The Devil's ID

Mugabe by far is Africa's only existing leader with muscle to stand up against evil. Even though he does not fully comprehend his purpose or the magnitude of what need to be done, he is doing his part. The lack of understanding in the work is the same as everyone else before him (Marti Luther King, Malcolm X, 2 pac, Id Amin, Samora and even Mandela. You read the bible about the fate of God's children but if you afford to scrutinize it, it is very clear about the devil and evil itself in relation to what goes on on earth. 1. The thief comes in the night to plunder and destroy and kill. 2. the devil is a liar from the beginning. 3. the wolves come dressed in sheepskin(disguise) 4. you shall see them by the fruits they bear..All the statements above are overhshadwoed with the lie that the devil is invisible when we actually deal with him in physical.Our people (Africans) are perishing because of lack of knowledge in this area and many more. Lucifer is GOD because he created his own species called mankind (sheepskin dressing folks or white people) . Our creator created Blackman as Humanbeings in his likeness. Lucifer did the same and all white people are deceivers just like their father lucifer. They come not to bring peace, but to divide, plunder, destroy the earth, steal and create weapons of intimidation and lie some more about everything. They remove the laws of our creator that are just and impose their evil laws that serve no human purpose.Basically, what I'm saying is that, the children of the creator (black people) deal with a physical children of evil on daily basis. The only weakness is that we are very welcoming and polite to the demons while the demons destroy everything thats good. They blind us with their creation (bling bling). The worst proganda being the bible written and changed to their will and then threaten anyone who alters it as if God wrote the book. James, so called King of England is one of the conspirators to the bible along with many of them before him. Remember they are the same people who crucified Jesus. The same people who enslaved you. The same people under whose laws you suffer. The same people who have discredited our Creators work. They change seeds and mix animals breeding and virtually digging the earth, smog, war, nuclear weapons, and the list of destruction methods is endless, in addition to creating HIV/AIDS and other diseases. Black people wake up.Let a leader like Mugabe arise for Africa. If Mugabe behaved like Amini and all the leaders of Africa gained some conscious and repelled every demon out of Africa, the children of the Great Creator will begin to see salvation come quickly. No. This is not a hate article. Its not personal. Just truth and anyone with ears open will begin to see the devil revealed as times come to a conclusion. He was sent out of heaven because of disobedience. Woe to earthling (black people) because the devil lives next door.

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  • DMV
    Inshallah at the expense of feeding his people!
    However, he has no allies.......none! This is a brotha who set the example of what all the Afrikan leaders could have done in the early 80's...................He is a victim of his own success. There wont be a long reign though.
    He is not supported by enough army not and he will be betrayed by the same leaders..................
    I am hoping not and that they will help them to feed themselves!

    ma sha ALLAH
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