is an interesting group of people who literally control the world's finance for the continuation of much that causes us on the short side, a persistent headache... but on the broader picture... the very engine of global inequity.Conspiratorial? You bet... but that doesn't mean it isn't real... because it is.This article is by Kevin Phillips, the author of the new book, "Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism."Why you should care? What is happening with the commodities exchange where there is more food than before but the prices blow through the roof where the nations who had been colonized and World Bank/IMF neo-colonized by White Europeans are now dealing with food they can't buy and will have to further whore their natural resources out to receive the so-labeled "AID." WHo is really causing the explosive inflation in Zimbabwe and who are the agents who perpetrate the "it's the victims fault" lie?A clue to uncovering those who are responsible for crimes against the people and calling on righteous action against them. An assignment is for the people to develop a career profile of everyone mentioned in this article and look and see if they are mentioned in places and organizations during their career where there is anti-African Self-Determination on....

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