Htp! Greetings!I'm investigating ways to generate passive income via websites, blogs and emails: the premise is whenever anyone clicks on the link in your website, blog or email the 'company' logs that click as a visitor from your site AND if any type of purchase is made [in some cases even if there aren't any purchases made] commissions are credited to the owner's [you or me] account.So I need the assistance and help of everyone here AND everyone that you know: if each of you will click on the link provided and also forward the link to your email list, I'll be able to measure how effective 'click' income generating is: if it works then we can incorporate adding affiliate programs, ad banners and the like to FREE websites that we set up just for that purpose. . . . .The link to the main 'money' site is below, then click on the Income page and click the 'commission' links provided. I'm 'counting' on the family to assist with this endeavor so that we can easily shift into high gear if it proves to be a simple way to generate income!Looking 4ward 2 Building Our FinancesYaniba aka S.U.R.-B.E.T.Money 'Da' Easy Way!

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  • NYMetro
    Em Htp! Greetings!

    Just checking in with an update:

    I've made more than $40.00 just by placing ad links on my websites IN JUST SIX WEEKS! Without paying for clicks, or other traffic generating methods, I'm managing to both increase traffic to my sights AND generate passive income by 'monetizing' and consistently publishing articles to my blogs!

    You can read the press release regarding my latest offering in the comments section on my page here on The BlackList Pub!

    Looking 4ward 2 Building Sound Financial Economies With You,
  • NYMetro
    Htp! Greetings!

    Well fam, I'm still at it looking 4 ways 2 finance the Revolution without 'being in the field from can't see in da mornin 2 can't see at nite!'

    IF you follow the link below, you'll be taken to my latest offering of, yes you got it, inspirational 'words' with a business tinge. . . .

    Go ahead and 'hook a sista up' -- the more clicks to the website AND clicks to the links presented there will generate passive income for us all [y'all know I share without reserve!]

    Besides you might find some business tips of value. . . .

    Looking 4ward 2 Financing Our Exodus with you,
    Yaniba aka S.U.R.-B.E.T.!

    Money 'Da' Easy Way Journal/Blog

    AND if you have anything you want to sell or purchase you can list it on the Money 'Da' Easy Way Classified Ads page!
  • NYMetro

    If this latest online passive income method proves to be something we can easily support each other financially [by clicking on each other's websites once a week, month, etc.] I plan to make myself available to assist anyone with building a free 2 page website in which to place program and ad links on. No charge to the fam!

    Let's Get Paid!

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