I got this from another site. The brotha's e-mail addy is has blocked. He was replying to another brotha who is on his way BACK to IraqBy g*********** on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 - 09:13 am:"Hey Brother...Be Careful and Stay Safe on your way to where I am right now.....................IRAQ!!!!The MOTTO here in Iraq is, "IF WE CANT SHOOT OUR WAY OUT, THEN DAMM-IT, WE WILL VOTE OUR SELF'S OUT"!!"

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  • DMV
    My reply is the same question that was asked of blacks who were in Vietnam by the Vietnamese freedom fighters, " black man why are you here" when you are oppressed by the same system that you fight for? Here is a brotha who not only was stupid and weak enough to help in one tour of invading, conquering, killing, and occupying another people of color, but going back in order to help the oppressor even more...and I am supposed to identify with his betrayal? We as a people must get some backbone and say that this is unacceptable. I have no empathy with soldiers of oppression, today it is Iraq, tomorrow it will be our own communities, as it was in 1968, when black national guard troops were excused for occupying their own communities in order to restore white power and control. Niggers. please!!!
    • NYMetro
      MalcolmXavier...I agree with your references about Vietnam and Iraq. I'm not going to get into a 20 paragraph historical discourse, because it's not neccessary. Many times, all that does is cloud the REAL issue/point at hand.

      I will say that when those of us go into the Armed Forces, as we know there are many reasons. Some are there because they have no other option, some are lied to at the recruitment stage--told that they would never be sent into combat, some go to 'uphold' their family traditions and some want to live out a Rambo fantasy.

      But it's always an interesting thing to wonder if those who sign-up are even paying attention.


  • Given the instutional force and structural power of capitalism at home and imperialism abroad, bullets are just a form of self-genocide!

    Voting ourselves is the FIRST PART! The main part is cultural agitation and political mobilization to challenge the next President on an ANTI-War agenda and Pro-Investment in job creation witha living wage and many other housing and enviromental and educational and health issues.

    Whether McCain or Obama the Global South-Thord World will still challenge theGlobal North especially NAWE, the NorthAmericanWest European Christian White Supremavist that control the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Economic Forum and World Trade Organization.

    The days of the privileged White Labor Aristocracy aka white middle class are over! India and China have enough slave labor as blue collar and professional technicians are cheaper in wages and salaries in India, South Africa and other places with colleges and universities that have ENGLISH as the official languages!

    The French are outsources cheap labor and profesional technicians in Ivory Coast and Senegal.

    The white middle class is DOOMED, that is why COLLEGE EDUCATED whites are voting for Barack Obama because they know more than red neck high school graduates and drop outs who vote for George BUsh and McCain.

    Vote against white supremacy!
  • DMV
    I do not get it, not if this is supposed to be of any value to advancing black consciousness here in Amerikkka? First, the big question is "why are those black folk over there killing Iragi people who have done absolutely nothing to them on behalf of a white system that does everything to enslave them? Next, let's ask those knee-grow mercenaries if they "voted" themselves into being mercenaries for their oppressor.

    I gues that you realize that I have no sympathy for niggers contining to fight our oppressor's wars on other people of color. I pray that they all get caught over there, serving masta and going down with him, so they will no longer have to worry about "shooting their wa out,' and being stupid enough to think that massa is going to allow them to "vote" their way out. This post was the result of a lack of focus and clarity, "African-American" is nothing more than a designation of "loyal nigger slave."
  • There are two things that define a human being:
    1. s/he cannot live alone but mus be part of a civic society;
    2. has obligation to partcipate in the collective good as a citizen and resident in that society.

    That is why in 21st century as an African in Haiti,Zimbabwe, Kenya, United States and South Africa, among places the majority of Africans are at the short end of the stick both non-electoral and electoral politics, support each other.

    We are so privilege to have access to a computer whereas other people have no access to water, food, housing, clothing and basic education that WE TAKE FOR GRANTED.

    Voting in the USA is not about Barack Obama, it is about how responsible are we as HUMAN BEINGS to change the thnking of others by making sure Barack Obama wins or loses!

    I am glad that Barck Obama's outsider position has rankled the non-white elite that thought Bill Clinton was their 'non-white President' for eight while poor folks were imprisoned, left without support, and deregulation was speeded up under Clinton.




