The Politics of Half Truth

The Politics of Half Truth:How Smoke Screens Are Used To Gain Unfair AdvantageAs you all know, I've recently embarked upon my public article writing career via the usage of blogs. With such a vast array of interests and the gift of comprehension there are many topics and subject matters that I've done quite a bit of research and study into, along with applying practical experience, in order to gain knowledge of. Writing provides a way for me to step out of my 'private' world [which is ever so entertaining] and share useful information with others.A member of an online business self-help community that I recently joined suggested that I become a member of a writers forum by the name of Qassia. I am eternally indebted to her for I've found that Qassia not only provides a platform that encourages sensible and useful 'intelligence' sharing, there also is a compensation revenue sharing program in effect. I consider that a win/win for all involved.I posted my first 'formally formatted' article to Qassia on June the 24th or maybe the 25th since I do recall working late into the wee hours of the morning that particular day. Having worked in the legal field for 29 years in various capacities, I've developed the habit of reading the 'fine print,' 'terms of service,' 'user guidelines,' etc. in practically all matters that require my legal name and other personal identifying information. Too, I know all too well, it is easier to follow the rules of any organization, company, or whatever social relationship one chooses to become a part of than to join something or become employed by an entity whose outlook or path is in opposition to your own. That being said, I dutifully posted my article as an original work [which it was] and proceeded to my many other posting genres to add the same article. From all that I'm learning about 'blogging' and/or writing online, the more exposure of your work, the better your work becomes known thus allowing for greater exposure, ad infinitum.An email was sent to me notifying that someone had posted a comment on my article. I was so excited that I immediately logged into Qassia to read it. The comment stated that I had copied my article word for word from another blog and it even provided a link thereto. Well, I'm an unsuspecting person so I politely thanked the person for even bothering to read the post in the first place, explaining that I did, indeed, draft the article and present it in accordance to the rules, etc. However, after I replied to the poster's comment I began wondering who the person was and why they would accuse me of lying as opposed to posing the comment as a question such as, 'Are you the owner of (blah blah) post? I see that it has the same article as posted here verbatim!” Further, I also realized that the poster alleged that my article had been posted outside of Qassia on a date 7 days earlier than the date it was posted there.That got me to really thinking about the motives of this person so I clicked on their profile to get a view of who they were. After viewing the profile I read one of their articles on the topic of plagiarism and for whatever reason that article opened a flood gate of images as to what motivates people to accuse rather than ask, blame rather than investigate.Self AggrandizementWell known radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, garnered himself a reputation as an ultra-conservative, patriotic and trustworthy journalist and commentator. Millions of people trusted [and still do] his observations and opinions and held him in the highest esteem. Many of the persons that Limbaugh derided publicly suffered undue scrutiny, humiliation, loss of credibility and the list goes on. However with all his self righteous, inflammatory posturing, Rush Limbaugh proved to be no healthier than theso called 'common' drug addict. Although Limbaugh's addiction was dressed up as 'an addiction to prescription' drugs, most addictive drugs with the noted exceptions of marijuana, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine which are by far the most prevalent in this society, are prescription drugs and/or over the counter drugs gone 'street.' Plainly Rush Limbaugh's flair for pointing out the flaws in others was a need to mask his own.Suppression of Creativity and Alternate ViewsDuring the 1940s the House Un-American Activities Committee [HUAC] launched career destroying investigations into the political affiliations of Hollywood professionals. More than 300 artists, with the 'Hollywood Ten' being the most widely publicized, had their working lives ruined for alleged participation in un-American and/or communist activities. It is held that less than 10% of them ever regained their livelihoods in the film making industry. Further, the major studios capitulated to the HUAC and began making anti-communist films, one of which 'I was a communist for the FBI' actually won an Academy Award for best documentary in 1951! Here we are 57 years later and the cultural climate spawned by the entertainment industry borders on outright decadence. How much richer and more robust would our society be morally had the HUAC not been allowed to derail the creativity and voice of the Hollywood professionals of that day? It goes without saying that once the HUAC was allowed to exist and exert its powers in the blatant way that it did, that industry along with the majority of the American public was never secure in their freedom of speech as had been.Elimination of CompetitionDuring our current heated time of upcoming presidential elections Barack Obama's campaign has been paralleled to that of 1956 democratic candidate Adelai Stevenson. I remember reading about Stevenson in my high school political science class and hearing the teacher espouse, “He was too intelligent! Adlai Stevenson lost the election because he was a thinker and too much of a libertarian.” Now, for me at the age of 15, that was a perplexing statement. How could anyone that was intelligent and interested in the common good for all citizens be 'wrong?' Yet, I've since come to learn, in my cursory study of politics, that painting character pictures of ambivalence, mediocrity or general passiveness can be as equally devastating as downright character assassination! While Adelai Stevenson did wholeheartedly proclaim and stand firmly upon his platform of civility and service to all citizens equally, his honesty was apparently equal to his inability to engage in the political usage of 'half truth' and or 'fakery' in order to win the popular vote. As history has shown, his political opponents were extremely successful in portraying him as a 'loser,' which after all, in his race for president, he was.While the seriousness of the posted comment to my article can by no means compare to the aforementioned national travesties against honest, truthful and intelligent persons, it does speak to the heinousness of spirit that is exemplified in such tactics. And while I have the fortitude, temerity and downright integrity to see beyond the simple wording of the comment, many others may not. Therein, lies The Power of The Politics of Half Truth: the usage of Smoke Screens inherently has the ability to surreptitiously undermine, erode and de-rail the works of others while masquerading as an objective and passionate desire to expose the whole truth.YE is Here!S.U.R.-B.E.T. EnterprisesMoney 'Da' Easy WayYE is an author; electronics, computer & gadget geek; certified holistic health consultant; grandmother and devoted traveler that currently resides in Georgia. She can be contacted for interviews, consultations and general comments at either of her websites.©2008 S.U.R.-B.E.T. Publishing

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