What's Obama to you?

Obama has captured the hearts of Africans around the world. He has inspired a new generation of young Africans at home and abroad. So what's Obama to you? The article below is excerpted from AYF-News - African Youth Foundation, a newsleeter for Africans in Germany (ayf-news@ayf.kabissa.org) 'Barack Obama has made history as the first serious contender of African origin for the American presidency. And like no election season before it, this one is capturing the attention of the global community because of the candidacy of the African-American. Our New York-based contributing editor, Gyavira Lasana, narrates the Barack Obama Tale, of how a man of African heritage is taking the world by storm. Lasana, who is an American himself, explains the global fascination with the Black politician and how he has been able to run a "raceless" campaign. And our new editorial board member, Minika Harrison, writes on what Obama's candidacy means for the African Diaspora and the mother continent. The exclusive reports are in the April/May issue of /The African Courier/ *-*available now in train stations, airports, Inter Press Shops and African shops in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, ' Please complete the survey:How will you support Sen. Barak Obama's Campaign =//=

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    HE IS A MAN!
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    Obama, change, reparations, will make America better
    By Minister Ari S. Merretazon, M.S.CED, Board Member, Northeast Representative, National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’COBRA)

    If you missed it last year, word on the street has it that when U.S. Senator Barack Obama is elected as President of the United States a reparations accord for Blacks in America will be reached under collaborative efforts including, amongst others, U.S. Congressman John Conyers and the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America (N’CORBA). Here is why I believe this.

    With direct action campaigns, education campaigns, financial divestment campaigns, town hall meetings and congressional hearings, resulting in public interest conversion, chattel enslavement will be acknowledged publicly as crimes against humanity, in another word, a holocaust. I use the word holocaust as Dr. Mualana Karenga, the founder of Kwanzaa, defines it: “a morally monstrous act of genocide that is not only against the people themselves, but also a crime against humanity.” The holocaust of enslavement expresses itself in three basic ways: “the morally monstrous destruction of human life, human culture and human possibility.”

    The election of Barack Obama will increase the likelihood of HR 40, the Congressional study to determine the impact of fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery on Blacks in America, will be passed. This will form the basis of a reparations accord for Blacks in America. When HR40 is passed and sent to the President’s office, President Obama will sign it.

    If the reader says, “no way, this will never happen, and that the “enslavement process of Blacks was so long, long ago,” and therefore, “Blacks should get over it, deal with it, and move on,” you should consider the math which Ezrah Aharone presents in his book Pawned Sovereignty. He uses America’s official version of history that enslavement of Africans in America began in 1619 and was abolished in 1865.

    “Blacks spent 246 years in captivity. Since it is now 2008, blacks have been so-called “free” for only 143 years.” This means that 100 years of so-called “freedom” (1865-1965) were spent self-repairing the damage wrought by chattel enslavement. Even today, Blacks as a group,
    are still economically impacted by the vestiges of chattel slavery and are still seeking recognition as equal humans.

    So, of the 389 years in America, Blacks have been out of enslavement and segregation for only 43 years! An educated society will understand that during the 100 years from the Emancipation Proclamation to the Civil Rights Act of 1965, crimes against humanity were covered-up and generations mis-educated. This cover up was known as the “code of silence” or “no talk rule” put in effect by James DeWolf, Bristol, Rhode Island, the largest slave trader in US history.

    For these reasons and more, the issue is no longer should reparations be paid to Blacks, but what should be the elements of the reparations accord. This will be the “take away” for those attending the 2008 Annual Conference of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America June 27-29, in Miami, Florida, Florida International University. Obama, change, and the reparations movement is about making America better. Yes we can!
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    What is he to me ?
    One of the best examples of a brotha that I know! I am very proud of him! I dont agree with him completely on his middle of the road attitude regarding white supremacy but I understand his point....after all his mamma is a white woman...........but he is a measuring stick for most brothas! I am very very disappointed in the so-called black supposed grown men! I am a Washintonian and the grown supposed good black men are not doing what they could to contribute and be visable in the "so-called hood"! Washington DC averages at the least 3 shootings a night! This should not be tolerated by good men! Where are they???? Most of the young men I meet in daily life and in my family and community have no "MAN SKILLS TRAINING"! They have been raised by women for the last 40 years! And I dont want anymore excuses! Because black women have to pick up the pieces... our job will not tolerate excuses! So Barack Obama is something for most brothers to measure up to!
    Sister Aisha
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  • We were discussing among things with our family-extended-community-nation who are not into the electromagnetic thing (as we are a magnetic people in the spiritual metaphysical sense)... and began to consider this issue and shared perspectives and what it truly means.