    AS long as WE ARE DIVIDING WHITES FOR NOW THAT IS OKAY FOR ME! Make them disunited!
    • DMV
      Pure nonsense Brother, read "White Face, Black Mask" by Franz Fannon
      • MalcolmXavier,
        The revolution is a peaceful and gradual shifting of practical paradigms not just reading about the past, but creating NEW ORGANIZATIONS WITH OLD & EXPERIENTIAL WISDOM! We are changing "transactivists" politics into "transformative" paradigms while you are still reading FANNON! Drop the book go out and learn something knew from the young, stop preaching to the choir!

        Franz Fannon was a practical activist and organizer before he wrote that BooK. I do not have to read books to know how to be an activists for political direct action and I do not have to read books to be a community organizer for economic justice and social peace, especially when my parents and extended family are part of a current and historical practical involvement in BUILDING ORGANIZATIONS, without seeking local and public SELF-RECOGNITION! What I write about is what I have been part of since I was a sixteen year old in high school! I have not changed!

        I have learnt more from so called ILLITERATE rural peasants and urban workers in South Africa, Botswana and the USA than from those who have read FRANZ FANNON etc without spoiling their hands into building organizations by helping people learn how to read and write their names!

        Before I read "White Face, Black Mask" I had been part of a cultural conscientization and political education that challenged so called "tribal" consciousness among our various ethnic groups. By the time we had successful National Black Consciousness by 1973, paralleling our USA based counterparts, it was READER ACTIVISTS like you who came with BOOKS to us we told them we have done that already. We went into communities and neighborhoods making mistakes and elders corrected our idealistic but honest organizing and in no time they, elders gave us support andc encouragement. If you read Fannon with integrity, he can share with you that heonce thout like you, but peasants and workers changed his mind, because he was a psychiattrist, he is more willing to learn than you are!

        Black Power, Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism as instutional paradigms and structural entities in the Diaspora and Motherland was undermined in the 1980's by pseudo "academic and popular" intellectuals and populist preachers and politicians who never DID ANY WORK in the "hood" or "township".

        We have people telling us about the revolutionary Moses who fought the slavery system of Egypt and Jesus who organized against Roman imperialism-system in Palestine, but they are today collaborators with FAITH-BASED innitiatives of imperialistic George W. Bush or Bill Clinton who support Colombian rightwing governments that politically assassinated "labor activists and union organizers and human rights activists", Fannon would never support that!

        In Azania, Ghana, Tanzania, USA and Caribbean today you have "experts" who did "term Papers", "internships", "externships", "scholarly reaserach" but never met the real Huey P. Newton, Kwame Ture, Steve Biko, H. Rap Brown and many living but humble legends who know and were there when these organizational perspectives were originally created and implemented. Today we have commercial activists and professional organizers who are sponsored by Wall Mart and BP Shell! Their time to be IRRELEVANT IS COMING SOON! They will be discarded like the "middle class" when corporate private profit-making does not need their labor or input!

        These are feel good people who glorying themsemselvs by vilifying the 1960's and1970's and because instead of "BLACL LIBERATION THEOLOGY" they are four the "PROSPERITY GOSPEL OF THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR". In 2008 we are standing TALL AS BABYLON IS CRUMBLING FROM WITHIN!

        It was in 1972 when I came across "The Autobiography of Malcolm X". This was a concrete proof to me that I can help a Xhosa, Zulu, Pedi etc illiterate brother and sister learn to read their languages and they can later learn to read and speak English without going to an apartheid racist andwhite supremacist public school! Raising CONSCIOUSNESS IS A WAY OF LIFE! It does not end!

        But its people WHO READ ABOUT THE REVOLUTION AND GOT DEGREES in the 1980's of the USA and South Africa who messed OUR PEOPLE CENTERED cultural conscientization and political education upon which Black Power, Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism were based as community ethics, cultural morality and paradignms of our political economy!

        Today we are linking Franz Fannon's practical experience in Algeria, North Africa and our practical experience in South Africa and USA and other parts of Africa and her Diaspora in the World Social Forum. We are building "Another Better World", Life is about beign better than yesterday.

        If you have read and practiced what Fannon wrote, you will also understand him in the context of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) led by Kwame Nkrumah and others, And if Fannon was alive he would be in the leadership of the World Social Forum. Check that organization on the web.

        Veterans and new and young people of founded the World Social Forum in Porte Allegre, in Brazil and principled veterans of the BLack Power, BLack Consciousness and Pan-Africanism are part of that GLOBAL CONSCIOUISNESS against imperialism and capitalism that is melting down today!

