FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMonday, September 22, 2008Contact Email: media@idjta.comTelephone: 641-715-3800 access code 86719# Press/Media Voice Mail: ext. 121Website: www.IDJTA.comDJs From Across the Globe Unite To StrategicallyImpact the Music IndustryUnion Results in the Formation of the International DJ Trade AssociationAtlanta, GA - The International Disc Jockey Trade Association (IDJTA) is an association of DJs, DJ Coalitions, and DJ affiliates from around the world. Formed in July 2008 as International Disc Jockey, LLC, the IDJTA serves as an advocacy group on a range of public policy and rights issues. The association is especiallycommitted to improving the understanding of, respect, and compensation for the role of the DJ in the entertainment industry and being a powerful unified voice on behalf of DJ's interests.Founder, Edwin "Crazy Eddie" Myles, and Co-Founder Dj Judge Mental shared a common passion for the DJ industry and have come together to help manifest a united voice for DJs and industry professionals in a power move to create a more stable and profitable industry. Additional seasoned industry professionals have been brought together as the Executive Board including Angela Nash (Up Top Enterprises, LLC), Missy B (VP Marketing, SWURV Radio), Calvin Matthews (The Industry Connect), DJ Scorpio (mixer WQKI/, Edwina Warder (eBiz Marketing), and Jacqueline Taylor-Adams (Master Griot Publishing).Advisory Board members serving the IDJTA include, Africa Bambataa (Zulu Nation), TJ Chapman (TJs DJs), Brian Paiz (Clear Channel Communications), Charlotte "Beach Bunny" O'Laughlin (Promotions), DJ Jazzy J, Mix Master Ice, DJ Dolla Bill (Major Movez Germany), DJ Jiji Sweet (Sweet Factory), and DJ Aaries (Hood Hard DJs).The profession of the Disc Jockey (DJ) has grown to a level of public awareness like never before in the history of the entertainment industry. Yet, as a profession, the DJ industry has fallen short in recognition, respect, compensation, unity, and education. Also, the strategic role of the DJ in the music industry has been overlooked.The role a DJ plays is integral to the life of the music industry. The DJ is the blood that pumps through the heart of the industry and keeps it beating. When it comes to introducing new music to the public, the DJ demonstrates versatility in this process and can play many different parts. The mixtape DJ provides street levelmarketing and exposure of new music directly to the consumer via promotional CDs. The mixshow DJ gives new music its first exposure to the broadcast audience. The radio "on air personality" DJ, informs the listener of new music and its creators, while the mobile DJ rocks it at clubs and parties in the local neighborhoods worldwide. Theconcert or "tour" DJ moves the crowd at the larger venues supporting performing artists. All of these styes of DJs introduce new music and artists to millions of potential customers. This versatility has led music labels to recognize the tremendous impact of the DJ and often times; outsource portions of a new artist's marketing budget to well-known DJs and DJ Coalitions in an effort to create a fan base the artist.The IDJTA has launched a fully interactive website and online community that exceeds 350 members. The association has already begun securing exclusive benefits of true value for its membership including broker discounts on printing, special car rental rates with free upgrades and car rental service for members ages 21-24, corporate air travel with free business class upgrades, priority seating, refundable fares, and no additional charges on name changes and same-day, same city pair standby, plus many other benefits. Insurance brokers are also evaluating the growing membership in order to provide affordable health benefit options within the next six tonine months.IDJTA serves to unify, educate, and elevate the DJ. The Association mission statement clearly states that it is NOT a "DJ Crew" or DJ Coalition and purposefully will not provide any competition to such entities. It is the intention of the IDJTA to form strategic alliances in an effort to provide its members with innovative outstandingprogramming and benefits from insurances and education to raised industry standards and creation of economic opportunities. The trade association is operated by the DJs for the DJs.The International DJ Trade Association has arrived! It seeks the support of the general public and the involvement of the DJ community. To join and learn more about the IDJTA, visit PDF COPY OF IDJTA PRESS RELEASE

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