From house parties to voter registration drives and more, grassroots support offline and online has brought Barack Obama within reach of the presidency. But there is still much work to be done to get as many people as possible involved and registered to vote.There are ways that anyone can support and promote Barack Obama for president from the grassroots level and keep the momentum going. One way for example is by wearing or visibly displaying (such as on the dashboard of your car) a hat or cap that promotes Obama for president. Even simply adding relevant Barack Obama buttons to hats or caps you already own can start conversations that result in getting more people registered to vote.Barack Obama is already making history and can bring about real change in Washington. So hats off to Obama! "Yes we can" elect Obama for president in '08!

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  • DMV
    I know, because I am one of those supporters and fundraisers. I am throwing a block party Aug 30, 2008 Washington DC, Malcolm X Park 16th Street NW, from 11am til Dusk
    Please bring friends and family
    Contacts: Aisha Muhammad (202)463-8010 or (301)395-5318this number after 9pm
    or Sheryl Mills (1-301)535-8284
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