Launching a Powerful yet Quiet $$$ Revolution

Em Htp! Greetings!The internet and it's countless offerings of free resources is awesome. Add the ability to create meaningful networking communities and the possibilities for nation building become endless. As our people around the world are facing the most difficult social/economic challenges since the advent of chattel enslavement, we the Pan-Afrikan community are taking up the challenge of both creating and exploiting all sound available means of financial stability and growth.I have found an avenue that is simple and easy that has the potential to put millions of dollars into each community that diligently utilizes it's benefits. With just 1000 activists assisting our people to use this tool, we can conceivably recover the spent $700 billion that flows through our hands yearly. Here is a link to the earnings calculator for you to test my theory: EarningsPlease join my team as part of a quiet financial revolution that will certainly turn the tide of poverty that is now threatening our communities. You can join me by clicking here: Ea$y MoneyThere is nothing to buy, nothing to promote and nothing to actively do, other than join and present your network building opportunities just as you do here in this community.I'm looking 4ward 2 the exciting and profitable 'quiet economic storm' that this will generate in our behalf.SUR-BET Enterprises!Let's Get PAID!YE is Here!Money 'Da' Ea$y Way

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  • NYMetro
    Come join a Quiet Revolution:

    Em Htp! Greetings!

    We can effortlessly fund many revolutionary activities by joining/becoming a member of 6dgr: with a 10x10x10 referral matrix $2340 can be generated residually plus other overrides. They even pay as much as $1000 for bonus for those that can recruit 1000 in their matrix in a month.

    My username on 6dgr is: YEisHere or YE is Here! The email for that account is:


    PLEASE NOTE: This is an income generating effort ONLY! It is not meant to serve as a social outlet other than for recruiting efforts to awaken others. This is simply a 'hit it and quit it' venture that can 'employ' many in our community that have no other way to generate income. . . Let's handle this scientifically and intelligently -- As Afuraikaitnit/Afurakanu!

    Looking 4ward 2 Building With You,

    Azania Speaks -- POWER!
    aka YE is Here!

    YE is Here!
    Money 'Da' Ea$y Way

    PS: I will be holding training sessions for all interested in getting tips on effective recruitment AND general support/conversation/etc via Skype. Please download Skype at your earliest convenience. My Skype ID: DaRealYEisHere. Do a search for me and I'll add you to my contact list for our teleconferences/chats, etc.

    Also, feel free to call me with any questions: 510-275-0202

    Let's Get PAID!
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