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Hetepu!,Mikyia wo!,The S.U.R.-B.E.T. family at www.sur-bet.org would like to invite you to come and join us at the S.U.R.-B.E.T. Melanin Goddezz Revolutionary Singles social network at www.melaningoddezz.ning.com.Revolutionary Singles has been created to assist single heterosexual Afreekans who are Un-apologetically Committed to Nation-Building to have a Global meeting place that we can call our OWN, where we can communicate freely about Healing Our Relation-Ships, Nurturing Ourselves and Re-Store-ing Our Sacred Family Structure that was sustained and maintained by our honourable nananom (ancestors).we want Afreekans to have a place where we will be able to form meaningful Relation-ships with Our family members who are Serious-2-da-bone about the Re-Vive-All and Re-Construction of Our Ancestral Order=MAAT, and as we are all walking this path we hope that this avenue can bring together Afreekans who may not have the opportunity to meet otherwise. in order to form Strong Communities we must 1st form Strong SOLID-AS-A-ROCK Families, and the problems we are facing will take care of itself.We know that there are Many Gifted Children of the Sun among US who are alone and need support and encouragement, but where is the Family? in these crucial times we must CREATE an avenue whereby we will be able to support, uplift and love one another as the Only Family we have is EACH OTHER, we also need to start actively addressing the Gender war that we have inherited from yurugu/obruni/muzungu (and arabs), and de-construct the effective method they have used to KEEP US DIVIDED.this is the purpose of the creation of S.U.R.-B.E.T. Melanin Goddezz Revolutionary Singles.Unfortunately there are many wolves in sheeps clothing among us who disguise themselves as Gifted Ones, and this has caused much confusion, anger and distrust among us.therefore we will be accepting new members by invitation Only.the Administrators of Revolutionary Singles will be sending personal invitations to their fellow comrades/associates and friends and this is how we will begin the UNITY of the family, because Honesty and Truth is the first priority of the formation of Any family. those Revolutionary Singles who receive this email and who are interested in joining us can request a personal invitation by sending the Administrators (Mut Kentake and Mama Yaniba) a simple biography of themselves, their community involvement and two references in the Afreekan community who can make a statement about their relationship status and their commitment to Nation-Building.the contact for the references can be an email address but we would also appreciate a phone number as well. we are calling on the Global Afreekan family to come together and Heal Ancestral Wounds, to come together to remind Ourselves of Our Divinity, to come together to Re-Build Our Families. however, we must begin to be More assertive and disciplined when it comes to Nation-Building because this is an extremely serious JOB and we must come to FULLY over-stand this Serious-ness.To send your bio/references please contact Mut Kentake (aka Melanin Goddezz) at sisterkentake@sur-bet.org or Mama Yaniba at RevolutionarySingles@SUR-BET.org, if you have been referred by an existing member of Revolutionary Singles then please email either one of us with the name of the member and we will contact them.we also greatly encourage existing dating/engaged or married Afreekan couples to contribute your "Our Love Story" Biographies and Our "Love Story photos", tell us about your wedding day, how you met, how you stayed together and HOW WE CAN STAY TOGETHER. if you wish to contribute photos or biographies contact Mama Yaniba at RevolutionarySingles@SUR-BET.org.Tua-u/Meda ase/Mo dupe/Asante sana/Thank you for Walking in the Light of the Nananom (ancestors).we look 4ward to Building with all of you Revolutionary Singles. Yebehyia bio!Odabo,Mut Kentake (akaMelanin Goddezz)sisterkentake@sur-bet.orgMama Yaniba (aka AzaniaSpeaks)RevolutionarySingles@SUR-BET.org

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  • NYMetro
    A Tribute to Mut Kentake and S.U.R.-B.E.T. Melanin Goddezz Revolutionary Singles Community

    Revolutionary Love

    They scoff at the high rate of 'female headed households'
    malign the status of 'unwed mother'
    while all the while pretending that conception is a unitary act
    that does not involve 'males' or 'fathers'. . . . .
    are all the males fathering the infants wed to 'others'
    why aren't they branded as 'unwed fathers?'
    James taught me that a Man does not sow his seed in a field he doesn't want to plow. . . .
    I was 18, though I never heard it before, that attitude became my 'manhood' measure
    many men lie and simply want to play in the field. . . .
    Their Manseed meaning less than nothing – its a Black thang and you wouldn't understand. . .

    It's a not a 'choice' but an 'act of fate' to fall in love, so many 'brothas' say
    as they 'fall' for females of other ethnic lineage
    unable to see beauty in the face of the face that reflects the face of the mothers that
    kept us alive as a people thru chattel enslavement, those mothers that didn't birth us
    were they 'unwed'? though they nurtured and cared for those whose birth
    mothers had been sold away or worked 2 death or even outright killed for sport
    Can I get a witness Frederick Douglas? [Linda calls him Freddie D for short]

    And now introducing the final and most righteous REASON to avoid marrying a
    Black Womban: They too damned bossy! They ain't 'feminine' enough! They don't
    know how to 'treat' a man! They taking our jobs from us cause they the White Man's favorite
    As if we didn't come here with jobs waiting on us
    jobs we worked at the same time, at the same pace, from can't see in the morning to
    can't see at night; jobs that didn't care if it chapped our hands or warped our spines
    jobs that made us look like 'work horses' instead of Goddezzez and Queens
    Ain't that Right Mama Aramenta [some of y'all still calling her Harriet. . .]
    Oh, my bad, that was more than one reason wasn't it. . . Or maybe all 4 of those statements is
    just one combined way of saying
    She Black, she need to get Back!

    The Division runs deep.

    Cause he ain't got no Real job, I can't be bothered with a man that I make mo money than
    My house is in betta shape than his house AND I ain't got no man around to fix mine up
    course he shoulda stayed his ass in school and got a good education
    so that he could have been Montel Williams or Bill Cosby or Colon Powell [well he IS full of sh*t]
    as if the Brothas cruised to ameriKKKa at their own behest.
    Ready to build corporations, communities, financial institutions, you know, act white. . . .

    Course the REAL reason a Sistah don't want a Black man is he can't talk proper or read very
    well and taking him to elite social functions where he might get noticed would be too
    embarrassing since he IS darker than a brown bag and he don't exactly
    have good hair, can't even take him home to Mama cause he's too dark and he stammers a bit
    Tell it like it is Robin Givens! [Though at least you MARRIED him before you tried 2 rob him]

    On the other hand ALL the good men are taken, or in jail or gay or crazy or with white women
    A Sistah just can't connect with a GOOD man these days cause they all taken or gone or something
    where did all the Stand Up and Be A Man Black Men Go ANYWAY?????
    The ones that were like my Grandfather that raised 10 children and stayed married to the same woman
    though he did have an outside woman, that's what folks did back in them days. . .
    what I wouldn't give to have a man like Granddaddy or Uncle Mitchell or Ossie Davis. . . . .

    A Man like Nat Turner
    A Womban like Bettye Shabazz
    There speaking truth, living truth, walking truth
    Thru the thick of it, the pain of it, the struggle of it, The Fight of It

    A Man like John Henrik Clarke
    A Womban like Myrlie Evers-Williams
    Researching, Studying, Learning, Teaching, Sharing
    Reclaiming our Hue-Manity and Demanding the Respect we Deserve

    At ALL Costs

    Revolutionary Singles: Members wanted: Revolutionary enough to be honest, hum
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