        In June-July 2007, we launched the United States ( national) Social Forum with black, women and other people of color in the leadership right in Atlanta, GA! In fact many of those in electoral politics who are progressives have impacted some apsects of the Anti-Nafta and Anti-World Trade Organization rhetoric to saw Hillary Clinton playing the "white" hardworking class racist card against Barck Obama in the primaries. Mix electora reform politics and radical class-basede anti-captilaism to divide liberalwhite supremacy! We are dividing the white ruling class!

        The political organizational mess today is temporary because the PAIDS generation that came into the post-Civil Rights of the1980's misleadership in the USA and their 1990's counterparts in South Africa is objectively beign discredited by the Global NeoLiberal Meltdown that we predicted of in 1983 when we saw the USSR imperialism cracking from within and the Chinese Reactionary leadership coming closer to the USA as more American corporate investment went to make billions of private profits at the expense of public legalized Chinese slave labor in the sweatshops, including those of India!

        PAIDS is my acronym for: Politically Acquired Ideological Deficiency Syndrome- that any of our leadership that has denounced and/or undermined Black Power, Black Consciousness, Pan-Afriacinism to associate himself with NeoLIberalism while claim to be a BLACK LEADER! Barack Obama has neve POLITICALLY and PUBLICLY claimed he is a BLACK LEADER! Thats a difference!

        Many Black Power, Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanist veterans are part of the Global AntiSweatshps Movement from Pittsburgh to Johannesburg, Nigeria to New York, Jamaica to Germany! We are in at least 142 countries that are members of the World Economic Forum and theWorld Trade Organization. This where George Jackson would be organizing for POWER TO ALL THE PEOPLE!

        We have many political NEO-phytes who give philosophical, ideological and cultural atributes to a politician JUST BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN OR PARTENTAL HERITAGE!

        I know that in the mid 1960's' many of the most vociferous anti-Black Power leadership was in the non-white business, chuch and professional circles. In South Africa of 1970's it was the same!

        To me, if you are Black or African, does not mean that you believe in Pan-Africniasm, Black Power or Pan-Africanism.

        There are many non-Black s who have supported in Principle Black POwer, Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism and still support the movement in material and practical terms inside the World Social Forum.

        The Fall of the Berlin Wall was the symbolic FALL OF WHITE GLOBAL SUPREMACY in 35 years from that date! 1989 + 35= 2024!


    That is a good one, but unfortunately they can't vote themselves out either. them negroes must be outta their damn minds if they think that anyone of the candidates will get into office and let them outta there and fall short of the plan, the complete europeanization of the so-called middle east to turn that shit into the asian union, one of the four planned quadrants of white supremacist imperialism. so, it looks like they gonna have to shoot their way out!

    • Chicago-Midwest
      Obama is assembling his cabinet with many from the Clinton adminstration, along with advice from the creator of the Tri-Lateral Commission, Zbigniew Brezinski, and major World Financier, David Rockefeller. So we shouldn't expect too much from this administration. There is even some suggestion that they try to role over everyone's 401K's into Social Security, thereby, in acuallity, confiscating it. In addition he is advocating that everyone 18 -25 years of age be required to perform some type of "community service" . This is similar to what Hitler and the Soviet Union did in years past. Just something for everyone to think about.

      didn't i say the man was backed by the Bilderberger group? Illuminati and Skull and Bones? how did i know that? well, as Nobel Drew Ali use to say, "when you know the nature of a thing, you know what it will do!" IF this saying sounds familiar its because in the movie Blade, Wesley Snipes' character is telling this to N'Bushe Wright's character when they are chasing the wanna-be...

      so with this information in hand, what on earth is the thinking of the world in reference to Obama... or does the world have this information? and without it, is it possible for the world to think in an INFORMED manner? or is opinion enough?

  • Thanks for sharing this aphorism.

    This is in line with this exchange between Dr. Nathan Hare and Marvin X:

    Dr. Nathan Hare: Will You Vote, Nigguh?

    Dr. Nathan Hare raises the most serious issue in the Black community--will we vote in the coming election or sit around smoking blunts talking playa hatin bs. We know this will be a close election and we may be the sole persons to blame if Obama loses because of our lethargy, passivity and negativity. Wearing Obama buttons and T shirts is not enough. Get
    your black behinds to the polling booths on election day. The devil will have enough tricks for you in this election, but don't trick yourself, then blame him.
    --Marvin X
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