Questions For Us All . . .

What will it take to rebuild Black Unity ?What will it take to empower our youth with better education ?R. Lee /

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  • same ole questions over and over and over again, and again. well, i can sum both of them up in one word: revolutionary. our people have to and can only come together under the force of revolutionary politico-ideology. this means that the first thing that we gonna have to do is do away with so-called black leadership, wipe it clean out, because them niggas are nothing but gate-keepers. they have been feeding us the wrong food for thought for the past one hundred years.

    rebuild the black community? when was it ever built? and upon what? the only structure that i would say was black, was when marcus garvey had set his black nationalist ideology into motion, before them so-called black leaders helped hoover and the fbi take him down off the red black green pedestal that was building.

    and to speak of a better education? hell, they need to know that niggas like w.e.b. dubois, alan locke and a. philip randolph were very instrumental in helping the enemy state destabilize garvey. they need to know about assata shakur and the bla. they need to know the revolutionary politics of chairman fred hampton sr. they need to know about and be taught to think like the mau mau of central afrika. they need to know that a black man name patrice lumumba stood up and looked the enemy straight in the eye and told him where to step off. they need to know that black woman name qwueen mother moore stood up on a chair at a speech in new orleans eighty years ago with gun in hand and said speak garvey speak. they need to know about nat turner, denmark vesey and gabriel prosser, that they had the correct line on how to deal with white supremacy. they need to know about david walker's appeal, which said be free or die.

    they need to know that niggas like jesse jackson and al sharpton are opportunists and are fulla shit. there's your better education for our youth. anything short of that and afrikan cultural propagation is treason, betrayal to the utmost, and should be met with the penalty of death.

    • Chicago-Midwest
      I'd agree with most of your perspective, but hold hope we can, as communities, and not politicians, work together to better teach our youth the truth . . .

      It's the only way we can survive / thrive in a society more intent on turning our children into prisoners rather than productive souls . . .

      Thanks for writing, fighting, caring and sharing . . .

      R. Lee Gordon
    • DMV
      beautiful and beautifully put
      its a black male mental reeducation that has to take HOLD TAKE PLACE
      what is a black man
      who are you????????? DO U KNOW????
      what is your role to the black diaspora dynamic
      how do you define your own mental state after being dominated and your women witnessing it
      how do you find your macho
  • DMV
    I think that the "unity" of any people or group is based first on a common recognition of interest that united them as such, I am not sure that we can point to such an event, time, or circumstance that preceeded the incursion of the predators and destroyers to Afrika and the resulting "slave trade." Like with the Native peoples' to the so-called "american" continents, in Afrika there was no "unity" between the various states or "empires," that to me is nothing more than a romantic revision of our history. There has long been a serious deficiency in our view, thinking, and action that has made it easy for Europeans to invade, conquer, enslave, and colonize us. And that is not a problem of the oppressor, but a problem within the oppressed. a problem that can only be resolved by the oppressed. So, we cannot "rebuild" that which we have never achieved. Yes, I am saying that there has never been any "Black Unity," prior to the incursion of european and arab enslavers there was never any need to to even consider the need for such. So,when hit with imperialism from abroad, rather than imperialism fraternally (impire building- Songhay, etc.), we never considered outsider domination.

    As for the second question, that is regarding "education," it begs even more questions. The first being, what do you consider as "better education"? We are raising a generation of highly educated young black youth, the problem in my opinion is that "better education" does not necessarily equate to "better information." Our children, at least in amerikkka, amounts at best to better assimilation that moves us further away from real liberation. We have been successful in raising a new generation of knee-grow managers for the system of oppression, just look at the CBC and Barrack, better "educated" and least trustful.
  • I say that the answer to both questions is the same. What? I don't know what... However, I am clear on the who.
    Who it will take ... is the person asking the the question - that could be you, and me when I ask the question.
    We and them and Us begin with the "first person" - I.

    as TheBlackList
    • Chicago-Midwest
      Kwasi, I would suggest the answer is all of us who actively participate in being a part of the progress . . .

      For it will take the best of us to uplift the rest of us . . .

      Thanks and all the blessed, good brother . . .

      Reuben /
      • DMV

        • DMV
          realize there is problem
          Some of our brothas & sistas dont think there is a problem because they have 2 luxury cars and a $450,000.00 home
          When what they have is working community to speak of........
          No collective wealth
          no insurance
          no college fund
          & a loss of respect from our children
          We must remember what Marcus, Medgar, Martin and Malcolm fought for
          and that those things are in jeopardy despite the fact that our Brotha Barack may very well win this presidency.
          We need to go back to the principals of MAAT
          or at least learn them to teach or children
          We canNOT tolerate the things that are happening to our women and children
          Brothas have definitely got to be the Maintainers and Protectors of our communities
          Pray Pray Pray
          and work hard
          realizing that a man like Barack Obama didnt do it alone but that he was always determined to excellence
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