By K. Seitu 10/08Although America took down all of the outward signs of “Jim Crow,” it did not do away with racism within the institution of government, making it the sanctuary of racial oppression. At this very moment the Judiciary Committees of the House and Senate are attempting to evade the need for hearings to investigate the practice of “coon hunting.” This is a practice instituted during the era of chattel-slavery when bands of armed white men would patrol the roads looking for blacks, making sure that none of them escaped slavery, including so-called “free blacks.” Just as then, it remains so now, this is the nature of policing in America, today it is known as “racial profiling.” And what few people understand is that it often goes far beyond mere inconvenience and harassment, it often escalates into assault, false arrest, illegal detention, torture, malicious prosecution, wrongful imprisonment and frequently, death. Racial profiling and the subsequent systemic participation of racist prosecutors and judges is a major contributing factor to America’s bulging prison population. Racism is an unspoken basis for the heavy reliance on repressive policing, prosecution, and prisons.Congress has given sanction to the Federal Bureau of Investigation refusing to investigate clear incidences “coon hunting,” illegal detention, and torture as a matter of practice in numerous districts in the south. In six-years of being notified and provided with documentation indicating that indeed the FBI was refusing to investigate the routine violation black people’s civil and human rights by sheriffs, prosecutors, and state court judges, Congress has done nothing. Congress was at the same time given notice and provided documentation showing that U.S. Attorneys in South Carolina and Georgia had acquiesced to the FBI refusing to conduct investigations of local sheriffs on the basis that they were their “friends,” even after the U.S. Attorneys had referred cases to the FBI for investigation. Congress was informed and provided with documentation showing that the U.S. Attorneys then refused to respond to the complaints of illegal detention, torture, and even interstate kidnapping. Congress was informed and provided with documentation showing efforts to cover up the misconduct and law-breaking of the FBI and U.S. Attorneys in South Carolina and Georgia went to the highest levels of the Department of Justice. Congress was notified and provided with documentation showing that a promised investigation of the FBI, U.S. States Attorneys, and numerous federal judges was obstructed and faked at the highest levels of the Department of Justice.In 2002, Congress was also notified and provided with documentation that federal judges and magistrates are engaging in the obstruction of judicial process, withholding it from habeas petitions filed by blacks against the illegal detentions. Congress was notified and provided with documentation showing that at the same time the Senate was confirming Terry Wooten as a federal judge in South Carolina, he was in fact engaged in a conspiracy to shield illegal detentions in Cherokee County, as well as a conspiracy to carry out an interstate kidnapping. Congress was also informed and provided with documentation showing that District Judge Patrick Duffy aided Wooten, that District Judge Hugh Lawson authorized the FBI and U.S. Attorney in Georgia to disregard the kidnapping, refusing to order them to perform their sworn law enforcement duties without regard to race. Congress was informed and provided with documentation showing that Magistrate Richard Hodge, with the support of Hugh Lawson, voided more than a dozen habeas corpus petitions concerning illegal detention by the sheriff of Cook County, Georgia. Congress was informed and provided with documentation showing that the voiding of judicial process, thus, the denial of the right of access to courts of law, was sanctioned up through the ranks of the federal judiciary, that considerations of fraternity and race trumped the law every time.In six-years of having been informed and provided with irrefutable documentation of all this, Congress has done absolutely nothing, no matter which party has been in control. “Jim Crow” ain’t, it is alive and holding office in congress. Some would say that it is extreme to say that the government is racist, corrupt, and unworkable even in the face of irrefutable evidence. No branch of the government, state or federal, has taken any action to ensure the rights of black, brown, and poor people. The Republicrats know the “equal right and justice for all’ is a damn lie, they tell it every day. It is the Republicrats that deny due protection of the law depending on who the criminal is and the color of the victim. Black, brown, and poor people are criminals, but can earn the title “hero” if they volunteer for “Indian Territory” and bring back some scalps. Congress has done nothing to address the practice of “coon hunting” in the south, and nothing about the fact federal employees and appointees are shown to be right in the thick of it as accomplices. This can only lead an informed mind to conclude that congress is as thoroughly racist, corrupt, and unworkable as the judicial and executive branches.Unfortunately, it seems that a number of the Congressional Black Caucus surrounded themselves with a bunch of professional gatekeepers, buck passers, and outright liars. It is amazing that after six-years, no one on the staff has made sure that they knew, for they say they are unaware. Congressman John Conyers (D), is the chair of the House Committee and on the Senate side, Senator Patrick Leahy (D) is the chair of the Senate Committee. Leahy is the biggest obstruction to hearins in the Senate. When Congress was initially informed about “coon hunting,” Senator Orrin Hatch (R) was the chair of the Senate committee, and Congressman James Sensenbrenner (R) was the chair of the House committee. At that time, I asked Congressman Conyers why no action had been taken on the information and he told me that it was because the committees and Congress, as well as the White House, were in control of the Republicans. He then went on to say that the only way anything would be done was for people to turn out in the next election to put Democrats in the majority. That did not sit well with me, for the issue is about racist crimes being committed on a grand scale by people draped in the office of government, it should not matter which party is in control, all that should matter is that congress has a responsibilty to hold those federal employees and appointees accountable, to be accountable instead of no account.Here in 2008, at the dawn of the real "firs black prezident," and not only are black people still not “citizens,” but are still held as a subjugated “subspecies” without a single right those holding the power and the government, at any level, are bound to respect. It is no accident that the u.s. supreme court never overturned and even repudiated its decision in the Dred Scott case, nor has any other branch of the government, black folk in America still have no rights America is bound to respect, not seriously. It may be 2008, but for black folk in America it is still 1857. (For more detail, go to:

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