    We like to consider that various groupings within our Afrikhan community/nation/society and their political leanings as to what Obama means not in terms of what one thinks.. but the effect that the forces that guide American policy are affected by a non-white/half-white President at the visual helm.

    What does a Black United States President means to the Aryan Nation Militia?
    What does a Black United States President means for the psyche of White people, who have been taught that Blacks are inferior?
    What does a Black United States President means to the psyche of Black children who would have the symbol of YES WE CAN because Barack is like me?
    What does a Black United States President means to the New Black Panther Party?
    What does a Black United States President means to Sigma Pi Phi/ The Boulé?
    What does a Black United States President means to Oprah Winfrey?
    What does a Black United States President means to the political friends and supporters of Hillary Clinton?
    What does a Black United States President means to those he owes his rise to power?
    How does this Black United States President hopeful's relationship with Zgniew Brzyznski, the architect and creator of the Taliban and al Qaeda to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan affect his policy toward America's push toward control of world's resources and supremacy over all others?

    What does a Black United States President means to the pimps and prostitutes, and mafia underground that is the untold economic engine within most cities within America?

    What does a Black United States President means to those who will use it as a way to suggest that racism is dead and no longer matters?

    What does a Black United States President means to the Reparations Movement and those who oppose it?

    What does a Black United States President means to the revolutions of the Black, Brown, and Red who see the United States as an illegal enterprise and seek justice?

    Now to think on this.. it took us the whole night and we were still framing the discussion.

    The point is that our actions should consider the various groups who support and oppose the current conditions as well as the furthering of our agendas regardless of what Obama comes or not.
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      He is everything short of my immediate family and Allah most high! He represents whats good in black men, what brave in brothers, whats fine in a black man.....................his spirit! His soulja! He is a little watered down for my taste....................but beautiful! Strong, confident and caring! Not afraid to be flawed! I am sorry he doesnt have more Neely Fuller, John Henry Clarke and Malcolm X in him ...............but then he would not be able in the time and in the country to run for president! He represents courage to me! The ability to face serious danger and not be moved! Its dangerous for a black man a brotha to run for president of these United Snakes of Amerikkka! He aint perfect ..............but he the best we have! And I say that with love because yes there is food for critique! But you do it! He has the balls to try! The conviction to try! The courage to try! He is beautiful! My prayers are with him! My love of black men that is rooted to my core is with him! He is positive! And that is a good thing! Support him and pray for him!
  • We do not encourage hero worship. Barack Obama to many is the projected hope of African-Americans masses projecting the pinnacle of achievement in the United States. To Whites, it's the closing of a chapter of Race. To racist, it's all what is wrong with America (meaning when a Black person is in charge). To those who overstand the political realities of the United States, it is the realization that the rest of the world has targeted America and it's colonial and exploitive foreign military complex and financial parasitic drain of the non-white world that the elite have called out of the bullpin someone who kinda looks like the majority of the people in the world.. to pull a damned Buffalo soldier on original peoples that can buy some time.

    Cuba, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Haiti, Vanuatu, Afghanistan, Palestine.... those places white supremacy will never be able to re-control ever ever again. Like James Baldwin said, "Africa is lost to the west... There's no amount of guns.. there aren't enough of jails... there's not enough of you! (white people)"

    There's not enough of Barack Hussein Obama to fix what the elite need for him to fix.
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    Obama represents hope to me! Its the first time in my lifetime that I actually believe a black man can become the man in charge! It would mean so much to my grandsons development! Also, its a positive boon to all brothers! It will hopefully motive black men! Actually thats my prayer! That brothers step up their game in the communities as well as the world! That maybe their subconscious will grow in strength and they become the men that sisters need and expect!!!!
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