Greetings Family,(Contact Information At Bottom Of Page)It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer" again (smile)The link to this video came from Luv4Self Network (http://www.luv4self.ning.com). It seems with the latest rash of police shooting that truly, law enforcement has a fear of Black men.In this age of the Obama nation, you would think (with all things being equal) that the media would be falling over themselves to report on white folk (or any other race for that matter) being shot over 50 times, "accidentally" by police.Michael Moore has made another controversial video on Black men being shot down by the police (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeOaTpYl8mE). In his metaphorically way, Mr. Moore has come up with some unique solutions....a wallet trade in program, a key prevention program, urban camouflage, and much more.***************(Advertisement)*********************Need some great ideas for corporate or personal gift-giving?Then go to City Lights Software(http://www.citylightssoftware.com )and see some of the most unique afrocentric gifts available online!We Deliver ONLINE - Direct To Your Desktop for just $14.95Please take the time to purchase one our afrocentric screen savers TODAY!Don't Just Talk the Talk...Let Your Dollars Walk the WalkIf you have any problems with purchasing online contact me direct at sales@citylightssoftware.com or call (213) 944-4176******************************************************This video will have you laughing out loud. It's a shame that the brother in LA who was killed this weekend on Mothers Day for nothing more then driving his car, never had a chance to practice any of Michael Moore's solutions.In case you haven't heard. Police in a suburb of Los Angeles, believing they were being fired upon (that's their story and their sticking to it) shot and killed, an unarmed 19 year old Black man in an approaching car and wounded the driver (see http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/california/la-me-shooting12-2008may12,0,5373002.story)We've all heard of Driving While Black, but now it seems that being male and Black can be a justifiable excuse for the police to unload their weapon on a you. Obama should have more fear of the NYPD then the KKK, according to George Cook of Let's Talk Honestly (see http://www.glciii.wordpress.com) Some 145,098 people were stopped by the NYPD in the first quarter of this year....a majority of them were Black.Most recently, two of NY’s finest (who happen to be white) walked up to a SUV and asked the black man inside to get out an ID himself. After the Black man (an NYPD police chief) identified himself, the two the geniuses decided it would be a great idea to argue with him....lucky for the brother, they didn't shoot first and ask questions later.I can go on and on...the question becomes why is there such a fear in this country of Black men???***************(Advertisement)*********************Looking For More Exposure, Want To Help A Good Cause, Need Money???Come on over to www.freshfaces2u.com and register to win $10,000 dollars CASH!At Fresh Faces2u it's NOT about how you look...But Who You Are!Join us in our mission to change the image of women in the mediaSign Up Today At Fresh Faces2u.com**********************************This Online Journal was brought to you by InterServe Networks. Feel Free To Forward To Your Network Of Online FriendsWe Practice Responsible E-Commerce Marketing and Privacy Policies. We do not indulge in or encourage Spamming. We never send unsolicited emails. You are receiving this message as part of our opt-in subscriber mailing list or you are a member of an affiliated newsgroup.For comments or suggestions please contact us at the following;Jim Neusom (jneusom@yahoo.com)Executive Director/PublisherInterServe Networks/City Lights Software, Inc.www.citylightssoftware.comwww.freshfaces2u.comwww.myspace.com/jimneusomwww.myspace.com/freshfaces2uTo subscribe to our opt-in mailing list simply send an email to; The_City_Lights_Reporter-subscribe@yahoogroups.com ( on Myspace go to http://blog.myspace.com/jimneusom )

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  • NYMetro
    Once upon a time there were Sovereign People in a land known as The House of The Spirit of God/Goddess. These people were the very first people ever to walk upon the face of The Earth. As their very spirits and bodies were intimately infused with The Spirit of God/Goddess these people were very powerful, balanced, loving and abundantly gifted with all the talents of life.

    As time went on the Sovereign People began to wander thruout the lands of The House of The Spirit of God/Goddess [for the entire sphere (aka World) itself IS The House of The Spirit of God/Goddess] and over 100s of 1000s of years their outward appearance began to change depending upon the geography where they implanted themselves. Many of the Original Sovereign People began to 'fade.' Still the people were very powerful, balanced, loving and abundantly gifted with all the talents of life. . . .

    The Universe [which is The Reflection of The Spirit of God/Goddess] in all it's lively potential shifted energies from time to time which affected the Sovereign People and the 'faded' Sovereign People. There were 'cosmic' changes [Universal seasonal patterns] that caused the more faded ones to lose some of their balance, loving and abundantly gifted talents. However, for the most part, they remained quite hue-Womb/Man in most of their dealings. . . .

    Then the very World in which everyone lived flipped on her axis! Such chaos hadn't been witnessed by so many before! And in the ensuing change that the World underwent a small group of 'faded' ones became trapped in an area devoid of sunlight, vegetation and connection with the rest of the Sovereign People.

    As time would have it, eventually the 'trapped faded' ones thawed out and began searching for warmth, food and other beings. . . . What they found infuriated them: no other people were as Spiritually, Physically, Mentally or Emotionally bankrupt as they! They didn't even have the levels of skin coloring that the other 'faded' Sovereign People had and this became the source of their greatest embarrassment. . . .

    The newly 'released' faded ones began waging wars of untold vehemence and debauchery upon the rest of the Sovereign People of The House of The Spirit of God/Goddess. They were VERY Good at killing and therefor murder, madness and mayhem became THEIR greatest talent! In a very short time they managed to mix their blood with that of other 'faded' peoples and caused a whole new breed of beings to come into being that never existed before.

    Now thru all of this warring and madness and ugliness the Original Sovereign People sincerely believed that Time would take care of everything and this insanity would certainly pass. They were ill prepared for the Invasions and Destruction of their lands, people and culture. They were even less prepared for the de-population of their Original Homeland by the 'demented' faded ones and so were incapable of stopping any of the killing, murder, madness and mayhem that began being served upon them routinely -- both in their Original Homeland and every where else they found themselves.

    Eventually the Original Sovereign People became proficient on the internet and found great security in saying things like 'this great 'demented' faded one is less 'demented' than the others and has given us a way to keep the more 'demented' faded ones from killing us! You MUST take note of his information and protect yourself by his methods!"

    A very wise Womban Original Sovereign Person sighed and shook her head saying, "The only way to stop someone from killing you, your children, your women, your minds, your Spirits, your culture AND the very World that has given birth to you is to Kill Them First!"

    Looking 4ward 2 Building Reciprocating, Self-Defending, Truthful, Sane BLACK Nations with you,
    Azania Speaks -- POWER!

    From the forthcoming publication: 'Azania Speaks: War Songs, Akoben!'
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