by Kwasi SeituToday I sent out a broadcast email urging recipients to visit, where they would gain a better understanding of what I meant when I asked them to “Help end coon hunting.” Within a few hours I received one email response which I found provided an opportunity for dialogue. I will not go into the complete content of the email, half of it reflected some deep confusion; it was the second half that I found more applicable to increasing public understanding. The writer reduced my complaint and demand to congress to “whining” and even worse, by implication, to begging. It did not upset me, for it is anything but begging. I found it interesting, this work is about obtaining justice by any means necessary, and this is necessary.Let me try to give a more succinct idea of what my demand on congress is about. If you go to the site, you will first learn that congress has had my complaint and ignored my demand for six-years and counting. Now, the complaint is not for “reparations,” nor for some show hearing like was done with Tulia and Jena. This is a demand for full blown public “oversight” hearings to investigate criminal collusion by FBI agents, U.S. Attorneys, and federal judges with racist oppression in the south. My complaint reports events that began in 2000, and practices that clearly violate domestic and international law, irrefutably exposing the connections and criminal nature of institutional racism. Hearings are being held on renditions, torture, indefinite detention, the “politization” of the DOJ, domestic spying, but none on “coon hunting.” All of these things occur with “coon hunting,” I provide solid proof of it, from the fruit to the root. Speaking of which, that is why I say that I have been hunting down “Jim Crow,” exposing all of his alleged hiding places, chasing and exposing him, from hide-out to hide-out. Now, he has been chased and found hold-up in congress, I suggest we besiege the place, end his miserable life right here.Of course, I do not in any way think that hearings and action by the government is the solution, the solution is mass action to bring about change, to bring about justice. It has been clearly shown here that black people in the south are being subjected to the systematic deprivation of human rights by the state and federal government. They have long suffered the terror of living under racist criminal enterprises posing as government; that is state sponsored terrorism! Our people are subject to just being stopped, seized, jailed, beaten, tortured, falsely imprisoned, indefinitely detained, wrongfully imprisoned, even killed, and none of it is ever treated as criminal. As for the right to petition the courts for redress, it is reduced to a joke by racist criminal judges who obstruct judicial process by doing whatever they please, but comply with the law. And they do it blatantly because they know that the system has their back, and I understood that, so if since they were going to shit, I just made sure to catch it all on paper for later use.So, here it is, I do not expect congress to respond to just me, I just throw it up there knowing that it would stick at least until I could get into position to grow the thing. You know, everything has its time, and now is a good time. It is a good time because the last eight-years have truly exposed the criminal hypocrisy of this country, domestically and internationally. This is about holding the system to account, but that requires that we mobilize around this, place congress under siege until they fork over the villain, the terrorist Jim Crow. So, get your torches, your pitch forks, clubs, whatever, and meet me on the mall so we can march on congress and place it under siege until they turn over the monster, otherwise we will turn every one of them out as being monsters too. I am not interested in the separate and unequal justice delayed is justice served nonsense we get. There are plenty of racist criminals still running around as the latest generation of overlords.You will also find on the sight news reports that the prosecutor, judge, and other local officials in the Alapaha Judicial District have been and are being subjected to criminal prosecutions by the U.S. Attorney Maxwell Wood in Georgia. It is no coincidence that this all began only after I began “whining” to congress, but it was not congress that was pushing the prosecutions. The prosecutions came as a result of my taking the matter to the highest levels of the DOJ, if with nothing other than letters, I make sure that no one can say that they did not know, and did not understand. The DOJ realized this when I then began to spread that information around, and this was right before the collapse of George Tenent and John Ashcroft, and I kept it up through Alberto Gonzales. They saw the hand writing on the wall, so they initiated deals to subject the local officials to sham criminal charges, none having anything to do with “coon hunting,” which by the way continues to go on, and that seems to be the objective. The officials would be forced to resign from office, they will all plead guilty, get a slap on the wrist for “corruption,” but they won’t have to answer for kidnap, torture, hostage holding, illegal detention, extortion, or any of the more serious criminal offenses they have committed.These prosecutions are hedge move, in event we make a break through the iron curtain of “democracy” American-style and succeed to forcing the hearings, the sham prosecutions would be used to deflate our charges and misdirect the issue. It won’t work, I knew they would come with the sham prosecutions; I did not care as long as it resulted in a disruption of the racist criminal enterprise. With that disruption comes the opportunity for the community to gather and organize itself without risking immediate repression. And with those offices being vacated, it is an opportunity to fill them with grassroots people, and right now many offices and positions are being vacated in the Alapaha district. However, that still is not good enough, because we are talking about putting “coon hunting” out of business, so we need to look into every purported “conviction” coming out of that district over the past 28-years. A lot of people have been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned by those criminals, justice demands that be rectified immediately.So, this work has numerous components, local and regional objectives, as well as national and international objectives. It seeks prosecutions and restitution; it provides opportunities to mobilize and to organize, to build coalitions, to grow grassroots power. So, placing congress under siege to the demand for hearings is not a bad one at all, instead of marching on it when it is empty, we need to march on it when it is in session. Isn’t that what Democracy looks like? Oh, and lets keep in mind that the Democrats claim that they are not like the Republicans, they are for “civil liberties,” and they will have it all after November. That is because many of you put them first, it will then be our turn to make sure that they no longer leave us for last and never Email me with your ideas, let me know if you will join my siege of congress. Go to , my contact is there. Thank you.

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