member: Ghana Nkwanta Projectwww.bringbackblack.org

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