executive order to kill

hetep,recently there was the news that some skin head crackas were planning to knock off obama, which, on the surface or to all intents and purposes, appears to be based on racist hatred. or should i say fear of a black planet? well, anyway, here's something even bigger than the actions of racism. how about it's the cia behind the whole thing, because they've got all kinds of assassins in every nuck and cranny. why do i say it could possibly be the cia and the spooks? it's because obama has a running mate that's been in the game longer and has paid more dues to the white supremacist structure. so, that would be a clever way to move biden into the figure head control of the government, in order to further the illuminati-freemason desire to imperialize the whole planet, not to say that obama wouldn't, because he will. and presenting the assassination of obama as the actions of white racism, makes for the perfect cloak and dagger cover for the actual real reason. it would be like killing two birds with one stone-satisfying the niggas by giving them their first ever negro president, so they can shut the hell up, and then replacing him with biden, who has more experience in world domination.UHURU!

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    Obama is assembling his cabinet with many from the Clinton adminstration, along with advice from the creator of the Tri-Lateral Commission, Zbigniew Brezinski, and major World Financier, David Rockefeller. So we shouldn't expect too much from this administration. There is even some suggestion that they try to role over everyone's 401K's into Social Security, thereby, in acuallity, confiscating it. In addition he is advocating that everyone 18 -25 years of age be required to perform some type of "community service" . This is similar to what Hitler and the Soviet Union did in years past. Just something for everyone to think about.

    didn't i say the man was backed by the Bilderberger group? Illuminati and Skull and Bones? how did i know that? well, as Nobel Drew Ali use to say, "when you know the nature of a thing, you know what it will do!" IF this saying sounds familiar its because in the movie Blade, Wesley Snipes' character is telling this to N'Bushe Wright's character when they are chasing the wanna-be...

    so with this information in hand, what on earth is the thinking of the world in reference to Obama... or does the world have this information? and without it, is it possible for the world to think in an INFORMED manner? or is opinion enough?

  • you should learn to separate your emotions from critical analysis on discussion boards like this, where there will be brothas and sistars, who appear to be extremely harsh. i've been kicked off a few myself, but it wasn't because i was always emotional. it was because i was presenting thangs that the hosts were not willing to let fly.

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