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    Paper on Ras McPherson lecture on African Unity.2-7-08
    By Ras Jon

    Ras McPherson gave a lecture on Blog Talk Radio this month on African Unity and the works that need to be done to achieve this goal. The first half of this discussion Bro McPherson mentions about Libyan Leader Mummar Qaddafi wanted the local Arab countries become members of the OAU. And these countries refuse and didn’t want to become a part of the OAU, and about how many of these Arab countries know are starting to dictate the bylaws of the OAU, and the OAU was created by Africans for Africans. In addition, he mentions how Arabs were the first to invade and enslave African people and ruined many of the ancient wonders of the African world i.e. Egypt. In addition, Africans should not let their causes and movement be dictated by Arabs who are on the continent and in the OAU by the enslaver. Also in the discussion Bro McPherson
    Mention about Africans in the Diaspora and the many Pan-Africanist organizations like the U.N.I.A, which was founded by Marcus Mosiah Garvey. Who taught ones about the rich and ancient history of Africa and the many empires, like kemet and Ethiopia and said up you mighty race you can accomplish whatever you want. In addition, said that Africans must do for self and return to they’re motherland. However, Garvey was the example for Africans all around the world to do for self and help to achieve their goals. Also in the discussion, it was mention how Africans in the Diaspora should start doing business with ones on the continent to achieve all the things garvey has said about Africa for the Africans. In addition, he said many groups in the Diaspora like the U.N.I.A and Rastafarian have inspired ones to look to Africa as their shining star and try to do the works, that well lead ones to return to Africa . and also ones who do wish to return must first learn a trade or skill to help uplift the continent with works. In addition, in the lecture McPherson said and talked about the land he’s majesty set aside for Africans in the Diaspora for Africans in the west for them to return. after the support Africans gave to Ethiopia during the war with Italy in 1936. And that ones who return or want to reside in Ethiopia can do so and bring their skills in agricultural or in carpenter work to help build shashamane and make it the city that he’s majesty said we can do. Also in the discussion McPherson mention about how ones in the Diaspora must return to Africa with something to offer and be ready to do the works, and also midway or toward the end of the lecture McPherson, mentions about Pan-Africanist or Ethiopianism movements that were before the Garvey movement. That taught about Ethiopia and showed ones to look at Ethiopia as there shining star and must return there, and that many of these movements in America and the Caribbean toward the end of the 19 century and earlier 20 century, and many scholars like Edward blyden taught about Ethiopia and it’s connections to Africans in the west. In addition, all this teachings along with the Garvey Movement that started in the 20’s and later the Rastafarian Movement which started in Jamaica in the 1930’s. and showed ones about the truth of Ethiopia and it’s Greatest king
    Emperor Haile Selassie who encourages all Africans in the Diaspora to return to their roots and their homeland. So the lecture giving by Ras McPherson encourages all Africans to do for self return to Africa and help build it to it’s full potential and also follow the example of Garvey and Selassie, and Africans be in charged of their destiny.
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